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There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.


King Sombra, the former tyrant and conqueror of Crystal Kingdom, the wielder of dark magic, servants and slaves that he had at his mere call. One thousand years ago; he lost himself after the banishment by Celestia and Luna, set out to reclaim it but was stopped by Cadance, Shining Armor and Twilight along with other Element of Harmony.

Now what the evil king to do when he lost everything?

Featured on Canterlot's Finest on October 17, 2013.

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Looks most interesting....*adds to awesome list* will be awaiting the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I don't trust Sombra, this could be a trap, What if he's telling the truth though?

Killing is a horrible thing, but I once watched someone pass on in a way that made me believe in mercy killing

Yes, I simply must know where this is going! *Tracks*

2217415 You shall get some answers in next and future chapters of His Black heart's Inquiry! Glad that you're interested and enjoying this :twilightblush:

2221842 Who knows what I have planned for this fic :) Since there's tragedy tag up there as well.

Consider me intrigued. Will be keeping a close eye on this. Hope to see more soon. :pinkiesmile:

the last sentence you wrote " what i do?" you might want to fix it

2222537 Happy that you're intrigued, I already know how chapter 2 should go. :pinkiesmile:, just working on chapter twenty-two of Silent Dreamweaver first then this.

2226879 Thanks for the reminder heh, I forget that Twilight had said it twice.

2235124 Glad that you're enjoying this fic, chapter 2 is half-finished. Silent Dreamweaver is being edited first, then His Black Heart's Inquiry.

Wow that was event full o.O im curiousity and interest is piqued but ill hold back on the insta fave and like and see another chapter or two your of to a good start for sure tho :P

Even Sombra knows immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Dun dun daaaaaaaa...

That's a very nice cliffhanger you have there.

2296287 Eeyup but you gonna wonder what is actually going on in his mind eh?


Now that I have your attention, the next chapter must have explosion(s). That is all.

2321214 Trying to figure out how chapter 3 should go but Im redirecting my attention to Silent Dreamweaver :P

:rainbowlaugh:I like how Celestia was all like:4playernetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/ban-hammer.jpg but then Twilight stopped her which is great because I like Sombra:raritywink:

This was so awesome! I love you depiction of King Sombra! Update soon!

Sombra is AWESOME. That's it.


Banishment is all celestial knows it seems :P great depiction of sombra by the way Sant switch for more

2325828 Yes?... :rainbowlaugh:

2329281 Thanks buddy! Now chapter 2 of this fic is out, Im focusing on Silent Dreamweaver now.

2322249 Of course, when he isn't awesome?

2321319 Yep yep, go Twilight huh?

2321531 Glad that you like this fic, however Im focusing on Silent Dreamweaver right now so be patient. When that story finally ends, all of my attention will be devoted to this.

2359951 Glad that you like this fic :), about to start writing next chapters for this and SD.

Sometimes I think I enjoy your stories a little bit too much :pinkiehappy:

Twilight’s maw gapped, her lower lips shaking.

How do you gap?

Oh, that's how.

if you done with dreamweaver will you have more time for this one?

i felt that some of wording was a bit awkward

I seem to be in luck...first fic with Sombra in it for me to feast my eyes on and it was good so far :pinkiehappy:
Nice and favved :moustache:

2594612 Haha, been busy and theres massive writers block in the way but Im focusing on Silent Dreamweaver because it is going to be final chapter then my full attention will be on this fic.

Wow this has to be the best fic on King Sombra I have read.:twilightsmile: I love the sarcastic, demented demeanor you have given him. Even the song was original and worth of an episode. Looking forward to the next chapter!

This is so far the best interpretation I've ever seen of Sombra, on this site or otherwise, but this is where the characterization shines through. His past... almost reminds me of a messed up Grimdark Twilight or something:twilightsheepish:, and his "now" self is just... depressing. Seriously, better Sombra interpretation than Stallions on Strike, which I hold up over alot of others:moustache:. *hoofplause*

Have a Big Mac for a reward. :eeyup:

2656839 There will be more to come if I finally get around to update SD for final time!

2669991 Thanks for Big Mac! I'll be sure to take care of him :twilightsmile:

Oh, you clever....I know the song!


3137313 :P. I got that song before it was put up on youtube.

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