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I live in Canada, I am sixteen years of age. I program Java, Basic, and many more. I also write once in a blue moon.

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Welcome To My User Page

About Me

Hello my name is Cameron, you can call me by my real name or Cam, Camster, Camera, Somepony, or whatever else floats your boat.

I'm 16 years old living in Edmonton, Alberta. I was not a brony until my friend Jared introduced me to the Fandom earlier in 2014.

I program Java, Basic, and Visual Basic; the second being my favourite language. I also edit quite well, specifically picking up small mistakes like spacing errors or mistakes in spelling. But I can deal with grammar and punctuation as needed.

As you can see from my story, I'm not that good of a writer. But I'm willing to learn and to be honest I quite enjoy it. What I do for fun is working out, football, rugby, and triathlons and occasionally sitting down to program.

Favourite pony is Diamond Tiara, favourite CMC is Scootaloo, favourite villain is Discord, least favourite pony is Blue Blood (even though he only had like 10 minutes of showtime).


I will edit for anyone who needs it, be it the most disturbing clop or the sweetest romance. I'll edit them all.

Editing Skills
- Very experienced with spacing, punctuation, and errors that are very subtle. I can work with grammar as well as tense if need be.
- Passionate about editing, proper spelling, punctuation, usage of words, tone and all literature related things.
- I will not give up, no matter how much I may despise the errors in your writing.

How I Can Edit
- (Preferred) You send me the story or the link to where it is, I start up a Google document and then proceed to fix any errors and then I send it back to you good as new.
- I can do a variation of the above method where I highlight and comment any of the errors and how to fix them. So you can see where you went wrong in order for you to learn and get better.
- I can do live collaborations in Google Drive where you type and or write the story and I edit it in live time.

How to Contact Me
Private Message
If you live in the same city as me and I know you decently well then maybe my cell number.

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Hi Jared.

1205872 I've always wanted to post this video, but there's always a problem. I'm slow to finding out when someone's been banned. But since you made the video and you got here first, you have the honor of putting it, good sir.

Can't tell you how much I love this goddamn video, though.:rainbowlaugh::heart:

1206541 Yes... that appear to be the case... old friend....

Amazing the places I run into you O-Neb.

I guess you need a new nickname now, though.

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