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My sister and I are nothing alike. She's a model, I'm a stunt flyer. She wears fancy clothes, I wear flight suits. She travels the world, strutting down runways and pouting for cameras. I make tornados for a living. Her name is Runway Project. I'm Lightning Dust. Totally different ponies.

So why does everypony have trouble telling us apart?

And what does she mean, she's here to stay?

I saw this character design and absolutely had to write a story about this chick. Cause DAYUM.

Chapters (19)
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I don't know why, but I like this already. Probably because of the New Yorker-iness of it all.

I guess I'll follow it around.

Two ponies with Lighting's design? Yes, please! :yay:

Wow, you really don't see too many Lightning Dust stories around here. I think I'm going to like this story...

This is gonna be fucking awesome. :rainbowlaugh: I already like this Runway girl. :rainbowkiss:

You know, I felt like giving it a bit of a more thorough read, and I just noticed this:

Her assistant was a cutie, though. Coco Puff or something like that

Oh my :rainbowlaugh:.

Also, Runway already has the voice of one of my teachers that talked like this when she mocks the accent.

*Chapter 1
Just sayin'.

3745501 Spelling errors? What errors? I have no idea what you're talking about.

This is going to go well...

You have my attention.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Good god, I agree. Dayum. She isn't Rarity, but dayum. :raritydespair:

... I want a drunken make-out scene that Lightning Dust regrets when she's sober and Runway never lets her forget about. FOR THE AWKWARD!

Why am I always the last to hear about this kinda thing?

3748459 I apologize if the speed of modern media leaves you...

...in the dust.

You've piqued my interest, i look forward to future chapters.

When I saw that this updated, I planned on reading this chapter later. Then I saw the title.....I don't regret my decision.

See, Lightning deserves sooo much more 'she's just a normal pony' stories like this. Even from little snippets like

I may be more of a girly-girl than I let on.

to... well the entire second half of the chapter, makes her that much more likeable.

A pair of my panties.
We look at the undergarment, then at each other. In unison, we yell, “THIS. NEVER. HAPPENED.”

For some reason, I was expecting Cloud Kicker to appear from under the bed saying "Ooohhh...Can´t we bang one last time?"


This probably needs a sex tag. Also, is the incest thing a one-off gag, or are they going to keep doing it?

So, I'm the only one who thinks the incest part ruined the shit out of the chapter ? I mean, right now its still good, but I'm gonna be honest and say that this was simply dumb, and not even close to being actually funny. Or not for me, at least.

Every time Runway has a line in this, I keep thinking of that show called The Nanny and how Runway should sound like her. And now I just want to say her lines in that accent just for the lolz... :rainbowlaugh:

That was nice. Now the question is whether or not I should follow this. In other news, they need to separate the favorite button into a favorite and a watch button.

What are you talking about? This chapter very clearly ends right after they get tossed out of the bar.

Very clearly.

"Lesbians are neato!"

“Incest is awesome, right?”


“...and that’s why incest is so damn sexy.”

“Cause you like, know each other. There’s a bond.”

:rainbowlaugh: This chapter has some of the best quotes in the history of fanfiction!

Then, I hear a voice poke it’s way through the half-open door.

Its. No apostrophe.

I give my sister a once-over, and see she hasn’t changed much from the last time I saw her; Spiky orange and yellow hair, green coat, bright yellow eyes.

A semicolon should be followed by a lowercase letter, not a capital letter. (In any case, since "spiky orange [. . .] yellow eyes" isn't a complete sentence, I'd use a colon instead of a semicolon.

Runway is so adorable :rainbowkiss: The way she's so wide-eyed and amazed by everything, and she loves her sister, totally oblivious to the fact hat sometimes she annoys her a bit—but that doesn't matter, because other times Lightning does enjoy having her around. This story's the cutest! Keep it up!

“Incest is awesome, right? Cause you like, know each other. There’s a bond. And you don’t need to worry about doin’ anything freaky cause they probably already know that kind of stuff cause you talk, you know?”

That's exactly why we love it, Runway! Good thinking! :pinkiesmile: (Personally, though, I'd put an apostrophe at the beginning of the word "'cause" to show that it's a shortened form of "because" and the "be" is missing)


Will there be romance or will it just be comedy and slice of life?

3756799 Just a comedy and slice of life. I'm already working on a romance story.

Fun premise, I like it. Great to see the scene filling characters get an adventure now and then.

Ha, this is very entertaining so far! Right out of the gate I applaud you for writing a post-Wonderbolt Academy story that doesn't center around – or even involve – Lightning Dust's tragic decent into depressed madness, or something equally saddening. Quite the opposite, actually! Runway Project (heehee) is a very amusing-to-read character, and I look forward to seeing what you do with this sisterly dynamic. And though Lightning Dust's sarcastic first-person attitude isn't particularly original, it was well-done. I did notice a couple small mistakes – a missed capital here, a typo there – but nothing that drastically took away from the experience. Quality story so far!

Not sure what to think of this. It went from amusing character-interaction to incest jokes pretty damn quick. We'll see where it goes from here, but if this continues, I doubt I'll continue reading.

On the bright side:

“But we don’t talk.”
“We should talk.”
“We are talking.”
She stares at me for a second. “What were we talking about?

This really made me laugh, as did a couple other parts of the dialogue. I just hope you don't rely on sex jokes to make a comedy. You've got more ability than that.


She missed her cartoons... The twins must die.

~Skeeter The Lurker

She missed her cartoons? Now that's a sin. The twins gotta pay for that. You NEVER make someone miss their cartoons.

I have to say... I didn't even know what the comments were but it turns out I was thinking the same thing:

So, of course, I miss my cartoons.

This is the most notable line in the entire chapter.




“I’mma corpse you up! Corpse you and send ya home to mama!"

The shit Runway says should go into a talking plushie.

She missed her cartoons? The twins must pay!


Sexy fourway between two sets of sisters

Huh. "I'd me a draconequus"? I'm not familiar with the verb "me".

Flitter at least has the courtesy for me to waive her in, although I do so more out of defeat than courtesy.

You meant to use the word "wave"; "waive" has a different meaning.

“Oh wait!” Cloudchaser barks, pointing a hoof at my twin, “She’s got ‘em!” she howls in laughter, falling out of her chair.

This is a run-on sentence. "Twin" should be followed by a period, not a comma.

she dives for the hallway as I dive for her, and I fall on the floor with an “oomf”.

The first letter of this sentence needs to be capitalized.

It’d be like hoping into the sack with Discord: absolutely crazy and with completely unpredictable results.

Hopping, not hoping.

I mean, I wouldn’t jump Discord, so I can see what your saying, but if there were more draconequus...eseses... around?

You're, not your.


YOU crushed my perverted dreams :raritycry:

This needs to be a thing. I'd totally buy it.


Well, they are going to attend a Cloud Kicker´s party, so something kinky will still happen :rainbowwild:

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