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The pegasus' job in civilized Equestria is to use its weather manipulation talents to create all manners of meteorological phenomena in order to make sure everything is stable. Ponyville is small, but sometimes still requires larger storms to keep it in balance with the rest of Equestria. Huge storms with heavy grey thunderclouds, towering anvils of cloud, swirling with heavy rains and crackling with pure, almost completely wild and untamed bolts of lightning.

And those are the kind of storms Rainbow Dash loves best.

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Blossomforth smiled, shaking her head slightly. “Just let her have her moment. Dash knows what she’s doing. You got your goggles?”

Let's hope Blossomforth is right. :rainbowderp:

Anyway, that was a nice read. I like how you described the senses and emotions relating to Rainbow Dash's job. It and the weather set the stage for the story quite well in my opinion. I don't see anything which needs addressing at the moment, as it all looked fine to me. Great work as usual. :twilightsmile:

I really liked this part

The winds whipped and tore through the inside of the great cyclone, little arcs of lightning crackling and flashing between larger groups of clouds.

Super descriptive and rolls of the tongue really well! Not many fics out there that communicate scenes this well.

Man, this was a great story, awesomely done Regi, loved how you told it.
It was awesome! How everything was described and how Rainbow deals with this stuff, frigging epic.

Keep it up dude!

Damn. Regi doing a damn good slice of life. I'm impressed.

A nice scene.

What was the purpose of it?

Fantastic character piece, Reg. You captured the more reckless and passionate side of Rainbow Dash in this little story very well. It feels very true to canon, as well.

I can also tell you pulled out all the stops when it comes to the writing quality. The embellishments in the details were well-written. I'd actually go as far as to say that it might be your most well-written story to date.

Really impressed, man. You did a great job.

Very good eye for detail!:pinkiehappy:

wiping her tongue down with her tongue.

That's quite impressive. I didn't know Dash could do non-Euclidean geometry!

Interesting scene and a very good way to show RD's personality. Liked it.

6483299 th-thanks, man

Also, 150 stories:pinkiegasp:? Your production alone is impressive without counting that the stories are good on the top of it.


the stories are good on the top of it.

If you can indeed count them as such, haha

Well, I have a passion for pony. And I've been doing this for a good long time, so... it was bound to happen. :twilightblush:

Slice of Life needs no purpose; it can just be a snapshot into something.

Pure adrenaline rush. Chill-bumps all the way.

This was epic, and oh so appropriate for Dash. :rainbowdetermined2:

Author Interviewer

pulled herself upward to that

and grinned as she watches the cloud heave



I don't get it. :B

6503004 woah, thanks for the catches, I'll go edit them

>slice of life

Author Interviewer

I don't get why people write slice of life D:

Me big damn writer, must have deep, meaningful theme in every fucking story. >:B Y'know. <:B

6503483 I suppose it was just supposed to be a look into RD's life, I guess. He job is rarely elaborated on beyond "yo, I make it rain, bitch", so
you know

Author Interviewer

She did indeed make it rain. :B

Very nice.

The first time I listened to this album I cried. It was a religious experience as deep and as powerful as any I've found, and I have seen a lot.

7018342 I didn't even make it past the drum kickup 4 minutes in before I was sobbing

This is a great story to show off your evocative writing skills. Such detail and character conveyed through the prose. You are really good at these "ponies interacting with nature" type of stories, whether it's snow, a storm, or trees. There's such a serene simplicity to them that I love.

well the reference is already there, but the link to the video has been deleted! AHA! I STILL CAN DO IT


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