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Chapter 14 Patching

“I’m telling you Wheeljack, we need to go in after them!” Cliffjumper practically yelled at both Wheeljack and Jazz.

The Autobots on Earth were currently looking over the situation. Cliffjumper, Jazz, Wheeljack, Sunstreaker and Blustreak were talking around the base of the Ark. The rest of the Autobots were on patrol as they discussed the situation.

“I don’t want get dirt on my chassis but I think Cliffjumper right. It’s been two days now and we’ve got nothing.” Sunstreaker agreed, trying to keep a shine on his yellow chassis.

“Now hold your horses! We don’t even know where they are.” Jazz explained himself. “They could be on there way back to Earth.”

“Well obviously something’s up!” Cliffjumper said getting to the point. “The Decepticons, including Megatron himself went through the bridge with plenty of extra tech according to Grimlock. We need to go through and get Optimus and the others!”

“We could be jumping to conclusions; they could be on their way back to Earth or Cybertron now.” Jazz argued.

“That’s a big assumption!” Bluestreak argued back. “Optimus went in half cocked; what if Skyfire can’t fly? Megatron was able to get a good shot off him. He should’ve sent Wheeljack or Ratchet with him.”

Jazz was about to say something but then saw that Wheeljack was in though, with a servo rubbing under in chin. He then turned towards him. “Actually, he’s right; the Decepticons know more than we do. And considering they were willing to sending in so many of them at once, guarantees that Megatron is more than sure that he knows what’s at the end of the tunnel, and Optimus could be in more trouble than we may want to think.”

Jazz thought for a moment; it really was all valid. His argument wasn’t so much he didn’t want to help, it was more like a precaution. After all, Megatron has done this before, where the remaining Decepticons' only objective was to make sure the Autobots don’t interrupt them, not interfere or instigate any kind of confrontation that wasn’t first started by the Autobots. Also, he was afraid that was precisely Megatron’s plan, that other Autobots come in and rescue their leader and other comrades as the Decepticons easily suck the Earth’s planet dry.

“Jazz.” Wheeljack got the musical Autobot’s attention. “I’m not saying that we should send an entire force there, but a little extra help and a communications array wouldn’t hurt.”

Jazz nodded “I think you’re on to something after all.” He looked over to the other Autobots. “Alright, we’re going to need three volunteers.”


The royal city was in high alert. Stallions were on patrol all over the town, and weapons of all verities were being used. The city was put under curfew and the citizens were given an option to evacuate but were given fair warning. It wasn’t mandatory because Luna wanted confirmation before making such a command. Thanks to many preparations made from experience with the Decepticons previously, a quick evacuation was something that could occur if the situation called for it.

Luna made the Autobots come to the town and she personally, as well as a few other guards, would watch over them. To her surprise, the Autobots and Starscream agreed with the strategy she proposed. The only thing there was a complication for was with Skyfire, due to his lack mobility. Because of this, they decided that he should stay in Ponyville as well, for additional protection of Ponyville, and make travel easy for the Autobots.

Needless to say, many ponies were shocked to see vehicles that were not being controlled by fellow ponies, on top of that were actually more than just vehicles, but also beings that were just as intelligent and full of life like they were. Seeing such creatures really was a shock to the technologically primitive race, at least in this form of technology.

Twilight and her friends remained in Ponyville. Since a direct attack to Canterlot was all but assured, Luna didn’t want them in danger, especially since they were facing an enemy that was immune to magic. And since their own conventional weaponry was hardly effective, it was in their best interest that they stay put.

Optimus was on patrol throughout the streets with Luna on his shoulder. In a way, it was to make a statement that the Autobots were on their side, as assurance to the residence. While Luna wasn’t entirely sure of the trustworthiness of them, but aside from their previous experience with the Decepticons six months ago, she didn’t have much of a reason to not trust them. They did risk their lives and took heavy damage to protect the small town.

“Thank you again Optimus Prime, We appreciate your assistance to aid us.” Luna said turning to the leader’s large head.

“Not a problem at all your highness. We’re happy to help. Besides, it is our responsibility to make sure the Decepticons don’t bring harm to any of the beings of this planet.” Optimus looked back the ground as most of the citizens were either gone or just staring in awe. In their early days on Earth, this was somewhat common, but it was still something that bothered them and himself.

Much like Earth, the humans were introduced to the Decepticons first. But Equestria had it totally different. The Autobots came shortly after the Decepticons, so it was quickly explained to them. Here they were directly attacked and made to fend for themselves, the Autobots had no chance to defend them or introduce themselves. So he could understand how this was a bit different than their experience on Earth.

“Starscream and the group of females explained to me the first encounter with himself and the Decepticons. I’m sorry we were unable to assist.” The leader explained.

The Night Princess only gave a small smile but she looked away. “It is the past Optimus Prime, we wish to not fret on it. We were able to defend ourselves and Starscream came to our aid.” There was a moment of silence as the leader kept walking.

“Your Highness, I heard Megatron talk about another ruler… Where is she?” He asked gently. He was hoping he wasn’t bringing up anything personal or sensitive.

Luna took a quick breath, not really wanting to go into detail over a part of her mind that was currently going into overdrive from stress. “Our sister… The other ruler of our country is… missing.”

“Oh… I… apologize…” Optimus sighed, just as he stopped and turned his full attention to her. “I did recall you referring to her as your sister. When?”

“Excuse us?” She asked, not understanding the question. Due to both stress and raid, she wasn’t bothering or rather, not noticing the fact that she was using plural identification, like the old style speech.

“When did she go missing?”

“Around the time you and the Autobots arrived actually.”

“Oh…” The Autobot leader didn’t know how to interpret that. There was no malice or accusation in her tone but the statement itself made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t necessarily think that she thought that the Autobots were responsible but it was something he felt he should remember, all things considered.

“We admit it’s a bit draining, but we have faith in our sister.” She gave an assuring, more to herself, smile “She is resourceful, and I’m sure her leaving with haste is justified.”

Optimus continued walking along “I hope so as well. I don’t wish to place value on any situation… But I think we can agree, there is a larger danger ahead of us. One that takes priority.” Once again, he was trying his best to show he wasn’t unsympathetic toward what the co-ruler was going through.

“Agreed. We must prepare for what is to come!”

“Have your spies uncovered anything?”

“No. They have yet to uncover anything new, but we feel they will inform me quickly once something develops.”


“So…what do we do now?” Rainbow Dash asked. Starscream and herself were now walking through the town on their way back to the library.

They were both a bit drained from their little confrontation with Luna. Twilight informed them about her coming and within minuets later she was in the town. She gave a request to them that the Autobots go to Canterlot for a possible upcoming attack. Since the Autobots, in a way, were in the ponies hooves, they felt a bit obligated to go their way. Also in a way, they didn’t have much of a choice; they had no way in getting off the planet. Also Optimus knew they didn’t have much of a chance on their own against the Decepticons. While he believed they were able to hold them off the first time, he knew that the Decepticons would easily be able to take them out if they don’t intervene.

“What else can we do?” Starscream said who seemed to be intrigued by the ground for some reason “We wait. There is no possible way to confront them directly. Even if we could, the Decepticons would on escape and within time they’ll be back once more.”

Rainbow sighed “Do you think Megatron will ever leave us alone?”

The ex-seeker cracked his neck. “Not likely. Megatron won’t stop till he gets what he wants or is destroyed… And even then, whoever usurps Megatron’s position will probably try as well.”

Rainbow growled in her throat. “So we’re in it for the long haul?”

Starscream nodded but didn’t say anything. He really didn’t want to tell her or any of the other mares about the Decepticons beyond what he’s already told them. And in a way, he was still a Decepticon. He could blame how his time with the Decepticons changed him and how Megatron abused him… But when it came down to it, he was just a cruel and murderous as the rest of them. He wished he could just forget about that but it couldn’t just be ignored. Even though the group bought him back to his senses, it didn’t justify anything. He wasn’t possessed, he wasn’t under any kind of control… It was entirely by his own freewill. Equestria and its residence may have brought him out and made him realize how much he’s changed from the war. But it ultimately didn’t change anything, he was the one to suggest to come here and take it over with any means necessary.

“Something like that… Megatron isn’t one to let something he wants to just disappear from his grasp… I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” Rainbow said confused.

The stallion took a deep sigh, while he still didn’t want to go into detail about what he has done but felt she should know what ultimately put them in this situation “If anyone is to blame for this, it is me…”

Rainbow raised a brow “What are you talking about?”

“You see, I’m the one who suggested that we go and-”

“Starscream!” Shining Armor called out; interrupting the silver stallion “I want to talk to you for a second.”

The ex-seeker made a light ‘hmm’. His tone wasn’t threatening nor was it an attempt to be intimidating. He was calling him as if he was calling out a being he only knew by name. The silver stallion hesitated for a moment but quickly started walking forward with Rainbow following being a few steps behind.

As they made their approach Shining called “My sister is waiting for you at the library Rainbow Dash, she wants to talk to you about something.”

The blue mare turned to Starscream and he merely nodded. He figured that he wouldn’t need Rainbow Dash’s ‘protection’. He could tell that Shining Armor was a stallion that wasn’t afraid to threaten or harm any pony or anything that he was called to protect or hide intentions of doing so.

“You sure?”

“I’ll be fine.”

Rainbow looked back at Shining Armor as she started her way to the library. She was keeping herself at a slow but non-suspicious pace in order to hear at least part of what the two stallions were going to say to one another.

“What do you want? Wish to further drill in the point of being a protective brother?” Starscream spat though he kept his tone at a point of some maturity and seriousness.

The stallion made a light sneer but kept it professional. “Listen Starscream, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry about last night…”

“Why?” the stallion questioned. “I am not exactly a role-model of what going on here.”

“I know. But what you said was true in more than one way. If we’re going to win, we’re going to have to trust each other.”

The silver stallion raised a brow, if reminded of what he was going through with the Autobots “Yes… But you have right to be suspicious…”

“Maybe, but my sister made it clear that you are on our side, considering you did almost give your life to save just back off the Decepticons when they first attacked.”

Starscream smirked. “It nice to have one less thing to worry about.”

The opposing stallion’s expression then changed. “But it doesn’t mean I’m letting my guard down” To his surprise, Starscream’s expression didn’t change. “If anything happens to my sister and I find you’re involved… You’ll need more than your Cybertronian form to protect yourself.”

“Hmph, glad to see you’re keeping your authority firm…”

Shining Armor’s serious expression lightened slightly “Twiley did tell me you were a commander once.”

“Air Commander and Second-in-Command.” The silver stallion gloated “True, I have regrets but an achievement is an achievement, I’m sure you’re aware of that.”

“In a way…”

--Equestrian Fields--

The Decepticons were currently getting ready for their scheduled attack for Canterlot. A majority of the Decepticons were having a small feeding of energy that they had brought. It wasn’t much, but it would be enough till they could finally apprehend their new planet.

“Ha ha, just imagine, once we get this planet’s energy, Earth will be taken within days. And we’ll be able to shove the Autobots off Cybertron once and for all!” Hook gloated.

Swindle smirked and this was noticed by Vortex. “Ha, while we do all the work. I think we should consider putting a price on this.”

“What?” Scavenger asked as he took a drink from his cube.

“Think about it.” Swindle said as he started to walk about them but also making sure Megatron and/or Soundwave didn’t hear him and the others. They were on the other end of their small concealed base looking over a computer they set for the Space Bridge and their Communication Array. Swindle then turned back to his fellow Combaticons. “Think about it, who do you think is going to be harvesting the energy when we’re through once we either get the inhabitance under control or extinct?”

Vortex looked at his brother-in-arms for a second before looking back at Swindle a bit confused. “What are you getting at Swindle?”

The brown military jeep smirked “Think about it, we can clearly profit off this. Since the Autobots are stuck here, I’m willing to bet they're going to pay some hefty credits to get off it.”

“Really?” Mixmaster couldn’t believe what he was suggesting. “You do remember they are our enemy? Besides, what makes you think that we wouldn’t turn those Autobots into scrap metal?”

Swindle smirked and gave a short chuckle “Do you really think the Autobots are going to just leave their-”

“Their what, Swindle?”

Swindle turned around to see Megatron himself standing behind him and Soundwave behind him with his arms crossed.

“Oh Megatron.” He chuckled weakly taking a step. “He he, you really didn’t think that-”

This was interrupted by a punch from the leader that pushed the brown jeep to his back. The Combaticon looked up to see his leader facing down at him with snarl. “I’ll have you know Swindle that I don’t need anyone to replace Starscream.” At this point Swindle was able to stand up. “I am sure we don’t need to explain that we do know the enemy… Do we Swindle?”

“Right. It’s just a joke, you know me.” He made a small laugh again but it did little to hide fearful expression.

“And be sure that they don’t evolve into anything else but that.”

“So when do we get to bust some Autobots?” Rumble said, approaching the group. “It’s been Astro liters since Shockwave’s reinforcements were supposed to arrive.”

“You keep your mouth shut, Rumble.” Thundercracker said behind him. “Megatron told us to till they arrive and we’ll do just that.”

Unbeknown to the blue seeker, Megatron was actually considering what Rumble was saying. It really had been a great deal of time since Shockwave’s reinforcements were supposed to arrive. While patience was something he didn’t have much of from anyone, he knew that Shockwave wouldn’t delay something like this unless he had a very good reason.

He turned his attention to the small group of Decepticons arguing a bit as he turned back to his new Second-in-Command and still Communications Officer “Soundwave, contact Shockwave and get a progress update.”

“As you command Megatron.” And with that, the cassette player walked over to the small communications computer again.

“Enough!” Megatron commanded his men to stop arguing “We don’t have time for this foolishness. I will see what is making this delay.”

The group of Decepticons looked at each other for another moment before finally getting back to their other duties. Megatron went over to Soundwave over the small communications array to see a video open with Shockwave waiting for Megatron.

“Shockwave, what is this ongoing delay?” The Decepticon leader demanded.

Shockwave seemed unfazed. “Reinforcements are unavailable, Megatron. We are currently under siege from the Autobots.”

Megatron growled but surprisingly didn’t yell or anything like that. “Well get the siege under control and send in the additional support I requested!”

Shockwave nodded once before turning off the video link. In a way, Megatron felt this was kinda embarrassing that he was calling out additional support to stop a bunch of primitive ponies… And both times he lost. They even had an advantage of having their magic being mostly ineffective against them. It was insulting. Perhaps he was overestimating the ponies or rather underestimating their chances.

That actually started to make sense. Excluding their first attack on Ponyville, always attacked cocky, like there was no way they could possibly lose. Sure he could tell that Starscream told them to aim for certain weak points, like engines and lighter plated areas of a Cybertronian, but all the while they were completely certain they would come out on top. That was the problem; they never took the battle seriously, like if it were a battle against the Autobots or Optimus Prime himself.

“Decepticons!” The leader called out. In that moment all of them assembled to their leader, the Constructicons, the Combaticons, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Rumble, and Soundwave stood before him. “We’ve been humiliated far too many times by these primitive organics. We’ve been underestimating them and making us face a humiliating defeat.” A few grunted as others crossed their arms at the notion of it “But we can’t let that pass. We don’t need no reinforcements, we need to treat this as any other battle against the Autobots…I want no prisoners and no mercy. These ponies of this planet has humiliated us far too long.”

His men cheered at their leader’s speech.

“We will treat these organics like the Autobots, we will make this look like what we have done to the humans back on Earth on their many cities!”

One again they cried out, all rallied up to finally get what they wanted to do. In a way, Megatron felt that he had done all that needed to be done. They, including himself, treated these battles like easy pickings: an easy assault. Now he was treating this as if it where another battle on Cybertron. He wanted no survivors.

“Scavenger” Their leader called out. “Wait here for when Shockwave brings in their reinforcements I requested, then join in the Capitol City attack.”

“Yes Lord Megatron.” Scavenger called out as he saluted.

“Decepticons!” He ordered “Let us begin the assault on Canterlot!”

And with that all of them flew into the sky with a war cry out of their prefab base with no roof to make it to their desired location of the large pony settlement. Unbeknown to them however, two pegasi were quickly writing a message and sending it to their leader of their country quickly.


“Optimus.” Prowl called out to his leader.

The Autobot leader turned to Prowl with Luna still on his shoulder. “What is it Prowl?”

“Just got checked up on all their defenses. Hate to admit it, but Starscream’s right. It’s just barely Earth level technology on their small arms end.”

“And I’m sure the Decepticons won’t be caught by surprise by your military this time I fear.” Optimus said as he turned to dark Alicorn.

Internally, Luna was a bit irritated. She could recall a few times where Starscream brought this up and she was a bit feed up with it. But she didn’t take offense or feel that they were insulting their efforts. “We apologize. Before the Decepticons came, we never found much reason to create or develop weapons for conventional warfare.”

“Interesting. War must be uncommon.” Prowl theorized aloud.

“No… While war is something that hasn’t happened in years… our prime defense was magic. You are the first beings to be immune to it. Because of that, we haven’t implemented any sort of practical defense.”

“Hmm…We should-”

It was at this moment a plume of smoke appeared in front of Luna which formed into a letter that she could read. Both Autobots remained silent as they let the ruler read over the letter. She kept a cool demeanor as she told them the grievous news. “They are coming to start the attack.”

--Equestrian Fields--

Scavenger stayed alone walking back and forth from the Space Bridge. He wanted to be part of the action with his fellow Decepticon warriors. But if he was anything, he was loyal to Megatron and wasn’t one to question his leader. After a few moments of thinking to himself and pacing, he heard the Space Bridge activating. He ran toward the entrance and saw the door through the sky open up, as the rays of light came down to the large ring.

“It’s about time! I’m surprised Megatron didn’t blow a-” As the doors opened up and revealed the bots that came through the bridge. “Wait? You’re not-”

“Me Grimlock no like Decepticon!”

Sorry for the delay on this one. Hopefully the next will come a bit sooner.

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