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200 Years ago Sunsets shimmers family found a mysterious object and shocked them and they went insane, Sunset was questionable about this until she find a note saying a curse will happen in the year 2017, Confused she tells her friends but what she doesn't know that it would happen sooner then she thought

the story that Inspired this -> https://www.fimfiction.net/story/286612/transformers-equestria-girls

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Thanks this is my first so the story approver was hard on me :ajbemused:

I'm making a new chapter

Are you going to make the Sequel that has the events of revenge of the fallen?

I am thinking of making a squeal but no its not revenge of the fallen. BRUH THAT MOVIE SUCKED! No its gonna be about nightmare moon taking over the equestria girls universe and the mane 7 and the autobots have to stop her. with nemesis prime in the story. and the revival of megatron. you learn more when the "trailer" comes out.

OK and what about the other sequel stories that you Will make based from dark of the moon, age of extinction, and the last knight?

Um no the thing is that last knight isn't out yet so no one knows if its good. Also the 3 and 4 movies arnt the best like MLP EG VS TF 2 is nightmare moon so how would that fit with dark of the moon. MLP EG VS TF return of nightmare moon? Tf 4 takes place 7 years after the third movie so that mean the main 7 would be finished with collage and be in the real world with kids and stuff. Beside I'm thinking the third one be like a prequel or something.

I might make a spin off about how it was on cybertron or something

Comment posted by vicenteortiz99 deleted Jun 17th, 2017

You know its gonna take a while. until it comes out how about you read this. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/329480/grimlock-dinobot-and-father

The return of nightmare moon is the sequel title, well Can it be called revenge of Nightmare moon?

When demolisher said "the fallen shall rise again"

It can be clear that someone can say
"nightmare moon shall rise again "

Most likely that nightmare moon is seeking revenge.

Yeah but people like changling 32 would be asking how they know her :applejackunsure:

Who is they, in the next story?

OK I get it nemesis prime, the picture you showed me is Optimus prime being corrupted by Quintessa.

And You're basing him Off of his evil twin nemesis prime.

yeah but the way nemesis is made in the book is mine own way.

OK it's cool I just don't want to argue about it.

Ps. check this for the teaser but its still not MLP EG VS TF 2. https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/743394/new-book-teaser

okay but I just started writing.

OK I'm sorry if I interrupted I just wanted to show you those characters that you might like

I think I can fit them in :ajsmug:

This is my favorite Xbox One Video Game

I have played that game a lot of times because of all of the G1 Characters and action with Epic Combiner Battles.

Um I might be able to fit one combiner and I'm thinking it to be this guy. images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/31200000/Bruticus-giant-robots-31264513-907-1080.jpg


from Fall of Cybertron?

No one likes movie devastator

What about the Devastator from G1, Combiner wars, and the video game "Transformers Devastation"?

I might bring him in the third one

I might credit you for giving me the idea! :pinkiehappy:

just a quick note it's Optimus

but other than that awesome

Also get ready for ML EG VS TF 2

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