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History Lesson

Okay, just getting this out of the way, I make sure everyone is clear about 2 things. First one, this is a squeal to a story I finished up not too long ago called Stars Dashing. If you want to understand it better, read that one first. Secondly, I'm messing around with the Transformers timeline a little bit. Meaning when the Transformers fought Unicorn is different and it's is explained in the story. I just make it clear that I know what really happened and this is just for the sake of the plot. Okay, let us begin.

Friendship is Magic
When All Our One
By: Thunderstarwarp

Chapter 1 History Lesson

“Unicron is a powerful being with an origin that remains unknown. However, many races across the galaxy have been well acquainted with this creature. He’s often mistaken a Transformer and with understandable reasoning. Unicron was similar to a giant Transformer, a large mechanical being, a machine that was both a powerful robot and devastating planet.”

“The residence of planet Cybertron, the Autobots and the Decepticons, who were currently in a Civil War with each other, was exposed to this phenomenon. After it ate one of the moons of Cybertron, the Cybertronians of the planet knew that the only chance for survival was if they formed an alliance and fight the phenomenon together. With the combined forces of the Autobots and the Decepticons and a power of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, they were able to defeat him.”

“All that remained was the head of the creature at the long grueling attack. And for centuries to come, he orbited the planet like a replacement for the moon he destroyed. One day though, he vanished, no one knows what happened and to this day no one knows where he went. Even though the war between the Autobots and Decepticons still raged on, both still remain ready, and continue to search… for Unicron.”

“Excellent presentation Starscream!” Princess Celestia called out.

The two of them were in Celestia’s personal chambers. She’s lying on her bed while Starscream was just standing a few feet away with two guards behind him that guarding the exit of the room.

The stallion chuckled “Merely retelling history Princess. It’s all just recounting things from my databanks.”

“Your mind.”

Starscream rolled his eyes to this. Just about everything he said was like when he was talking like a Cybertronian and they would tell him the equivalent for an organic. At first he took it in laughs since it was humorous at first, but now it was just getting annoying. He was aware that this was one of the many things that he’d have to get used to when he chose to stay a pony but he was hoping something as simple as this would be something he’d be able to over come easily.

“I guess.”

The day princess chuckled “Now, no need to be so hard on yourself Starscream. I would imagine that being changed into a very different race would be difficult.”

“You have no idea.” the ex-seeker said under his breath.

“Tell me Starscream, how long did it take all of you and the other Decepticons to make it to our planet?”

The stallion merely shrugged a bit “Roughly about seven to six orbital cycles.” Celestia looked at him confuse, to which he groaned to “Seven to six days? Is that clear enough for you?”

The Alicorn chuckled “Yes, that is quite clear enough.” She then got up and started her way to the door “Come Starscream, breakfast has been prepared for us. Hopefully, my dear student and sister will make it too.”

The princess led the way with Starscream following beside her “Why are you so interested in Cybertron’s history?” The former Second-in-Command has been in situations like this many times where he was questioned on something that seemed minor but turned out to be for something bigger, weather it be for better or worse.

The day princess chuckled again “I’m an Alicorn, Starscream. I’m sure Twilight has informed you that we are immortal.” The stallion shook his head “Well, we live forever. Because of this, we rule for all times, and that being said, to be an effective ruler, I must be educated on all that can be learned, including possible threats.” She then turned her head to him and gave him a disguised glare but he caught it “I’m sure you remember your invasion all but six months ago.”

Starscream rolled his eyes at this “I thought we were past this by now.”

The day princess chuckled “I can forgive but forgetting is not likely...” Starscream was getting uncomfortable all of a sudden “But you did save us, thanks to your defect, so I don’t hold it against you” she said with a joyous tone.

The ex-seeker decided to just quite talking for the remainder of the walk to the dinning room.

--Canterlot Royal Library--

“Thanks for studying with me Luna.” Twilight said as she walked next to the night Princess through the library. “It’s nice to have a study partner again.”

“It is our pleasure- We mean—no… It is MY pleasure Twilight Sparkle.” She corrected. She was still getting out of use the old style of speech, or least when she was with her friends. “I notice you’ve spending much time here alone. Were you not usually with my sister when you visit for studying?”

The two of them made it to table where she put her books down a little slumping. This didn’t go un-noticed by Luna “Yeah, she’s been asking for me to come visit often but she mostly just wants to talk to Starscream these past few months, sometimes I don’t even see her.”

Luna nodded “It is true my sister has been… a little distanced recently. Even as her sister we haven’t socialized. Last week I had dinner without her at all.”

Twilight nodded and realized that is pretty strange. Before the whole incident with the Decepticons, she could recall that every meal was with her sister beside their lunches. Celestia’s breakfast was Luna’s dinner and Celestia’s dinner was Luna’s breakfast. But recently that has been ceased, many times she wouldn’t join them at all, it would just between Starscream, Luna, and herself eating together.

The last few months, Celestia has been asking her to come visit often but many times they didn’t spend time with each other. She just wanted to talk to the ex-transformer, to which Starscream was losing his patience over, to the point where he’d actually escape from her sight and just spent his time with Twilight. At first she thought this would have something to do with the fact that she asked her to return to Canterlot and continue her other studies but declined. However, she never seems to make mention of that. In fact, she never seems to talk much about her studies period.

In recent time however, it seemed that Luna had taken the place as her teacher, to the point where she was giving Twilight homework assignments, and requesting reports, due en part to the fact that she had no further duties and Twilight having nothing to really study otherwise. In fact, she even had a mind to quit coming for a while but thanks to Luna becoming her substitute teacher and high probability that she didn’t have the heart to disobey her ruler/teacher.

“I don’t get it. Even Starscream doesn’t want to come anymore, so obviously he’s not enjoying the extra attention. And we barely have time to meet up with Celestia anymore just as friends.” Twilight said as she used her magic to open the book. “Does this have anything to do with me denying to return to Canterlot?”

Luna looked at her skeptically “Deny returning? My sister has yet to inform me of such a plan?”

“Well it was about six months ago when the Decepticons attacked.” Luna still seemed to have no idea what she was talking about “Surely she would have told you about it…”

“We’re- I’m afraid not Twilight.” Luna responded “Obviously, my sister wished for me not to know. Usually, she warns me of someone of such importance to her would be taking residence back in the palace.”

Well… I’m not so important anymore…” Twilight said in a sigh. Luna frowned putting a wing around her.

“Do not fret young Twilight, we’ll uncover my sister’s recent attitude in due time, however, first let us dine, it is breakfast time after all.”

Twilight smiled looking up at the blue Alicorn “Oh, I guess I lost track in time, waking up five in the morning.”

“Indeed.” And with that Luna removed her wing and the two left for breakfast.

--Earth, The Ark--

“Decepticons have been awfully quite the last few months.” Prowl said suddenly to Bluestreak next to him. Both of them were outside their ‘base’ on their usual patrol.

“Yeah, and I don’t like it.” Bluestreak replied, “Ever since those creeps left for another planet and came back I can’t feel comfortable anymore. Primus knows what they were doing, and we couldn’t do anything about it.”

“From what I’ve heard they didn’t get much of anything, but I know what you mean. If they pull another stunt like that, things could get dangerous. All the resources that Earth gave to us when we woke up is about out and I can’t help but feel that Megatron has something coming up.” He sighed “Every time we get a break it seems Megatron has something big in store for us.”

“I hear that, hey, have you noticed that Starscream’s been missing for the last few months. Megatron hasn’t made any noise for almost a month and a half and ever since they returned from their trip, that sneaky little jet hasn’t been seen since.”

“Hmm… That is strange. We all know that little seeker doesn’t just give up. He never really made it much of a secret that he wanted to overthrow Megatron.”

At the point the two of them started their way back to the Ark where their patrol would rotate with another duo. “Maybe Megatron finally got fed up with him and…”

Prowl shook him head “No way, if Megatron could afford to offline Starscream then he would have done it a long time ago. My guess is that he forced him to return to Cybertron or something.”

Bluestreak shook his head as they entered into the Ark “According to Teletraan I there have been no other Decepticon officers up there.”

At this point the two of them were inside the main control room. The only ones in there were Wheeljack, who was currently repairing a computer console, and Optimus Prime who was working on Teletraan I.

“Hey Optimus” Prowl called out to his leader to which he turned his attention to “Any word on the Decepticons?”

“No.” Prime answered, “Megatron isn’t one to remain quiet for this long without a plan.”

“Are you sure he didn’t leave the planet again?” Wheeljack asked coming out under the computer console “I mean we didn’t figure that out till about a week after he left.”

“I doubt that. Ever since then, I’ve sent a sky spy to monitor all launches of any spacecraft on Earth. Only two have occurred since then and both of them were from the humans.” Optimus explained, “Obviously, Megatron’s plan isn’t going to be a repeat of last time, we can-“

It was then a siren started going off on Teletraan I. Everyone turned their attention to the super computer “Alert, Alert, Decepticons spotted out on the outskirts of the Florida Everglades.” It was then that the computer put up on the screen a video of Megatron and few other Decepticons constructing a large metal ring.

“Is that another Space Bridge?” Wheeljack questioned as he looked at the footage.

“Hmm… maybe that is what he’s been up to all this time.” Optimus thought aloud.

“What? Making a bunch of Space Bridges?” Prowl asked allowed.

“To make it easier. We already know Megatron has a few of these already, he’s probably making more so transporting them to Cybertron will not be as difficult.” Wheeljack hypothesized.

“And future potential energy runs.” Optimus added. He then turned to his mean “Prowl, get Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, and Skyfire and follow Wheeljack, Bluestreak and I.” He then turned to two he assigned to go with him “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

--Canterlot, Palace--

Both Twilight and Princess Luna walked into the dinning room surprised to see Celestia and Starscream just sitting down at the large regal table. Both were shocked but Twilight’s shock was quickly replaced with a joy of happiness running to her teacher.


“Ah, Twilight!” The day Princess began “It has been some time hasn’t?

Twilight embraced her teacher from the side like she did when she was filly all those years ago when she was first studying magic. After a moment however, she noticed she was only putting a foreleg around her and wasn’t even embracing her back really. She was looking down at her and smiling but, it seemed… empty. Usually, she would hold her firmly and sometimes put a wing around her but that didn’t seem the case here.

Eventually she let go and took a few steps back to look at her almost former teacher. While she maintained an expression of joy like she usually did, she all seemed so…distanced. The mare then turned to Starscream at the other side of the table. He was merely looking at the table with a foreleg on the table. He seemed to be in thought. She was aware that Starscream was getting suspicious from the many visits to Canterlot. Each time Twilight was invited it always wanted Starscream to accompany her and she would always focus on him. Within the past six months they have visited about ten times and each one was the same. Except for the last two times where Starscream snuck out and just hung out with herself and Luna.

“Um, Celestia…can I ask you a question?” Twilight asked, though she knew that she could ask anything.

“Of course, you know you can ask me anything.” The day Princess said with a smile.

“Right.” Twilight responded with a small chuckle “Um, why have you been asking me to come so often? I mean I know I’ve asked this last time I was here but-“

“Don’t fret my student. I have been busy so some studies have been put on hold.” She replied but she could tell that this wasn’t a satisfactory answer “As you know, the incident six months ago was alarming and has exposed us to creatures from another world. I have been studying with Starscream to learn more about them.”

Twilight nodded “I know, Starscream told me. It’s just, I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like it used to.”

Celestia sighed, “I’m aware, but I assure you that it is all growing up Twilight. But the spark will return I assure you.”

The lavender unicorn nodded to which she returned to her set that was on the opposite side of the only stallion in the group of them. She only sighed as she looked up at the pony sitting opposite from her and seemed to notice that he was in just much thought as she was.

“Our meal has arrived!” Celestia announced. “Please, let us all enjoy.”

The meal went on as if were any other meal, which hadn’t happened in months. Since these many times Starscream and Twilight visited Canterlot, it’s been between either themselves and Luna or just themselves. As strange as it may sound, but it almost felt alien. It’s been so long that they had this kind of get together.

And that’s what affected Twilight the most. She could recall over the last few months that she wished that her mentor was dinning with them as she did when she was a filly, but now it just felt… forced. It didn’t really feel like the old times, it just felt like it was a show.

Like usual, Starscream said nothing, perhaps because he had nothing else to say to Celestia and she was currently doing most of the talking. Twilight and Luna often contributed but it still felt superficial. It didn’t feel like a real conversation like they once had with the day Princess. Within half an hour they finished their morning nourishment.

“Excellent like always!” Twilight compliment like usual.

“Indeed. The cooks do work hard.” Celestia said proud “Well, I’m sure that your carriage is ready by now.”

“It usually is. So Celestia, when will you want us to return?” Twilight asked as she got of the chair put on her saddle.

Celestia smiled “Actually, these random callings have no need to continue. I think all I need to learn about Cybertron and the Transformers has been met.”

Just as Starscream got out of his seat and hear that his eyes widened. This was not a good feeling whatsoever for the ex-Decepticon. All they talked about was Unicron and how Cybertron fought him off. He turned his red eyes to the smiling Celestia and glared for a moment before making his way to the exit.

I’m sorry we couldn’t study together like we used to but at least you can focus clearly at home in Ponyville.”

“It’s okay, I understand there are more important things at stake.” The unicorn then went up to her mentor and hugged her once again quickly. “Bye bye, Celestia.” The unicorn then went over to Luna and hugged her as well, though this lasted a bit longer and Luna put a wing over and said her good bye as well. “Bye Luna.”

“Farewell, Twilight Sparkle.” Luna said as the unicorn went for the exit as well.

After she left the dinning room she let out a breath of air. She couldn’t really understand what she was feeling. Sure, the relationship between her mentor and herself has been stirred to a certain extent but she figured it wouldn’t be so… uncomfortable. She shook it off and started her way down the hallway where she could see Starscream already walking on his own to the carriage.

Twilight ran to meet up beside him “Strange meeting huh? It’s good to know this is going to be the last time right?” she said in a weak attempt at humor. The ex-seeker didn’t respond. “You’ve been awfully quiet.”

Starscream broke out of his trance “What?” he turned to the unicorn “Oh, right…”

“Is something wrong?” She asked in concern “You look...”

“I don’t have a good feeling about this.” He said turning to her “Something gives me the feeling that this is more than mere education to Celestia.”

“Huh? What are you implying?” Twilight said skeptical to what Starscream was saying.

The stallion stopped for a moment before continuing “This time… it wasn’t mere Cybertron history or the Transformers in general…”

“What were they this time?” Twilight asked but this time both of them stopping in the middle of the hallway “Are you aware of Unicron?”

“You mean a Unicorn?”

“No” the stallion said annoyed “Unicron?” he stressed.

“No… not even in history books can I recall anyone named Unicron. What does that have to do with anything?”

“How does Celestia know of him?”

Twilight remained silent for a moment and the two of them continued on to their carriage “Who’s Unicron?”

Starscream remained silent for a moment “A creature you better pray we never have to face.” He continued to walk along the path “And you better hope Celestia is not what I’m thinking.”

Twilight remained silent for and moment processing everything he just said before following after him.

I'd like to thank Morgie93 my new editor. For all the corrections.

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