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This story is a sequel to Shut Up And Drive

Now that both of her fellow roomies and former sirens have gotten their own hobbies, Sonata finds herself wondering what her new talent could be. Of course, like her favorite TV show couple, that ship has yet to sail.

If only Adagio and Aria were more supportive.


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Wow- this was actually really amazing to read. It felt so real, and really touched on a lot of interesting ideas. One line that caught my eye in particular:

"Sonata knew she sounded ridiculous. She was putting the focus of her happiness on two people-- two fictional people, at that, and so far, she had been nothing but disappointed."

This line really made me think about the relationship between people and fictional characters. How often do we look to characters and try to relate to them? For example, it is what I believe is one reason why Sunset is so popular now; she is a symbol of hope, that we can rise up from our mistakes and that our pasts do not define us. We project ourselves on these characters and become attached, often because they are so much like us- if they can succeed, maybe we can too. And if they can't, well.... I suppose it's like looking into a broken mirror.
That scene where Sonata was writing, researching, and planning in her burst of passion was my favorite part of this story. I'm a visual artist, not a writer, but I've gone through that very fervor before, and it is wonderful and joyous to be able to channel that passion into a tangible form. And as Sonata said, that's something that cannot be taken away.

Haha, lemme' tell you; after excitedly awaiting this story, I didn't expect it to make me contemplate my relationships with fiction, expression, and my own being! My only complaint is that the last segment felt a bit rushed, and the other sirens felt just a bit cruel towards the end of the story, but the rest of the writing was pretty solid! Great work! :D

"If Cassie and Diana are gonna get a happy ending, then I'm just gonna have to write it myself!"

IS SONATA WRITING A DEANxCASTIEL FIC?! ... But seriously, the Supernatural series is awesome, until season 10, which kinda sucks... Please take no offense, Supernatural fans...

I know your pain Sonata

Thats three...sunset's next maybe?

Sunset and Adagio = secret romance.

As somebody who's been writing fanfiction on and off for a looooong time, I've had nights like Sonata's more than once. In my experience those stories are the best; the ones that hit you out of nowhere and stick in your brain, blocking out everything else until you get it out of your system and onto paper (disk? server? whatever). No story is quite so alive as the one your muse insists that you write, :raritywink:

very nice story. also supernatural <3

She and wobbled over to her door,

Does that really have to be there?

How could Sonata expect to amount to anything when no one expect anything from her to begin with?

I think it should be "expected"

Sonata dragged Pinkie with her waved awkwardly, while Pinkie waved enthusiastically as if nothing were wrong.

"with her and waved awkwardly..."?

"Too nice," Adagio said. "It's just waiting to go wrong... Planning... Brewing..."

I always think the same when things appear to be good...

Will there be another installment of this? Because here 'Dagi and Aria came off as... jerks. And I would love to see them acknowledge that Sonata's newfound talent can get her far in life.

... fanfiction senses tingling...

When did I get... god damn it.

Didn't see that coming until the middle of the story. Well done.

And now, Charmony has come full circle.

Are you going to do more to this and was this really a supernatural gender bender series they were watching?

Sonata as a writer? You know what, Harmony can turn words into gold. Enjoyed the heck out of this!

I can relate to Sonata's feels. When I was younger, my dream was to become a chef. It seemed simple enough, I loved food, and I could put smiles on people's faces. Then I remember my grandma that I don't like asked me what I wanted to be, and she laughed, saying, "You, a cook? Most you know how to do is put Poptarts in a toaster." This was somewhat true. I knew more than just that, but still. My parents never really put forth much of an effort at all at teaching me how to cook. The prospect of becoming a chef became quite... Unappealing. So much so that the dream died. Wish I could've done a turn-around and found hope in that dream again, but whatever, what's done is done.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fic. Not to disregard the previous two, those are good, but this just feels so much more... Human, I guess? Maybe I can just relate to it more. I'll be thumbing up and favoriting. :twilightsmile:

Loved the whole trilogy!

"Your nostrils flare when you lie," Adagio told her.

Who else thought of The Princess Diaries? Also, obvious Supernatural reference is obvious (lol and I don't even watch the show).

This my favorite of this trilogy. It is truly inspiring to people who are in fandoms, and hate the way things transpire (like the entire episode of Canterlot Wedding, Fluttershy's behavior in Putting Your Hoof Down, RAINBOW FALLS, Games Ponies Play, etc.). I also know about the criticism a lot, seeing as how my mom is always telling me to draw things other than MLP (I try, but I've drawn so many ponies that it's the best style that I can do, and I'm always making progress with my awkward looking humans), and my dad always teases me to draw different animals. I also feel slightly... excluded from my group of friends in real life, as none of them are bronies/pegasisters, and have differing tastes. However, I do love to write (whether it be fanfiction or just some good old fantasy stories), and I really wish that I could live in some of the places that I write about. Especially Equestria.

Fanfiction: A narritive using characters/plot already created by somebody else.

This is fabulous. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:

I just have to tell you how much I totally LOVED this story. It was personal, it hit right in the feels and it reminded me exactly how fun writing can be when you really are in it. Instant fav. Keep being awesome!

Hey! Would be nice if you gonna add author of the pic.

Sorry. I thought that putting it as the source would suffice, but I added a reference for the artist. Thanks for being so kind about it.

"Oh, I always loved myths!" Fluttershy gushed. "I used to read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series all the time when I was little! I still have the paper backs on my bookshelf at home."

And according to the "Ask-a-Pony" panel at my state's Con, Fluttershy also enjoys Fallout: Equestria.

Heh, this was fun. Definitely something I can relate to, though I am naively trying to turn that writing into an actual career eventually.

Our lives in a nutshell! Gotta love fanfics!:pinkiehappy:

This feels... unfinished.

I mean, I like the story, and I'm happy that Sonata found something that she was passionate about, but the only thing that really bothers me is that she, Adagio and Aria didn't really resolve their issues or reconcile with each other at the end.

In the two prior stories, when Adagio and Aria both found hobbies that made them happy, Sonata supported them, but here, they didn't do the same for her. Then again, Sonata kind of kept it from them... I don't know, I guess I'm just a little bummed out of how it ended with things between them unresolved. This one also felt more serious, not as light and comedic as the first two.

Any chance there will be a follow up, or a sequel for this?

At this point I would love to see a follow up to this. I love the tension you present in Sonata's relationship with her sisters, due in large part to their negativity towards her. It really needs to come to a head at some point, and with the Adagio/Sunset ship you've suggested on top of it, you've got the makings for some really good drama.

I gotta agree with you Harmony Charmer, I love writing fanfics (even though I don't finish most of them) and still don't know what to do with my life. but enough of me ranting, it was a great story, and I was getting curious about what Nata would do, keep it up!

As a fanfic writer who dreams of going professional one day, I can happily sympathize with Sonata. Heck, each of my MLP stories - the last two especially - practically demanded me to write them and write them now. That she's found something to be passionate about is a good thing, and I'm happy for her.

Also, if it isn't obvious already, I approve of this story. Well done!

In the next hour or so, she took to typing up her outline. She typed harshly and quickly, her fingers pressing in quick succession as she stared intently at the computer screen. Another hour after that came with soda and cheesy puffs, pressing her to push on with her writing even more so. Soon, she had managed to write an amazing 10,000 words.

I hate her so much right now. :rainbowlaugh:

Will there be a sequel to this?

The story of my life.

At first, I thought Sonata was maybe going to sail ships or something off kilter and maybe a little dangerous. This is so much better. The metawriting is strong. You just... you took all the things we do as writers and splayed them out for the world to see, and it was a masterful telling of the process. Fanfiction: the drive and the nervousness, the innate worry about dangling your first piece out there, the near-taboo nature of something so innocuous... mind blown.

I agree with the others, Adagio and Aria were jerks... but that's not unsurprising. They're not even being jerks on purpose, we just reflect our angry fanfic-loving selves at their ignorance and bristle at the offhand dismissals. I don't think this needs some lengthy follow up about how Sonata's sisters are sorry for what they said since they're just being know-it-all older siblings.

Hah! Sunset (x Adagio squee!) jumping on the bandwagon to read the story... :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, Sonata is one of us.....

In all seriousness, this was a great story that was more serious then the previous two aaaaand. Yeah there isn't really much to say here that most people have already stated, though I do get the feeling from this story that Sonata is suffering from depression, not extremely serious (i.e. cutting or suicide attempt) depression but depression none the less.

I don't really know what Sonata's actual mental state is, to be real honest. Sonata was definitely one of the most unstable of the three Sirens back when they had their powers, once you begin to pay attention to her behavior. When the three of them are singing and they reveal their true forms, Sonata looks absolutely VICIOUS in comparison. She had little to no control compared to her more mature and more experienced fellow Sirens. But, now that her powers are gone... It's quite possible that she doesn't feel as fulfilled as she used to when she had her powers. I guess that the reason that this has hit her so hard and why she's having so much trouble with finding solace in what she does is because she might actually be feeling some form of depression. I didn't really think about that when I was writing this.

The trio was silent for a moment, only to be broken by a snicker from Aria. "You looked like a poodle that went through an incinerator."

OK, that is a funny mental image.

Sonata shrugged. "I didn't have anything better to do anyway."
"What about that project for English class?" Dash asked.
"My statement still stands."

With her on that one.

The siren hobby storys are the fuckin best i really loved sonata's though cuz thats what im going through now. I really hope you read my fic when it comes out cuz you have inspired me!!!666 OH THE FEELS!!!

It feels unfinished. Your pevious stories ended with acceptance from the rest of the sirens. Here i expected the same. But instead of Aria and Adagio accepting what Sonata is doing, there was nothing. I am disappointed.:twilightoops:

7303298 Maybe there is going to be a sequel? I really hope so.

And here come the Wincest jokes (I know that's not what you're referencing, but still).
Like others have pointed out, the ending doesn't feel complete, without Aria and Adagio learning the truth, but the rest of it's great. And it really speaks to me, because I'm on my third year of writing fanfiction (though, to me, it's a hobby, I have a different professional career in mind), but I haven't told anyone that I actually know, because I'm terrified of being mocked. You know just how bad the stigma surrounding fanfiction is (thanks a lot, E. L. James, you illiterate piece of crap). It's impossible to find other people who enjoy it.

I feel that this is AHS (American Horror Story) based on the sole fact that there was talk about a coven. Or maybe Walking Dead cause it was sad... Correct me if I'm wrong. If it's not, is it an actual show? Wonderful writing by the way. Excellent work.:twilightsmile:

Meta af.
Supernatural, most likely.

Sonata lifted her head off the table and she let Fluttershy come over to wipe her face clean with a napkin. "Dagi wanted to know if I had come up with anything I wanted to do for the rest of my life. She said I needed to figure it out before graduation or else I'm not gonna amount to anything."

Can we all agree that telling people that they need to have their lives figured out before high school graduation is stupid and needs to stop:flutterrage::raritydespair:

Sonata looked at Aria. "Oh, like rapping is something that's gonna amount to a lot? Just 'cause you're good at it doesn't mean that you're gonna go anywhere!"

Sonata makes a good point just because you're good at something doesn't mean you'll get to go pro in it

Adagio shrugged. "Well, I hope this new hobby won't get in the way of you finding a career. Writing doesn't pay well, you know."

Dagi have you forgotten that your hobby is ILLEGAL writing, by comparison, is not that bad sure it doesn't pay well but at least it won't get her arrested one day
Anyway great story really enjoyed it :heart:

Great, I really needed Styx stuck in my head. And not even good Styx like "Renegade" or "Too Much Time On My Hands".

Wasn't it already mentioned that the Dazzlings have more than enough money to live on the rest of their lives? If so, then Sonata can sit around and afford to do nothing but write.

"Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" by Baz Luhrmann has a good line about this.

Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life.
The most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives
Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don't

Definitely Supernatural. The three main characters are named Sam, Dean and Castiel.

I've told the folks I know about my getting into writing here.

If anyone has any criticisms, I have two comebacks.

One, I enjoy doing it. And in the end, that's what is most important.

Two, it is good practice for writing in general.

Relating/empathizing with characters is why I loved (and still love) Fifi La Fume from "Tiny Toon Adventures". She just wanted love and acceptance. Also, for several years I basically was Calamity Coyote. Intelligent, quiet and had no friends really.

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