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Chapter 4 Rekindle

It was now night and Luna just put up the moon, on the balcony that leads to her room. After fulfilling her duties, she made her way back inside and walked to her bed and sighed heavily as she laid down on it. Technically, she started her rule and therefore she was taking charge and was to rule at her own thrown or where needed but this particular night didn’t seem to have many objectives however, mostly listening to courts and watching over the country. Not to say they both didn’t have their stresses but it was a simply easier night compared to others.

Luna sat in her bed very concerned about her sister and all the other recent happenings. She remembered when all she had to worry about was getting her reputation back on track. But now she was in great frustration, first Discord, to which she had no ability to aid anyone, then the Decepticon attack, and now her sister’s current change in attitude.

She didn’t believe her sister in the slightest, if it was simply a vacation, she could easily accomplish that by taking one. Though a ruler, next to her sister, and therefore had absolute authority, she could easily take a vacation when needed. Though Luna was sure that time has changed that as well, it seemed that a thousand years before a vacation is allowed seemed a bit farfetched.

The Night Princess sighed as she used her magic to grab a small toy that was near her bed and put it in front of her. It was just a small doll of her sister. Her sister had one of Luna herself, it was a small gift when they were both fillies from their now deceased relatives. Luna had to make sad smile at look of the small toy.

It brought out so many memories. She remembered when she and her sister when they were fillies would play with these dolls together often using them as a way to tease each other by mimicking each other since they had each other’s. She smiled as she used her magic to make the toy Celestia doll stand up with a posing mocking tone. It was how she teased her both for humor and jealously.

Even as children Celestia was the favorite and the fact that she would be the one to control the sun always gave her more delight, no matter how hard she worked to make her night. She sighed at the memory and current facts, she came to terms to this after Nightmare Moon but it didn’t mean that it was something she had to like. It’s not like she hated the day or thought that ponies should sleep during the day, but…she shook her head, it was just something she got used to. It was her duty of the night, and in time she started to see that many did enjoy her night and learned of the many stargazers.

She sighed but put up a small smile “How I thank you Equestria…even if you don’t forgive me…”

Eventually, she put the small toy to the side and left her room to finally begin her duties as Princess of the Night. She walked down the hallway, avoiding the gazes from the night guards. It pained her to know that her own people still didn’t trust her but she never blamed them.

A few moments later she made it to the night court, with many of the delegates and many others ready to talk hours on end. If there was one thing she and her sister hated about being rulers, it was this.

--Empty Fields--

Both Starscream and Rainbow Dash just started their date but started surprisingly on the low ground, deciding to take it easy and slow. Neither of them were a fan of this but neither of them were arrogant either, much like when they begun their relationship, they felt that the best way to address it was slowly. Not to mention, technically Starscream was still, after six months, was trying to gain some ponies favor.

The two pegasi eventually landed when they made it on the outskirts of Ponyville but it was still a few hundred yards away. There really was a lot for them to get updated on. Aside from missing many dates they had planned, they barely had any time to just hang out together period. In fact there were gaps in-between Celestia’s random callings where the two never even saw each other.

“So, since these random callings from Celestia are finally over with, you think you can get back onto Weather patrol?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Perhaps, I do need to obtain this planet’s currency somehow.” He answered. Starscream was part of Weather patrol for a brief time when he first started his life on this planet, but since the calls from Celestia were both random and would last a single night to a full week, there was no way he could do both.

“You got that right! Every since these callings I’ve been supporting for two!” she said in pretend anger.

“I haven’t even been there.” Starscream said in a mocking tone “And considering how much time it’s cost me away from home, I think Celestia owns me a few bits.”

“Didn’t Celestia pay for the trip and everything else?” she questioned with a chuckle.

“Yes… just an idle statement for amusement.” He said confirming it was a joke.

“Alright enough about that, what about that device?” Rainbow questioned looking at the small device that was next to Starscream’s cutie mark.

Starscream was more than happy to change the subject but the little device was something he planned on showing her at the end of the date. But despite their being many missing holes in their six months of being together, he knew that she would be complaining the whole time. He was all for teasing every now and again, but he thought perhaps now would be best, after all, showing her inside Ponyville wouldn’t be a good idea or have any possible advantage.

Starscream gave his signature grin “Fair enough my dear Rainbow Dash” he then took to the skies going a few yards away. “Behold, a flash from the past, a day I’m sure you treasure and hate.” Rainbow only smirked as she looked up, expecting anything.

Starscream then looked at the device and then…stopped. The Doctor didn’t even tell him how to use it in Pony form. He growled annoyed merely eyeing the device.

“I’m waiting.”

“For Prime’s sake…” he said under his breath before pressing a button the device, hoping for the best. All of a sudden the surge through his body came “Perfect!” he said proudly as the flash came and could feel his body changing.

Rainbow covered her eyes from the blinding flash before head a loud bump to the ground. She unshielded her eyes to look at him only for them to go wide and take a step back and fall on her back, tripping over her own tail “What? Is that-”

“Yes!” A crackling voice said proudly. It was how they first saw each other. The large Cybertronian she first saw in a distance all those months ago. “Surely you recognize me.”

Rainbow shook her head and then flew up to the Cybertronian’s face “How could I forget? But that’s what you were talking about in this device, you can be a robot again?”

“A Cybertronian.” He corrected, though using the term ‘robot’ and ‘machine’ also, it wasn’t something he particularly liked being called “Yes” he stated to walk the opposite direction they were going “As you are aware, I’ve been concerned about Megatron and the other Decepticons since we last came here.”

“Don’t remind me.” Rainbow said rolling her eyes as she followed the seeker at head level were he walked.

“So, with the help of Dr. Whooves, he invented a device that takes my form from another part of my life. Now I can go back to my Cybertronian mode any time when needed.”

Rainbow only smirked “Really, you’re that concerned?”

“Disregard it all you want. But I assure you Megatron will return, he may take a hiatus, but he will be back.”

“I’m not saying he won’t but I think you’re taking this way too seriously. Jus-” she was going to mention Celestia and Unicron again but bit her tongue. “But seriously, you’re just like Twilight sometimes, thinking way too hard about this.”

Starscream stopped and looked away “Maybe… maybe I am thinking too hard about these things.”

She gave comforting smile “It’s all good. I mean from what you told me about the Decepticons, the war, and all that, I can only imagine how I would’ve came out.”

Starscream chuckled and smirked “You’ve probably came out on top better than I did.”

Rainbow chuckled and flew to the other side of the red seeker “Yeah, that’s an easy accomplishment though. I challenge.”

Now the seeker smirked “Oh really? Does the great Rainbow Dash think she’s that much better?”

“I KNOW I’m that much better!” Rainbow crossed her forelegs looking in the seeker’s optics.

“That theory requires proof.”

“Facts are not theories Screamer.”

Starscream smirked, this sounded painfully familiar but he was enjoying this nonetheless “I’m sure a completion then is in order.”

“You may not know any pick up lines Screamer, but you do know how to set up a date at least.” Rainbow her look turned to the side of them “What’s the racing ground?”

“Now mare, a simple competition of speed is but a small factor. In order for-”

Just then a loud boom was heard, as well as a blight light coming from a distance from where they were in the field. Both of them went into awe seeing the shine from such a distance.

“What was that?” Rainbow asked.

“I’m not sure. Let’s check it out.” With that the seeker jumped into the air and transformed to his F-15 mode and flew over to the desired site. The seeker smirked inwardly, he had to admit, he missed being able to transform.

Rainbow smirked and flew fast to keep up with the jet “Be happy this isn’t a race.”


Skyfire awoke shaking his head and holding it for a moment. He groaned as he forced himself to get up from where he was lying down. “I hope I don’t have to go through that again…”

The large shuttle transformer tried to stand only to be reminded of the wound that Megatron gave him before his little trip through the space bridge. He slumped over a bit, his back thrusters was pretty damaged and very painful.

All of a sudden he heard a jet engine coming close, as he looked up he saw the jet change form in front of and next to a small flying creature next to him. His eyes widen when he saw who it was. “… It can’t be…”

The jet looked confused as well as took a step back as he the larger bot looked at the smaller one “Skyfire? Is that you?”

“Starscream…” he said before glaring at him.

Rainbow Dash looked at the new bot and then back to Starscream “You know this guy?”

“Something like that...” Starscream answered not liking this development whatsoever.

The larger transformer stood up and put his guard up, keep his blaster ready and pointing it at him “Starscream, what’s going on here?”

“Whoa! Calm down!” Rainbow yelled alarmed but Starscream didn’t seem to be surprised, though he did have his guard up.

“No need for hostilities old friend.” He began “Surly we can look at this like as such.”

Skyfire continued to glare at the Decepticon “We’re not friends anymore Starscream. Things are different now, you’ve changed!”

Rainbow looked at Starscream who merely turned the other way “That’s true Skyfire but it wasn’t entirely by will, besides, I’m not part of that anymore.”

“What are you talking about?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around the last half of a stellar cycle!” Starscream argued now getting angry “There’s much you and the Autobots don’t know.” With that he turned away from his former companion.

The shuttle took a deep breath and lowered his weapon “Okay Starscream, where are we?”

Starscream chuckled turning back to him “Welcome to Equestria.”

“Equestria?” The shuttle questioned “Where’s that, and what are you doing here?”

Starscream snorted “It’s a country on a planet a few orbital cycles away from Earth and Cybertron. As for why I’m here, it’s my way of getting out of Megatron’s hands.”

“Okay, hold up, who is this guy!?” Rainbow Dash interrupted both of them and flew between them.

“Oh yes introductions, Rainbow Dash, meet Skyfire, my former explorer and scientist companion. Skyfire meet my…” he struggled to think of a term.

“Marefriend.” Rainbow filled in. She then turned to Skyfire, flying up to his head level since he was a bit taller than Starscream was “So what are you doing here. You’re here with Megatron?”

“Oh no no no, quite the opposite.” Skyfire assured.

“He’s telling the truth, he’s an Autobot.” Starscream confirmed.

“An Autobot?” Rainbow asked “I remember you telling Twilight about them.”

“You have told you about the Cybertronian war?” Skyfire asked to which Rainbow Dash nodded turning back Starscream.

Starscream merely shook his head turning away from both of them “As if I didn’t have enough to worry about.”

“So what do we do now?” Rainbow asked. “We’re going to have to tell everyone sometime.”

“No better time than the present…” The seeker groaned looking at the new arrival of an old ‘friend’ and the pegasus he cared for. This date was being more stressful for him, and it was for all the wrong reasons. “Go get them and tell them to come here.”

“What? Why do it that way?” Rainbow questioned.

“We can’t just fly into Ponyville and expect them to remain calm. I’m willing to bet they would fear me as well. It’s best you bring them here.”

“Alright.” Rainbow said sighing in disappointment and worry “But you’re taking the heat for this for waking them!” and with that she flew off.

Starscream also frowned seeing his marefriend flying away disappointed. He really wished that things would just fall into place. He was surprised Rainbow didn’t just give up on him. After all, ever since they officially began their relationship, it’s never really been steady. Granted it wasn’t really either one’s fault, but Starscream just couldn’t have time with the mare. If anything, he’s spent more time with Twilight more than any other pony.

“I never thought I’d see you like this anymore.” Skyfire said behind him. He knew Starscream like the back of his servo, even after he awoke in the ice. He knew he wasn’t sparkless but he figured that part changed about him.

The red seeker merely turned away from the rainbow streak “Come on Skyfire, we have a lot to discuss.”

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