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Chapter 2 Indifference

Both Starscream and Twilight entered the carriage with no further conversation mostly because there were guards around and even Starscream was aware that saying bad things about their ruler was a pretty dumb idea. And while in the past the seeker made it clear that the he was out to take down Megatron, it’s safe to say that he gained some experience about his words about his leader and its consequences that came when voicing them.

The unicorn and the pegasus got seated and when the door closed Twilight looked up to Starscream “Okay, again, who’s Unicron and what does this have to do anything?”

Starscream sighed and practical just reiterated what he told his now-ruler. “…After she said that she was through with us, it looked it as if-”

“No offense Starscream but don’t you think that maybe you’re jumping to conclusions.” Twilight interrupted with a gentle smirk.


“Celestia has been around for thousands of years and peacefully ruled this land.” Starscream snorted “She’s also been my teacher since I was a filly. She’s always been a kind, intelligent, and caring ruler.”

The ex-seeker shook his head, turning away, making it clear he wasn’t convinced “I don’t know Equestia all that well or its government but I’m sure that it is not without corruption.”

“That may be true, but Celestia is not one them, I’m sure of it.” She assured, though her confidence was clearly not high in her own statement.
“Than how can she possibly know of Unicron? I’m sure even she can’t erase that from the history of this planet.” The pegasus countered.

“You said it yourself, Unicron has been around the entire universe.” Starscream remained silent “Celestia also has access to books and has been alive much longer than any of us. I really think that you’re jumping to conclusions.”

The silver pegasus looked at her for a moment then just sighed “Perhaps. I keep forgetting that this isn’t Cybertron or even Earth. After experiencing it on both the Autobots and the Decepticons sides… I figured-”

“It’s okay Star, really, its okay.” Twilight offered but she could tell that the ex-transformer was merely just listening, not really processing anything she was saying, “Why don’t you go home and spend the day with Rainbow Dash? I’m sure she’ll be happy knowing we’re not going to be constantly going back to Canterlot anymore.”

“She’ll be on weather patrol by the time we get there.”

“Oh, well didn’t you say you were working with Doctor Whooves on something?”

Starscream chuckled “Yes, a little piece of work he and I have been working with. Hopefully this won’t be a screw up like last time!”

Twilight chuckled at the memory and she couldn’t help but laugh at his stubbornness at his refusal to use magic. It definitely was something she’d always remember since Starscream came to Ponyville.

“As long as I stay the same age this time, it will be a step forward.”

--Florida Everglades--

“Megatron, Space Bridge uplink almost complete.” Soundwave said to his leader behind.

“Excellent. With these new bridges finally set up, we’ll be able to transport energy to Cybertron in greater quantities and more efficiently.” Megatron said with pride.

The Decepticons were currently putting much time into making many space bridges around the United States. Mostly because doing it on a global scale, while probably less districting from the Autobots, would use too many resources, and in the long run, would be have less energy output for Cybertron.

Megatron, Soundwave, Rumble, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Blitzwing were working on the Space Bridge. This was the last of many space bridges that they created over the last month and a half. It was strategy that seemed full proof since they were easy to make and the power necessary to power it was less than it would for a star ship, and it was faster, it seemed to a win-win situation.

“But don’t you think the Autobots will catch on to us?” Rumble said aloud looking up from the console port he was working on.

“It doesn’t matter. By the time the Autobots respond to any of the scheduled energy runs, we’ll have already sent the required energy to Cybertron. And if these runs go as scheduled, we’ll conquer our home planet very soon.”

“Does that mean we won the war then?” Skywarp asked stupidly which was answered with a smack in the head “No you dolt”

Megatron merely chuckled “No, but it will be a step in the right direction. We’ll only have to worry about the war on Earth and resources will only be the only concern.”


The rest of the ride was simply Twilight and Starscream talking about anything but their previous encounter from Celestia. Now Twilight didn’t really blame him for being suspicious like he was. She kind of imagined that he have some kind of held back thoughts about rulers and the like because of his time with the Decepticons.

After they arrived back home, they said their good byes as Starscream made his way to Dr. Whooves place. Ever since the two have met, both have been rather interested or rather Starscream was interested in his talents. He was told him about his work with time and space. Since he had no interest in magic or breaking the spell that has already been cast upon him, he decided that this would be his best bet.

The ex-seeker didn’t make it much of a secret that he at times wished to become a transformer again. It wasn’t so much he wanted to return back to the Cybertronian war and all that, but he did want precaution. If he were to protect his new home from the Decepticons in the future, than he would need his Cybertronian mode.

Most of the ponies he was friends with were aware of this fact (though why he wanted to change back was up for debate between them). When it came right down to it, he didn’t necessarily want to be Cybertronian again as he just wanted to be able to switch from being a pony to transformer. Since his field of expertise in science would not benefit him, and Twilight’s solution would be something to do with magic, he decided it was time to outsource a different science.

The stallion walked through the residential area of Ponyville till finding the home that was on the outskirts of the small town. When he approached it, it was fine looking home, simple but was perfect for a doctor who was practically working the entire time. The home was a wooden two-story house and had a few things in the front yard. In the front yard, was the grey, blonde maned pegasus known as Ditzy Doo or as she has been nicknamed Derpy Hooves due to her lazy eye. But addressing her as either of them didn’t seem to bother her. She was the Doctor’s wife. And with her playing with a ball was a small filly that looked identical to Derpy but was a unicorn and coat had a slight purple tint by the name of Dinky.

“Starscream!” Derpy addressed with a positive tone, holding the ball for a moment “You’ve come back!”

“Indeed I have. Where’s your husband?” the said getting to the point. It wasn’t anything personal, nor did have anything against the grey pegasus, it was just that he wanted this done.

“He should be inside.” She said pointing her hoof to the door. “Are you going to be a colt again?”

“Primus, I hope not.” Was all he said walking past her to the door as she merely shrugged and went back to playing with her daughter.

Just as he was about to open the door, it opened in front of him revealing the pony he wanted to meet up with in the first place, the brown, blue eyed, Earth pony, Dr. Whooves.

“Ah, Starscream, here to test out my next prototype?” he said grinning.

“To put it bluntly, yes. After last time’s little stunt, I could use this thing to work as I need it too!”

The Earth pony was wearing a saddle that had an electronic device in it. “Tell me Starscream, why is it that you want your robot mode back? You made it clear that you liked being a pony shortly before you made this request.”

“We went over this last time! It has nothing to do with me wanting to be a transformer or pony! Do you really think that will be the last of Megatron?” Starscream countered though he could tell that he was not getting anywhere with the Earth pony at all.

“No, I know better than to think that someone like Megatron will not be seen again, if not for anything, than for you.” Starscream raised a brow “What I’m trying to get at is that I know this isn’t just for the safety of Equestria.”

Starscream didn’t say anything and just let him speak.

“I understand that you were not the same pony you were when you came here but I know that no pony changes that much.” Starscream turned away “Despite it all, you want to be like it was before the war. While you enjoy the liberties of being a pony, you enjoyed being a machine as well.”

Starscream only blinked but his expression didn’t change. It was somewhat true that he will always be part machine and no magic could change that but it was out ranked by being a pony. But it wasn’t like he could be a ‘transformer’ again. Sure if he could return to his former self he’d be a transformer but not a Cybertronian. His life before Equestria was gone, and while he came to terms with this even before the final battle with Megatron, it was still a lingering, longing feeling.

He questioned it in his head, how did he figure all this out. But then again this was the pony that was able to utilize technology to go through time. And while he didn’t want anyone exploiting his past, he had to expect that since well, he did come and attack this planet. “Let’s just see if it works.” He answered with no venom in his tone.

The Earth pony nodded with a gentle smile before using his teeth and pulling out the device. It was a black box that looked similar to a C4 charge or explosive but it had two small LED screens and a few lights on it. “Now then Starscream, I realized that with my pervious invention that I was focusing too much on aging.” The ex-seeker rolled his eyes “What I need to focus on was the actual timeline!”

Even being a fellow scientist himself, he had no idea what that meant “What? Focus on the timeline?”

“Yes, obviously not on the time a space of the area, merely focusing on the individual’s timeline.” He then placed the device on the silver pegasus’s back pulled out a second device and placed it on a nearby tree stump. “Unfortunately, that means I have to go by frequency to find the perfect time in your life as well as the proper space to put you to your original Cybertronian form.”

“Get on with it.” Now just getting annoyed.

“Alright, Ditzy, Dinky,” The mare and filly he addressed looked at him “Can you please come behind me, I think it will be safer.” The two of them complied and did as asked.

“Alright” he turned a few knobs with his hooves and then finally pressed a button.

There was a bright flash that engulfed the silver pegasus, the ex-seeker could feel himself changing a totally different form. He closed his eyes since it was just so blinding even for himself and just let it take him.

After the light died down the family looked up to see a tall machine… though not the same one they were expecting. It was very thin and sharp. He was mostly grey and didn’t look very well designed.

“What in Primus? What kind of universe is this?!” Starscream yelled enraged but was louder than he expected since he was now longer.

“No need to yell!” Another voice yelled out. Starscream and the family of ponies looked over to see a bright pink pony with curly hair hop by “Oh is that you Starscream?”

“I… guess in another universe perhaps…”

“Pinkie, if you would.” The doctor said motioning his hoof to her to come behind him like his family and she complied hopping over.

“So you are trying to make Starscream a robot again?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Yes, and it seems that the space or universe as Starscream calls it seems to be the Prime problem.” The doctor turned the knobs again, changing the frequency, and then pressing it again.

Like before a large flash came and they all covered their eyes from the blinding light. Once the light settled they all looked upon a different form but it still wasn’t what they were looking for. This time he was mostly grey and had a magenta frame around his cockpit, also he had a rather large chin that seemed to stand out.

Starscream’s optics lowered as he looked down at them with a glare “I guess this is closer…but NOT what I needed!” he growled shaking his clawed hands.

“It seems that in this form Starscream is more Animated.” Pinkie Pie said with a smile to which the Doctor rolled his eyes at.

The doctor once again changed the frequency and pressed the button again. After the blinding flash they saw a rather unique version. This one seemed to be detailed with a black cockpit, a backside that seemed to extend with two large dormant cannons. Unlike his previous universal selves this seemed to be redder than silver or white.

“…” Starscream only shook his head at the annoyance this was creating.

“Wow, you look like you’re ready to face an Armada of mean badies!” to which Starscream himself glared at to which Pinkie still smiled.

Repeating the process and going through the light once more, there stood the Starscream they remembered. “It’s about slagging time!” after a few huffs he looked back to the doctor to which he seemed pleased in himself and his work.

“It’s the original Starscream we know and love!” Pinkie yelled out to which was greeted with a hoof to the face from a grey pegasus making the pink mare shut up.

The feeling Starscream was feeling was amazing. It was all coming back, his voice, the sensors, the height, all the things he lost becoming an organic pony. Both had their pros and cons and in many ways, the cons could easily out way the pros of the other but it was still something Starscream missed all the same.

“I must say I am very impressed.” The once again seeker said enjoying his original voice though even he preferred his pony voice like many ponies would.

“So how do I return to pony form?” Starscream asked the Doctor.

“Simple actually, the device I placed on you is now in part of your robot mode. It’s in your circuitry. Much like when you transform, it should be instinctual, however, I still need to lock in the frequency, so when you need to turn back to your robot mode, we won’t have to play this game again.”

Starscream nodded, though he could barely make out what he was saying. He remembered that he needed to adjust his audio receptors to pick up small organic life words without them yelling since he was much larger. Once again the Doctor did some work on his small device then flipped a switch and pressed a button to which a green light came on.

The seeker all of a sudden felt a surge through his head. It wasn’t so much painful as it was just unexpected. The seeker shook his head and felt as if something just was put inside his head all of a sudden.

“Ah, it must have installed properly. Alright Starscream, I’m sure that within your databanks you will find its function.” The Doctor instructed.

“Indeed I have.” The seeker smirked as he located it and much like before a flash occurred but in the end it was pony Starscream. The now-pony smirked as he looked at the device that was now on his side by his cutie mark “I am appreciate this Doctor.” The stallion than walked over to him “All things considered, I’m sure compensation is in order.”

“Actually, that will not be required.” The doctor said with his gentle smile.

Starscream was confused. Surely he wanted to be compensated considering all the trouble he went through to make this happen. Even if he was still with the Decepticons he would think that some kind means of exchange was in order, what he did was no small feat. “Why?”

“You’ve done a great service to us Starscream, protecting our planet and my family, not to mention the incident two weeks ago.” The stallion cleared his throat “So look at this as a form of repayment.”

Starscream smirked at this “Well, thank you. I would stay and talk but Rainbow Dash should be home by the time I get back.”

“Ah, Rainbow Dash, you two together like she says?” Derpy inquired.

Starscream only arched his neck as he maintained his smirk “Well, after my defect and learning more about this planet, we have found some common ground and interests.”

“Oh! That reminds me why I’m here!” Pinkie Pie yelled out of the blue “Twilight wanted me to tell you that Rainbow is going to be home a bit late tonight, something to do with clouds or the hail or something.”

“Well, at least I know I can take my time. Considering, I’m sure by the time I pass through Ponyville they will want an explanation of several robots flashing around here.” Starscream said making a weak joke.

The Doctor chucked “Don’t hold back Starscream. Probably need some rest for when Celestia requires your presents again.”

“I certainly hope not.” The ex-seeker said with his mood changing drastically. “Thanks again Doctor. If you need anything… just ask.” And with that the silver pegasus flapped his wings and started his way back home.

“Hmm… Did he seem troubled to you?” Pinkie Pie asked the family beside her.

“Yes, I figured he’d be ecstatic once he got what he wanted.” Derpy added also confused.

“This is not our doing I think. I’m sure he’s just going through many changes still and it’s all coming back after having his robot mode again.” The Doctor said assuredly.

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