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Overdue and fitting in

Chapter 7 Overdue and fitting in

Once Luna left, the Autobots just sat where they were but were still a distance away. Starscream and the Mane six were in eye sight of them but neither of them was close enough to hear any conversation either one was having. The Autobots just remained in a group, following their leader’s orders of complying with the ponies and Starscream but all of them kept their focus on the supposed ‘changed’ Decepticon.

Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy were where Luna once was before she vacated the area for the purpose of watching over them as ordered. Twilight used a force field spell to protect them, though seemed unnecessary, and did as Luna asked, also keeping a letter ready. While she didn’t have Spike to send it, she figured a transportation spell back in Ponyville to send to Spike so he could send it back.

Starscream and Rainbow Dash were on the other side a distance away from both groups, alone with Starscream just there with the blue pegasus lying on his shoulder. Both of them took this as an opportunity to finally catch up on all the things they planned on doing, though neither were really happy with the current situation, but neither of them were really complaining about the alone time either.

“Some date this turned out to be huh?” Rainbow said a sarcastic tone with a light smirk.

Starscream shared the same tone and smirk “Well at least it’s an alternative to thinking of Unicron and Megatron.”

“Like this was much better?” She chuckled.

The seeker only leaned back a bit using his arms behind to back to keep him up. “I don’t know. You ponies don’t have much to worry about them at least. The Autobots are more to their objectives. If anything their more like insurance to your safety than a threat. But as long as I’m around, they will consider me a threat.”

“But you still don’t like them?”

“Not necessarily. I don’t have much of a reason to hate the Autobots anymore than the Decepticons now I left the war. But I was involved in it nonetheless and Second-in-Command of the Decepticons no less. And I didn’t leave much incentive to trust me otherwise. They are justified in their reasons not to trust me.”

“So what are we going to do now? We can’t force them to stay here.”

“Your right. Their presence also makes them a danger as much as myself. Once Megatron finds out that Optimus and the others are here, he’ll be on his way…” The seeker groaned a bit before turn his head and finally facing the pegasus “But that’s something we’ll worry about later.”

Rainbow smirked “About time you take my advice.”

The seeker chuckled “I suppose it take me time to finally process a request from my…” The jet thought for a moment before making a wide grin “pet.”

“Pet!?” The pegasus growled angrily but playfully as well.

“Well of course? We Cybertronians see primitive organics as nothing more than a mere living creature for amusement and social activity.”

The pegasus made evil grin “Or really, because we organics see you machines as nothing more than a means for making things easier. You do all the work for us.”

The seeker smirk lowered but kept its integrity “Do you now? So that means you see this defender of Equestria as a mere tool to defend your kind?”

“Eh, I can’t see what else they can be used for…”

The seeker then gently grabbed a hold of the pegasus with his servo and she sat up on it “So, my dear Rainbow Dash sees these mere machine as nothing more than a mere tool…and perhaps a less than desirable memory.”

Rainbow frowned at that statement. She couldn’t tell if he was playing a game or was being serious. At this point, Starscream put her on the ground in front of him and then he stood up straight. “Um… Screamer… you know I didn’t mean-”

All of a sudden the flash came again out of nowhere, startling her once again much like before. “But what does this mare think of this stallion?” His tone was soft and his now-eyes showed its compassion behind those words.

The mare’s concern vanished as she walked up to him and rubbed her mane under the silver stallion’s jaw with a small smile “Well, this mare likes this form better; it’s about 20 percent more my style.”

The stallion chuckled as the two of them laid together on the ground where the seeker once was sitting, Starscream laying his head on hers. Eventually the mare chuckled as well “Eh, never been much for dates you know. I always liked the whole spending time together thing more anyway.”

“At least we have that in common.” The seeker sighed, “I’m sorry about this. If I didn’t worry so much, things probably would’ve fallen into place. I may no longer be a Decepticon, but I still treat everything like a solider… no different than before…”

“Screamer, in case you haven’t noticed your personality isn’t all that different from when you first came here you know.”


“Aren’t you worried about the Autobots seeing you in this form?

The ex-seeker chuckled “At this point, I feel safer like this than in robot mode.”


Luna flew rapidly to return to her kingdom. She was one to respect her sister’s need for rest as much as the next but for a situation like this she had to be informed. Though they both rule the country, Celestia was the one ultimately in-charge. Celestia’s title was ‘ruler’ as hers was ‘co-ruler’. Any order or command she made could simply be over ruled by her sister. Now this wasn’t a common thing, Celestia trusted her more so than she trusted herself, but for something like this, she felt that it was something the two of them should discuss together.

The dark blue Alicorn flew to the place palace to where she had let the Captain from before was standing at, doing his usual patrol. He was waving his hoof trying to get the night Princess’ attention. She then landed in front of the entrance where the Captain was “Captain.”

“You’re Highness” The Night Captain asked facing the Alicorn and bowing his head.

“Captain, are there any reports that concern me? I am in great hurry.” Luna said hurriedly.

“Yes, Princess Celestia has left.”

Luna rose a brow “Left? At this time of night?”

“Yes, she informed a Lieutenant that patrols her bedroom and told him she was leaving. We have verified this and he states that you currently hold power over the country.”

The Princess kept her strong neutral expression but internally she was worried. She was supposed to make a statement as to make sure the people didn’t think she once again took over the country. Her reputation was far from repaired from the incident from Nightmare Moon and she was sure many ponies would think she did something to her sister again. But she couldn’t worry about that now.

“Very well.” She said, keeping her tone strong “I want you to send a small group of the Elite Guard to the outskirts of Ponyville.”

The Elite Guard was a semi-new branch of the Equestrian military. After the Decepticon invasion, majority of the weapons that were used were destroyed, by Celestia’s order. She felt that such weapons on a planet that majority of the other countries have yet to have encounter with aliens, it seemed unnecessary, especially since war between Equestria and another country have yet to occur in over a millennium.

But much like Luna, she felt that such weapons shouldn’t be totally destroyed. After all, they always had to prepare for the possibility of the Decepticons and also for the fact that other countries, unlike themselves, were more advanced conventional weapons.

“I want you to tell them to keep a look out for Cybertronians.”


Luna internally sighed “Transformers?”

“Decepticons?” The guard questioned.

“…Something like that. But tell them not to attack them, if they enter Ponyville, send a signal and I will care it on from there.” Luna concluded.

“Yes, your highness.”

--Next morning--

Over night the guards that Luna requested went to the desired location. Luna also sent another group to look over the bots themselves. To everyponies’ surprise the Autobots didn’t seem to act hostel in anyway during the night. In fact, Starscream was the only one who didn’t seem to worry about them hurting them.

On that note however, he still didn’t trust them anymore than the Decepticons. While he was more than sure that the Autobots wouldn’t hurt the organics of the planet, he couldn’t trust them to trust him. Not that he didn’t understand why they didn’t trust him; he knew full well that the Autobots had more than one good reason not to trust him. All he could hope for was staying in pony form would convince that he would not harm the ponies or them.

The Autobots first got up after seeing the ponies around them were all awake. Optimus motioned the Autobots stand up to show that they were ready for departure and hopefully make plans to leave back to Earth soon and worry about Megatron and the others.

“Hey, where’s the backstabbin’ Decepticon?” Ironhide said aloud, looking for the familiar Decepticon.

“Must went back to his pony form? Got to say though, he never looked better.” Prowl said.

“Enough.” Optimus said in a gentle but firmly tone “If these creatures trust Starscream then so be it. Besides from what I can tell he hasn’t done any damage to these creatures and their home.”

“And he hasn’t gotten us killed yet.” Bumblebee added.

“Well, he could’ve easily fooled these organics into thinking we were the Decepticons…” Prowl reasoned but after looking at his large red van partner he thought again “Then again, Starscream never was the smartest of the bunch.”

“My fellow transformers.” A slightly familiar tone said. All of them turned their attention to the recognizable silver pegasus “I see that the primitive recharge has done little to make you comfortable.”

“Hmph, don’t think that staying an organic will protect you Starscream.” Prowl said crossing his arms.

“I’ve been under supervision for a long time Autobot. Besides, don’t you know that I had more important affaires to address then this petty war?”

“Petty war!” Ironhide growled “This war is many things but petty isn’t one of them!”

“Oh the veteran gives me chuckle.” The now-pegasus chuckled “Listen Autobot, you have every right to not trust me but you leave this planet and it’s organics out of it.”

Bumblebee seemed to be the most surprised and for two reasons. One it was the fact that Starscream of all the Decepticons was making the act of not attacking the planet for personal gain but also showing that he himself cared for the existence of the planet. “Well you know we were not going to harm them.”

The ex-seeker smirked slightly, mostly at himself. He was more than aware that the Autobots were not going to do anything to ponies and if he kept himself in check he wouldn’t get harmed either, he was just hoping that the transition for them to go home will go smoothly.

“Starscream you have our word.” Optimus said suddenly “Now, where do start setting up repairs?”

“…” The pegasus remained slight for a moment as he got more and more annoyed “There is hardly any technology here! This isn’t even Earth level of technology Autobot, this isn’t going to be as simple as you and I wish it will be.”

At this moment Twilight arrived to them, hoping that she arrived before Starscream would do something that they would all regret “Star!” She called out, getting the pegasus’ attention “The Princess told us to escort them to Ponyville. Hopefully Princess Celestia will make it like Luna said she would.”

The pegasus nodded turning back to the Autobot leader for a moment before flying down to meet the unicorn.

“How come you’re not going back to robot mode?” The lavender unicorn asked.

“Believe it or not, I feel safer in this form. Besides as long as I can’t fight them, they won’t take me as a hostel.” The ex-seeker chuckled “The irony, I worked so hard to get my Cybertronian form back, a yet it seems to be worthless now.”

Twilight only shrugged “Well, I think it will be best anyway, Ponyville was the place you attacked when you first came here.”

“All around beneficial for me then, let’s get this over with. I can only hope that the Autobots will be able to find a way off as fast as they came.”

“Well it won’t be likely.” Applejack said walking over to them as well “Ya’ll said it yurself that we able to do much with this hi-tech stuff.”

“Hmph, the only reason I still function is because I was brought back to pony form.” With that the ex-seeker took sigh “Is everyone up?”

“Yep, and I’m willin ta bet that the guards would like to finally move and get the Autobots to Ponyville. Standing there all night.” Applejack pointed out.

“Ponyville?” The ex-seeker questioned, “I don’t think that would be beneficial.”

“Canterlot will take too long and them staying in the field won’t help either.”

“Well let’s move then. The last thing we need is for these two Autobot Troopers to get impatient…” Starscream said silently, looking back at the two larger beings.

With that said, they all set up from their slumber from the night, which didn’t seem to make many of them happy. Rarity was no surprise but they wished that they could have some kind of compensation since they slept there the whole night. But to be fair, no one else seemed to be happy with this development either. They just slept on the ground in the grass but nothing a bath can’t fix.

“Alright guys!” Rainbow Dash yelled up getting attention of the small group of Autobots to get their attention. “Let’s head into town maybe we can help you guys there.”

“And get off this planet…”


“Snarl… bored.” The large dinosaur Autobot groaned.

“Me Grimlock bored too, but we must guard space bridge” Grimlock, the Tyrannosaurus Rex transformer said.

Both the Dinobots were guarding the entrance to the Space Bridge. Jazz took charge as squad leader till Optimus Prime returned. Really all they could do was wait till Optimus and the others came back. They tried to talk to him but their comlink wasn’t powerful enough to reach them, wherever they ended up. Jazz however, wanted the Space Bridge under their control for it may be the way Optimus and the others came back.

From a distance another group of Cybertronian were watching them from a distance. They were behind some heavy and tall vegetation. It was a group of them looking from a distance. Megatron, Soundwave, Rumble, the seekers, The Combaticons, and the Constructicons were there about to pick up where they left off on Equestria.

“It seems that the Autobots left some security measures.” Swindle said lowering his binoculars “Big security measures, the Dinobots.”

Megatron put a servo to his chin, processing this new information “The Autobots aren’t taking any risks, especially when their leader’s gone.”

“Combined efforts should be able to subdue two Dinobots.” Soundwave calculated allowed.

“It’ll draw too much attention and take too much time.” Megatron countered. He then turned to the jets “Thrust, Dirge, Ramjet, get the Dinobots attention and lead them away from the Space Bridge. Once we all successfully use the Space Bridge, return to HQ and await further orders from Shockwave.”

“Yes, Lord Megatron!” The three jets said simultaneously before all jumping into the air and transformed into their vehicle modes flying to perform their strike.

“So after they get the Dinobots out of the way, we just fly on in there?” Skywarp asked.

“Precisely.” The leader turned to the Constructicons, which were holding many materials in their vehicle modes. “If the place is secure, it is our first priority to construct the other end of the path.”

From a distance they watched as the three jets made their strikes and confusing the two Dinobots. Surprisingly enough, it the Dinobots held their positions for quite a bit of time till eventually being fed up with not being able to hit them and finally went for the bait and starting going after them as the three jets (not too subtly) and tricked them away from their guarded position.

“Excellent.” Megatron said through his comlink “Keep them busy for a little longer, we’re making our move.”

With that said, the group of Decepticons flew to the air to their desired location to the opening to the Space Bridge and as well as assisting in getting the Constructicons to the desired location as well, since being stuck in their vehicle modes at the moment. Megatron smirked at how easy this was.

The two Dinobots were staying grounded, and staying in their robot modes in order to keep up with the three jets.

“Decepticons… not firing…” Snarl noticed.

“Me Grimlock think we’re being fooled…” The leader Dinobot said aloud. After letting off a few more rounds at the three jets unsuccessfully, he turned back to the Space Bridge to see the large group of Decepticons running toward the entrance of it. “Decepticons! Me Grimlock no like Decepticons!”

“Megatron” Soundwave said as he and most of Decepticons entered the bridge with the Constructicons “We’ve been spotted.”

“It’s too late for them.” Megatron chuckled. “Soundwave, activate the Space Bridge.”

The communications officer did as told, working through the damaged control panel, and ran to the center of the large ring before the entrance closed as the Dinobots started opening fire on the Decepticons. Soon after the large suction from the twirling beams around the ring powered up the gate, it opened and all of them through the gate.

Soon after the explosion in the sky, the three Decepticon jets flew away from the sight leaving the Dinobots alone. “Dinobots… failed…”

Sorry for the huge delay, I'm hoping I can get them coming out weekly again but I don't know if I can. But I'll try. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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