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That was the summer nine hundred and sixty three years after Discord's fall, when everyone called me Chryssy and I knew better than to correct them. That was before Princess Luna was banished, when ponies and changelings mingled without fear. When all I wanted was to best my sisters and become queen. When finding a mate was the furthest thing on my mind. That was the summer we went to the Macintosh Hills, on the border of changeling and pony lands...

A ponification/parody of Dirty Dancing. 8th place finalist in the December 2014 Writeoff, "Behind Closed Doors". Thanks to kp-shadowsquirrel for the artwork!

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Comments ( 42 )

Boy, that ending. Sure escalated quickly.

Oh hey, I think I might know this thing. I feel like I read it somewhere. But where?

Sweet Celestia :rainbowhuh:

Author Interviewer

That would be the last writeoff, sir! You were there! :V

That ending was a whole lot of Nope.


This is The Joke

You are down here. <-

WHOOOOOOSH :rainbowwild:

The title itself is a reference to a movie. :rainbowlaugh: The ending though, my god.

Author Interviewer

The whole thing is a ponification of Dirty Dancing, with some major plot alterations.

5456774 Well yeah, but the ending. I should've seen that coming. :pinkiegasp:

god bless you dr kavorkian Perfect

I love that movie, Dirty Dancing! Yay story!

Dat feature box doe

5456710 I agree with you but I really loved the movie .

Author Interviewer

Briefly. For about an hour. :raritywink:

Author Interviewer

Holy crap, that ending...:pinkiegasp:

Probably for the best you took out that part in the middle where Foxtrot got knocked up by the snooty waiter and Chrysalis put him in a cocoon.

Sway looked over to Foxtrat and mumbled, "Always you was a slut."
Should that be "Always knew you was a slut."?
Apart from that the story was cute, with lots of funny dialog and physical humor.
But that ending? Hmm. I know that Queen moth-eaten-legs is evil, but did you have to have the black and red alicorn...oh, right. I guess that trope/character had to :pinkiecrazy:.

Author Interviewer

Yes it should be! Thank you.

You know, it does amaze me so few folks utilize the 'changelings mating/reproducing like spiders' idea, especially when you take it into account the amount of dark comedy you can get out of it. I mean, take the ending here, that was just... well, Europa beat me to it, but that escalated quickly! And the way Chrysalis was just so adorable doing it!

On a side note, It really must suck being a male changeling though. I mean, like ponies, they're living under matriarchy, but unlike their pony counterparts, they run the risk of being eating alive by their mates/marefriends/wives. I know not all spiders do it, but still, for the changeling males it's either life without sex or roll the dice. But ah well, female changelings may not always get the last laugh, because if we're going by spiders here, who's to say the baby changelings don't cannibalize their Mommas?

But getting back to the fic itself, it was overall nicely done. The ending is definitely what sells it for me.

Note to self: write fic using changeling-spider mating concept.
Second note to self: Be sure to patton it before someone else sees this comment and beats me to it.

I shall use this story as more proof why I must engage the Final Solution upon the changeling monsters.


Well, I ALMOST loved this story, but fuck, that ending. One of the very few stories I've ever unfavorited.


Boy, that ending. Sure escalated quickly.


That ending was a whole lot of Nope.


The ending though, my god.


Holy crap, that ending...:pinkiegasp:

Same here.

That ending took me completely off guard.

My thoughts:
"Daaawwww... Crissi and Noble Sway found true love!
Now kiss!"

"Wait... what?"


Poor Noble Sway...
He should have consulted first with his brother, Bell Buzz, Alicorn of Insects and self-proclaimed "Lord of the Flies".


The whole thing is a ponification of Dirty Dancing, with some major plot alterations.

And a faithful ponified adaptation at that! That scene where Jennifer Grey bites off Patrick Swayze's head and eats his heart? You certainly did an excellent job translating it to your story.


Second note to self: Be sure to patton it before someone else sees this comment and beats me to it.

Ha! Beat you to it!


Dear Luna that ending. :fluttershyouch:

...Is this actually what Dirty Dancing is like?

I mean, obviously not the ending (I dunno why everyone's freaking out about that, it's not a new idea), but just the overarching plot. 'Cause that's an awful lot of cliches, even for that decade.

I thought I was reading a somewhat tired rehash of Dirty Dancing with a bunch of flat OCs and a weird Gary Stu alicorn, but that ending raised the whole thing to brilliance. YES. Just YES. :twilightsmile: TAKE ALL MY MOUSTACHES. :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Author Interviewer

I took out the whole plotline about Foxtrot's character getting knocked up by one of the waiters and needing an abortion. >.> I figure a movie called "Dirty Dancing" needs to focus on, y'know, dancing.


with a bunch of flat OCs and a weird Gary Stu alicorn

This was the whole point. :V

5523382 Yessssss, and it resolved so perfectly and the whole thing became clear. Yes. Bwahahahaha. :pinkiecrazy:

Me, I got a backstory so dark and mysterious, even I don't know nothin' about it.

I probably laughed harder at this than I should've. Also, that ending was perfect :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry in advance for going through all your stories and then gushing muh writing feelz all over them.

I dunno if this story counts as strict satire since Dirty Dancing is, in classic 80's fashion, a cast of caricatures, but this has that satirical feel to it. Which is probably why the ending packs as much of a humorous punch as it does. Twist endings that play off of a story's tone, yes please. :rainbowkiss:

There were a few grammatical things I picked out, but I figure you're done futzing with this story and they don't detract from the experience of reading, so I'ma leave them be.

Author Interviewer

I'm just happy to see comments. :D

Oh Chrysalis, you silly goose.

well, that happened. anyone else hungry now?:rainbowlaugh:

So one of the main characters was a black and red alicorn, who says, and I quote,

Me, I got a backstory so dark and mysterious, even I don't know nothin' about it.

I mean, that is literally a stereotype of a bad OC. And he's one of the main characters. And then there's the sisters who are all indistinguishable, and Chryssi being a Sympathy Sue...

I couldn't get through this story, sorry.

Author Interviewer

That's kinda the whole point. Supposed to be funny. Sorry it didn't appeal to you. :B

5744209 I mean, I kinda picked up on the fact that the story was trying to be silly with it's characters. It's just that I didn't see why. Maybe if I had seen the movie, I would understand, so my opinion here is not one to carry a huge amount of weight.

Author Interviewer

It's a combination of making fun of the ridiculous tropes of 80's summer romance movies and making fun of various fandom tropes like the red and black alicorn OC. :B

My body wasn't ready

Also: that tag salad

Author Interviewer

They never are. :B

I've had the time of my life!


You just keep putting the apple on everypony's plate, farmer colt, and leave the hard stuff to me.

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