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Chapter 20 Forever

“…and then all of us surprise her and use the Elements to save Celestia.” Twilight reviewed to the group as she handed the Element of Magic crown to Starscream to who scoffed at the object but said nothing about it.

“Seems sturdy enough.” The silver stallion said as he fondled with the crown in his hoof “We just have to make sure that she remains completely unaware of the plan.”

“Eeyup, we’re only getting one shot at this. We mess this up; we may never get Celestia back to normal.” Applejack elaborated.

“Then we can’t screw up.” Rainbow Dash explained flying above the group “If she shows up and zap her back to normal, we’ll all be okay.”

“Indeed.” Luna nodded surprisingly optimistic “The Elements of Harmony have yet to fail us. I have complete faith in all of you.”

The group continued to speak together in their group mostly trying to assume one another that everything was going to be okay. Spike however, wasn’t part of the conversation, not this time. He took it upon himself, with the assistance of Owylsius, to keep watch outside for the Alicorn in question.

“Still no sign of her.” Spike said to himself with a sigh “Hope she shows up soon. Even with everything she’s done, I don’t want her to get hurt.”

“Hoo.” The nocturnal creature called.

“Celestia.” Spike answered.


“Princess or…Queen Celestia.” Starscream answered as he himself walked over to the window, still holding the crown with Rainbow Dash followed behind.

“Hoo” the owl continued.

“Celestia.” He answered with a light groan as he looked out the window.


The ex-Cybertronian growled as his crimson eyes turned to the bird annoyed “Celestia…”

The rainbow maned pegasus chuckled lightly as she attempted to calm everything down “Uh…Screamer, um Owlysius doesn’t-”


“Who do you think?!” he growled as he turned his complete attention on the nocturnal bird.


“Okay calm down.” The sky blue pegasus interrupted gently even though she was enjoying the little show “Um owls don’t usually say much of anything else other than ‘Hoo’.”

The silver pegasus huffed but didn’t push it any further “What’s he doing up? Doesn’t he usually recharge during the day?” Starscream knew of the nocturnal creature’s existence but he never really interacted with him before.

Rainbow Dash grinned, this is one thing that continued to amuse but also appreciate the ex-Cybertronian. In some ways it seemed that he was reluctant to learn the way things were on their planet, to the point he would flat out refuse part take in events or even challenge some principles of others. Strangely enough Starscream never seemed to show any interest in Tank, didn’t bother him and he didn’t seem to be fascinated with the tortoise.

“Still a bit tense?” Rainbow prodded.

Starscream sighed “I still have doubts…I wish you could demonstrate its powers…then again I’ve never really had been fighting against magic before.”

“Then leave it to us.” The female pegasus said proudly “We’ve been up against Discord for crying out loud, I think we can handle this.”

The ex-seeker chuckled “Don’t worry; I have faith in all of you. After we made Megatron pull back, faith in you and the others is far from lacking.” He smirked as he gazed upon his recently restored lover “But back on Cybertron, usually there was something we could fall back on or retreat, even Megatron wasn’t foolish enough to never let everything he quested for go to waste.” He sighed “But we’re at our last line of defense, we’re not-”

“Everyone, she’s here!” Spike yelled out excitedly “Celestia is outside!”

Twilight gave a firm nod “Alright girls get in position.” She announced but not too loud, she didn’t want to risk their plan getting compromised.

Starscream quickly concealed the crown through his wing, doing his best to keep it out of sight within its feathers, and stood next to Twilight. Luna also stood on the opposite side the lavender unicorn. Spike went next to the bookcase to look like he was working as Owlwisious went back to his usual spot to look like he was asleep. The others also went into their respected hiding places around the library.

All of them waited for either the knock on the door or a call, expecting something from their ruler to come in so they implement their plan. “Twilight, Luna, I have come to answer your call.”

“Let’s do this.” The leading unicorn said to herself silently, mostly as self motivation “Come in.” it was then she used her magic to open the door and let in her former teacher.

Not too surprised, when she entered she kept a firm and stock expression. Much like when the regime started, her body kept a faint glow with her royal attire still changed with her horn spark power every now and again. Her appearance was just as imposing as before, clearly displaying the power she recently acquired.

“Um...” Twilight hesitated for a moment “Queen Celestia we just-”

“Twilight” she interrupted “We may no longer be teacher and student doesn’t mean that I no longer see you as a friend.” The lavender unicorn looked back up to her former mentor and could see that she was genuine but also seemed…blank. Like something was blocking her expression through her almost completely bleached out eyes “Don’t fear me…there is no need to call me by title.”

Luna took a step forward “Sister, understand that our actions at Canterlot were with good intention.”

Celestia nodded but her expression was stern “I know. But our system was flawed, and I know that in your lives you won’t come to understand why” The three of them in the room stood shocked at what she just said “The power I have will make peace as I rule and others will understand that with such power, I must use it to maintain order.”

Starscream stared at the now independent ruler of the country “You realize what Unicron has done before this. He’s devoured hundreds of worlds! He’s a chaos bringer not a mediator!”

“And you were much better?” Celestia countered. Starscream turned away “What as you and the Decepticons were no better, and you particularly Starscream was no ‘angel’ in the bunch.”

The ex-seeker didn’t seem to have much of a rebuttal but didn’t seem to be affect any further by her elaborating on it, Luna was a bit surprised but Twilight already knew this about Starscream and was more surprised that she threw that at him “Unicron has shown me what happened with you and the Decepticons-”

“Then you know what he did to Megatron and the others.” The silver pegasus countered.

“Megatron and the others abused his power that Unicron gave him.” It was at this moment that the three of them noticed that her voice changed silently, it sounded more…masculine. “You and your entire race has no right to say what I have done is justified or not.” She huffed as she gave a disgusted look at the ex-seeker. “You have no place in this visit my former student and sister.”

“Right.” Twilight walked in front of an irritated pegasus. She faced him for a second before giving him a barely noticeable nod which Starscream confirmed by ruffling his wing but making it look like it was out of irritation. Twilight turned back to their Queen “Celestia, we just want to understand. We’re confused why you’d change so much all of a sudden. I mean, you basically created the structure that Equestria used before…this.”

“It’s not complex…you know that. Both of you, this world is simply corrupt, since my sister’s return, everything has been falling apart! The long terms of peace ended and noticed that in order to bring peace back. The Elements were not enough, I needed more power! And I knew that would bring peace-”

“Now!” Twilight yelled out.

Starscream reacted quickly extending his wing fast as the concealed crown flew out and Twilight grabbed with her telekinetic magic and placed it on her head. The other five mares with their elements came out of their hiding places as they stood ready. Starscream and Luna jumped to the side to get out of the way as Spike went to the side next to Luna.

Celestia barely had time to react as it all happened so quickly. “No!”

Like before, the six elements charged up fired their multicolored beam and hit the self proclaimed Queen. Starscream laid back from position his position he jumped from and saw the power of the Elements for the first time. The rainbow beam seemed to pierce through her as she clearly was in pain but any doubt that the ex-seeker once had was completely gone.

Celestia cried out but it seemed slightly masculine but it continued to growl out. Her body grew brighter than before but she seemed to be losing her power. Celestia cried as with a final scream the Elements stopped their assault as the Alicorn stood weakly as she fell to the ground weak. Her body was back to her normal hue and her royal attire was gone excluding her crown with was damaged but was now gold again.

The all of them approached her but Luna went in front of all of them. Celestia lied their crying in her weakened form. Luna noticed how similar it was with her when she was freed from Nightmare Moon. Here, her sister was weak and vulnerable looked just like she did that time, though she still remained in her large Alicorn form. She continued to cry in the ground barely moving aside from her sobs.

“No…no…please…” she said barely comprehensible. She finally looked up to a concerned but also teary eyed younger sister. The nine ponies and dragon approached but let Luna stay with her and stay a distance away.

“Sister.” The dark Alicorn lay on her legs as she went to comfort her distressed sister. Celestia hiccup as she looked at her. Luna first noted that her eye color was no longer bleached out, it was her normal eye color, and nothing seemed force anymore, she was back. Luna put her neck against hers as she placed a wing around her.

“I’m so sorry Luna…I just…”

“Enough.” Luna said firmly “It has passed…”

“But I-”

“Stop” Luna said with a saddened but relieved tone “I’ve made a tragic mistake as well... and you welcomed me back when I didn’t deserve it.”

Celestia tried to hold back from crying further “But…Unicron he destroyed everything with-”

“Enough” Luna helped her older sibling up to a sitting position and put her sister to a hug with a foreleg over her. At this moment, the six mares went to comfort their weakened ruler and friend. Twilight too was in tears and hugged her as well, insuring her former teacher she was loved.

Starscream and Big Macintosh stayed to the side, merely watching everything unfold. Despite now being part of their race and was also officially a citizen of Equestria, he didn’t have much of the greatest of opinion on her, not counting her involvement with Unicron of course. As for the Big Macintosh, there was no need for his input, he felt he would only get in the way.

It was a long several moments, they were all completely quiet as Celestia’s cries subsided in her sister’s chest and the six other mares stayed to comfort their friend. Luna had a bit of a smile after a moment, she had her sister back and that is all that mattered to her and like she did to her with Nightmare Moon, she was not going to abandon her, she would always be by her side.

“Thank you…I’ve never felt so foolish…” Celestia said silently.

“We forgive you.” Fluttershy said as she flew to her eye level “We all make mistakes.”

“But…but I’ve done some much to hurt all of you. I’ve hurt everyone that were closest to me…how”

“Celestia…you’ve taught me everything I know, and this whole time in Ponyville I’ve been learning about friendship…of course we forgive you.”

Celestia stayed silent for a moment before she cried one last plea “I was so scared. Unicron manipulated my feelings so I hardly felt remorse to what I was doing to all of you…I was still in control…I just let him control me…turn me into the monster I was…” the ponies in the room stayed silent “He made me feel I made the right decision and I made no mistakes... but I still did them…how can that be forgiven? I did little to fight it. I let him destroy your lives and turn Equestria into a police state…I can’t be redeemed…”

Starscream took a step forward “For Primus sake” he said audibly to get the purified Celestia attention “If you and everyone in this room learned to trust me than your wrong.”

Rainbow Dash turned to him instantly; she didn’t know what to expect out of him really “What Unicron did to you was no different to what Megatron did to me.” He began “I was merely a scientist and Megatron knew how to take advantage of my abilities and flying for the Decepticon upraise…I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. Every battle I fought for millions of years I lost sight of who I was. A once moral and loyal scientist slowly turned into a cowardly, power hunger, back-stabbing, Second-in-Command. I lost sight what I believed in and with the war seeming never ending; I had no reason to question my mentality or morality. I killed thousands of my own kind, Autobots, Decepticons, NAILSs, civilians, friends, Cybertronian, organic…I didn’t care I had no reason to, anyone who stood in my way for total power of the Decepticons I merely removed them if I could…or set it up so Megatron would” He stopped, he was surprised he wasn’t as emotional about it as he was before when he told Twilight all this. “I used to blame Megatron…while he may have molded me…I didn’t resist, I let him turn me to that and ultimately I did all those horrible things…not Megatron.” He stopped for a moment “And yet…those are looked past by you… and you let me stay, taught me and made realize what I had become...”

Twilight knew all this already but Rainbow Dash didn’t. She knew that he was a commander and perhaps a bit he did some horrible things but he never told her this in such detail. He killed so many people heartlessly and without care. It didn’t take her long to figure out this was the reason he didn’t want to tell her. He must’ve been afraid she would think of him differently, despite everything they’ve been through…

Celestia let out another sigh as she processed what Starscream has said. Minus Twilight, no one knew that much about Starscream, his past anyway. Though it was clearly compressed and he perhaps left out details it said everything that needed to be. She turned away from the preaching stallion and back to her younger sister “Do you really-”

“Do you trust me?” Luna asked interrupting her sister “After everything I have done as Nightmare Moon? Do you trust me?”

Celestia was confused for a moment but stopped herself and analyzed the question. She knew she forgave her all that time ago so why was she…she understood. “I do…as you trust me…”

The group, excluding Starscream, all had a relieved smile as the older Alicorn returned her younger sister’s affection and held more confidence “Thank you…”

At this moment Rainbow Dash trotted over to a distant Starscream who was merely watching the whole moment unfold. For a moment the two of them said nothing but unlike before, Starscream acknowledged her existence by facing her as she went to the corner of his eye. The ex-seeker stayed silent for a moment expecting any sort of reaction from her. “There’s more to it than that.” She stated.

The stallion nodded “Celestia needed to know that she was far from unredeemable. But that’s another story, you’ll learn in more detail who I was when this is over.” He finished.

Rainbow’s expression was stock. It didn’t say much of anything anyone would be able to decipher. Starscream’s serious expression softened to a small bit of concern since he wasn’t sure what her expression would be to learn what he just said. Really her expression didn’t change even after Starscream’s did.

It was at this moment, Rarity saw that neither of them was continuing to contribute to Celestia’s little recovery session. “Are you two alright?” she questioned.

“Yeah.” Rainbow answered without turning away “We’re fine.” And then she finally went back over to the group turning away from the ex-seeker.

Starscream stayed a bit silent before turning away from her and noticed that Rarity was facing him a bit concerned “Um…is everything alright darling?”

“I don’t know... you should know better than me.” He said quietly.

The unicorn sighed “I’m merely a spectator dear. I don’t know everything.”

The ex-seeker nodded “You’re involvement is most appreciated.” Starscream let a small sigh as well and Rarity gave a small understanding grin. From then the two of them split and went back to the group, with Spike and Macintosh falling a bit behind.

“We need to get to Canterlot” Celestia said in a panic “I need to undo what I have done.” She tried to get up and succeeded when Luna aided her “I need to restore what I have destroyed.”

“Wait, since Celestia is back to normal” Applejack began “What does this do ta Unicron?”

“Logically since both Celestia and Unicron were connected, the two of them should be at their normal states of power. Surely Unicron would notice that Celestia is no longer part of him.” Starscream thought aloud.

“I…” she took a breath “Can’t hear or feel him anymore.” At that moment she started on her way out as her younger sister and her former student held onto her from each side to help her keep her balance as she lead the group out of the library and into the town. “We need to hurry, I we need to get Canterlot back in order before Nightmare Moon does any damage.”

“Yes we mus-” Luna stopped “What?”

Celestia stopped; she realized that she never told Luna or the others of Nightmare Moon. On that note, it was clear that what Luna told her before seemed to be telling the truth of her knowledge since she was so confused “Nightmare Moon isn’t what you thought it was…Nightmare Moon wasn’t anything you created, at least not in the form you think. Nightmare Moon is a spawn of Unicron.”

The group gasped. “What? How?” Luna questioned entirely confused “I…I thought I created Nightmare Moon…”

“I know you’re not the one manipulating all this Luna…you couldn’t have.” Celestia explained. Luna stayed a bit confused and a bit scared “Nightmare Moon told me that herself…as Unicron himself confirmed.” Luna stopped puzzled “You may have not been in the correct state of mind, but Nightmare Moon is a separate being and possessed you.”

The former Princess was a bit confused. Was this truly accurate? She did remember that that some thoughts and even words were not her own when she became Nightmare Moon but she dismissed it as her unstable emotions were the cause of this, the thought of possession didn’t even cross her mind really.

“Where is she?” Fluttershy politely asked as she could see that Luna was still taking everything in “I mean, where has she been all this time?”

“In Canter-” she was cut off with a loud boom coming from the sky. The group looked up and saw two aircrafts flying over them.

“I thought everyone returned to Cybertron…” Starscream said aloud.

“Who are they?” Pinkie asked “Are they here for the super ultra mega party for the return of-”

“No!” Starscream stopped her to which this was answered with a frown from the pink mare.

“They all look like more of” Applejack stopped as she gasped “Skyfire?!”

“What? No way!” Rainbow Dash flew up to get a better look but was quickly greeted with a rain of laser fire. “Whoa!”

“Everypony, out of the way!” Twilight yelled out as the rain of fire came. Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Luna and Celestia ran together, Big Macintosh and Spike ran back in the library as the firepower came but notably it seemed like they were missing on purpose. Luna and Twilight stayed with Celestia as they attempted to get to safety.

Before any action to stop them came up, the fire stopped. In an instant, the two large Cybertronians flew down. The large white one, that was confirmed to be Skyfire landed in front of the library as another purple one flew in the middle.

Starscream and Rainbow Dash were in the air and were able to get a good look at them as the others were scattered in different directions “Skyfire…Cyclonus?” the ex-seeker was left confused.

“So it looks like Celestia has been removed from Unicron.” Cyclonus chuckled. At this moment, Skyfire aimed his duel barrel blaster at Celestia, Luna, and Twilight that were in his sight. Cyclonus kept his attention toward Starscream, but also kept a look at the remaining group of the mares in question. “I’m sure you remember me Starscream.”

“Cyclonus? But…Skywarp was-” Starscream was quickly cut off.

“I bet even Megatron has forgotten about me.” Cyclonus chuckled dryly “When Megatron was turned to Galvatron. I was also there next to the Cyclonus you knew.”

The ex-seeker didn’t blink as he turned his attention to his old friend “Skyfire, what in Primus name are you doing!?”

Skyfire gave an uncharacteristic grin “I’m saving our race.”

“Are you mental?!” Rainbow Dash flew in front of the white Cybertronian but was quickly stopped by a shot fired from Cyclonus. Rainbow stopped herself but glared at Skyfire “I thought you were on our side.”

“I’m fighting for what is best for our race. Our race is out of order, and with Celestia guiding us, we can finally end this war.”

Twilight stood in shock, it seemed like everything was turning against them. It was then that something struck her “Celestia, you’re still the Queen.”

Celestia turned to her ex-student confused “What?”

“Remember, you crowned yourself Queen of Equestria and Cybertron. You’re above them, you can show at least him that.” She quickly explained.

Celestia thought about for a moment before finally nodding and gently got Twilight and Luna to let go of her. Luna took a step forward as her sister walked away from them “Be careful Tia…”

Celestia merely nodded with a soft smile and then stood tall as she gave a determined glare “Skyfire! How dare you attack your own Queen!” She yelled in a similar tone to Luna’s Royal Canterlot voice “I did not authorize this action! Stand down!”
Skyfire for a brief moment seemed confused but just as anyone could catch it, his expression changed to seriousness “Your connection to Unicron has been broken…” his tone sounded, for a lack of a better term, robotic, emotionless “Without his power, your wisdom will not be enough!”

Starscream immediately activated the device on his flank and turned back to his Cybertronian form “Skyfire, what has happened to you?”

Skyfire seemed to expect this kind of response “It must be quiet a shock eh, ol’ buddy.” Starscream took a step back in concern as Skyfire seemed to be enjoying this “You changed after so many years.” Rainbow Dash attentively stayed on the Seeker’s red shoulder, internally, Starscream was relived to see that she at least had some trust in him despite his little speech earlier “You know…it’s very similar to before now that I think about it.”

“I…don’t understand, why is Skyfire acting like this, the two of them were friends again before they left for Cybertron…and he was protecting us before.” Twilight said aloud.

Luna looked over to her retreating sister as she to was confused “You’re right, I don’t understand either. He even overlooked my sister as no longer his Queen. What is happening?”

“Who’s side are you on Skyfire? What about the Autobots? What about our friendship?” he pleaded.

The white shuttle chuckled darkly “Now this is familiar… remember ‘ol buddy? I had a similar revelation when you awoke me from the ice. Only for you to not only change into low-life Decepticon but also for you to turn on your best friend!” his once grin turned to a look of contempt “I refused to follow a road you took and nearly took me offline…multiple times!” He then chuckled again “Now the roles are reversed. You’ve been gone so long, I come back with the Autobots, and now it’s you who doesn’t see the big picture as to what the whole fate of Cybertron has become.”

“This isn’t you…” the seeker said silently.

It was at this point Cyclonus who was currently looking the group with the his weapon pointed at the cowering group laughed “Don’t fool yourself Starscream. Skyfire has merely seen the light.”

The seeker growled as Rainbow Dash looked over “How can we stop them?”

“I don’t know, but we will-”

“I’m shocked.” Skyfire interrupted once again “I’m surprised you haven’t backstabbed them like you do everyone else. What makes her so different Starscream? What makes that organic and all of them so much more worthy of your loyalty as apposed to everyone else?”

“I was corrupted then… I let myself become that but I’m not like that anymore. They showed me what I have become and I know that is not who I am! Just like I know that you’re not Skyfire!”

Cyclonus made a grunt “I honestly thought he’d be the easiest to plant seeds of doubt.”

Luna looked up at the large purple Decepticon curious as he kept his weapon aimed at the group “Seeds of doubt?”

“You know all to well Luna.” Cyclonus chuckled but it suddenly became feminine, a familiar feminine chuckle. Luna was the first to recognize it.


“Oh yes!” At that moment the large purple Cybertronian flashed and in his place where the one and only Nightmare Moon. The group looked shock which amused her “Ah, I always did prefer your races’ form as apposed to theirs.”

Starscream quickly tuned his gaze to the Unicron spawn and he too was a bit shocked “Who’s that?”

“Nightmare Moon.” Rainbow Dash answered quickly as she quickly hovered over Starscream. “If I can get back to the group we can use the Elements again.”

The seeker made a light groan but didn’t argue “Fly to them, I’ll distract Skyfire.”

Rainbow smirked but her seriousness didn’t falter “Thinking in the same rhythm.” And with that, she jet toward the group as fast as she could.

As expected Skyfire reacted with raising his duel barrel blaster rifle but was quickly disarmed with fire from the opposing seeker’s signature null ray, Skyfire made a loud growl “You!”

Starscream smirked, he still didn’t know what was wrong with Skyfire, since this clearly wasn’t him but if he was still going to give him the ‘Starscream’ he was talking about “Come now Skyfire” he began “Surely, you would now that as a Decepticon, I am one of the masters of deception.”

Nightmare Moon turned and saw the whole thing “Skyfire stop where-” this she noticed the lack of Rainbow Dash on the seeker’s shoulder. She turned back to the group she was previously looking over at, she noticed the presents of the previously missing mare.

“Gotcha!” Rainbow Dash yelled cockily as the six mares had charged their Elements and was aimed at the Unicron spawn.

Just as they were about to fire, Luna and Celestia both noticed a last second smirk on the spawn. “What?” Celestia said confused to her sister before the Elements fired.

Both Skyfire and Starscream’s attention was directed to the conflicted as the Elements fired and beams of energy as before fired and the spawn. Like before it shined brightly on its target but Starscream first noticed that, unlike Celestia, she looked…unimpressed and unaffected at that “Impossible…” This was quickly ended with duel blast from Skyfire’s primary weapon knocking the jet onto his back. He groaned in pain as Skyfire walked up to the downed seeker with a duel barreled weapon pointed at his face.

“Watch and be amazed…” Skyfire continued with an uncharacteristic smirk appeared again.

In a few moments later the Elements stopped and the mares stood their quietly as they tried to catch their breath. “I think we did it.” Twilight said as the smoke stayed where it was.

“Of course we got her” Applejack continued taking a breath in with a smile “There was no way-”

She was stopped by a light clopping into the grass they were standing. The group and the two Alicorns stood in shock as the Unicron spawn walked through the smoke with an unimpressed look on her face “That is getting old.”

The group gasped “What!” Rainbow Dash cried out.

“This isn’t possible…” Luna said taking a step back as the rest of the group did a similar action.

Twilight was about to cry. How could the Elements fail? Everything they have been up against were either gone or subdued in some way. But now it proved to do absolutely nothing to their first enemy. How could she (he/it) be able to take the Elements without even flinching?

“Did you really” Nightmare Moon began with a large smile “think that would work?” She proceeded closer to the group as they continued to take a step back a bit further “Magic…something so…distant would affect Unicron?”

“But…how did-” Celestia was cut off.

“Your magic didn’t restore Unicron, your energy did. Think of it as a jumpstart and with time not only did he look into your mental capabilities and learn the properties of magic, but also learned to mimic them. What you seen of me is merely the power of Unicron…now imagine my power with magic!” At that moment, the spawn powered her horn fired a stream of electricity like power at the eight of them, knocking all of them unconscious.

Starscream’s optics widened “No!” This was answered with a metal fist to this face, knocking him out of commission.

“Excellent.” The dark spawn said with a chuckle “Come Skyfire” Nightmare Moon’s form changed back to Cyclonus with a brief flash “Take them all to Unicron, with Unicron watching them, they can’t possibly get in the way.”

Skyfire nodded as he grabbed a hold of the seeker he just knocked unconscious as Cyclonus grabbed a hold of the group of mares in his servos and with a second the digitally transported back to Unicron.

Big Macintosh and Spike were still in the library scared out of their mind. Big Mac wanted to help but he knew if his sister and her friends couldn’t pull it off, then anything he could do would be futile. Spike was just scared out of his mind, hiding on the rim of the window ceil as they watched the whole thing.

“What...what are we going to do?” Spike asked the red stallion.

Mac shook his head terrified but also he didn’t have an answer to give.

In a short distance from the the bushes, a black stallion with a shot cut blond mane with sunglasses watched the whole thing “Looks like I’m gonna have to quiet messing around and putting this big guy back into action.”

Author's Note:

Yeah...I'm going to finish it...sorry for those who were spoiled the ending (in hind sight, there are some things I want to elaborate and/or change anyway). But what I said is still partially true. This will more than likely be the last MLP story I will ever write but at least I can still enjoy writing this one and hopfully you as readers will enjoy reading this as well. Update when I can.

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