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New Battleground

Chapter 9 New Battleground

Luna carried on with her speech about how they were going to address the situation with Celestia currently not ruling her kingdom and that she was hoping that the ponies would not fear the newcomers of the planet. Her guards as well as the ones that escorted the Autobots and the Mane six, were standing in a strict formation. Four pegasi stallions all armed with their assault rifles on the right and left side of the Autobots for protection of the Autobots and the ponies themselves. The citizens of the town were ahead and beside the Autobots all of them were scared, intimidated, or angry.

Aside from Twilight and Rainbow Dash, the four of them were standing in front of the podium where Luna was. Opposite side of the Mayor was where Twilight was, both for safety of Luna and for comfort over this hard to explain/hard to buy situation. Both Starscream and Rainbow were now on Skyfire’s shoulder, really only because Skyfire was the only one that Starscream felt he wouldn’t be shot on.

Luna continued her speech trying to assure the town that everything was under control and that the Autobots, once everything was sorted out, would be leaving peacefully. While her Royal Canterlot voice she was currently using was able to cover it, she was having some doubts in her own speech. While she felt that the Autobots were not the Decepticons, it was still another alien with the means to take them over. Not to mention that majority of the weapons they produced to fight they have been destroyed. Though she did get Starscream’s semi-assurance that they would not harm them, she couldn’t be too sure.

As she continued with her speech she noticed the ponies’ reactions to what she was saying and saw them change radically all around. Some were terrified, some were relieved and were rest assured and others felt that Luna has been lying to them to whole time.

Behind the crowd that was being held and the heart of the small town, there was a small purple figure with red ray like glasses looking them from behind. He observed them, staying to the side a small residence to get a good look and stay hidden from plain sight. The purple humanoid observed with his optics zooming in and looking at the crowd.

After a moment of listening and getting a clear visual he activated his comlink “Megatron, this is Rumble.”

“Megatron here. Have you got a visual on the Autobots?” Megatron asked on the other end.

“Yeah, I can’t tell what’s happening exactly, either the Autobots are being held prisoner or being guarded.” The cassetticon said looking at the ponies guarding the group of bots.

“Are either of them acting hostile?”

“Not as far as I can tell.” He got a bit closer but hide behind some trash cans nearby “Can’t seem to find Starscream anywhere either.”

“So it seems Starscream was terminated as I expected.” Megatron chuckled “What is the condition of Skyfire?”

“Well it seems like the shot you gave him left a nasty mark on his left engine. I don’t think he’ll be flying anytime soon.”

“So the Autobots are stranded on this primitive planet. This further works in our advantage, the Autobots are trapped.”

“Yeah, as long as they don’t get a hold of the Space Bridge. How long till the Constructicons finish that thing?”

“Within the Megacycle.” The leader answered, “What are the Autobots doing currently?”

“They’re just standing there now. The ponies are just standing there too, a bigger pony seems to be telling them that the Autobots are nothing to fear now.”

“So the Autobots have gained their favor…”

Rumble shook his head “I don’t think so, she’s talking about how they will help them leave.”

“An unnecessary risk, the last thing I need to worry about is trying to make all of us a target. The Autobots and the ponies are going to be preoccupied with worrying about getting off this planet. Last thing we need is for our plan to be interrupted. Its best we leave them alone while the Autobots and the organics focus on that.”

“Use the Autobots as a distraction?”

“You’re learning.”

Rumble groaned at the snide comment, though he did have to admit it was a stupid question “Alright, alright, can I get back to you guys now? The Autobot and the ponies are pre-occupied.”

Megatron gave a chuckle “You may return.”

“Thank Primus!” The purple bot said closing out his comlink.

The small purple Decepticon took a quick look at the crowd, making sure there were no ponies facing his direction and ran back to the building he was previously behind earlier. After a moment and taking a quick peak at the crowd, he started his way back to his leader and fellow comrades.

The small bot didn’t have much worry about being detected now. After all, this was a town get together and surely majority if not entire town was there. After all it was for the explanation for the Autobots being in town and considering the Decepticons were the reason they were afraid in the first place, he felt that stealth was one thing that could be relaxed for the moment.

“Dumb Autobots. They lead us back here without even realizing it.” The cassette said to himself not putting much effort in stealth anymore “And not only are we ready, Starscream’s not going to be able to bail you out this time.”

All of sudden ran into a solid structure, knocking him off his balance and landed on his aft. “Hey, watch you’re going you-” he looked up and stopped immediately stopped at the sight of large red stallion caring a cart of supplies that he was all too familiar with.

The stallion glared at the familiar bot that he met before. Rumble got to his feet quickly and took a step back “Listen organic back off or-”this was answered by a powerful buck from the stallion. “Eenope!”

The purple bot flew back and slammed into a nearby building, leaving an indent into it as well as a dent of the Big Macintosh’s back hoofs on his chassis. The small bot shook his head as he got out of the wall and with a groan he then looked up at the large pony that was facing him. “Alright you dumb pony!” he then pulled out one his blaster from his back and aimed at the red stallion “You’re not getting me off guard this time.”

The stallion stood his ground as he took a step forward “I’m not one fur violence. But I know you’re bad news.”

“More than you know organic!” without further warning he fired his blaster. Macintosh jumped out of the way and blast of energy blew the cart of apples apart, making a blast of debris from wood and bits of apples. “Hold still!”

The stallion didn’t respond as the bot continued to fire his weapon and was running away trying to get out of the way of the blast. He was slowly advancing as he was running to the side but trying to get closer to him at the same time. The small bot made a few more shots, none of them having much of an effect or seem to slow down the pony. “I said hold still!”

After a few more rounds he managed to shoot a blast close to the legs and blew him off balance and slammed into the ground. The purple bot smirked as he kept his weapon raised as he walked toward the previously running stallion. “You may have got me the last couple times but you’re not getting me this time.”

The purple bot was now above the now grounded stallion. As he positioned his blaster pistol and was about to pull the trigger. But before he could do the act, a large red hoof hit the pistol out of his hand and quickly got up with a hard head butt to the upper head of the small bot, knocking him back a bit.

Macintosh groaned at the painful attack he made. His head against metal was no easy feeling to ignore. Ignoring the pain, (and slight disorientation) he ran up and bucked the small bot into the air before he could even recover from the first attack.

The purple bot landed back into the alleyway he was before and loudly knocked over the trash cans he was hiding behind earlier. The blasts from the gun earlier were enough to get everypony’s attention.

Luna stopped her speech at the loud sounds coming from the buildings covering the two previously fighting. “What is the meaning of this!?”

“Blaster pistol? The ponies don’t have that kind of technology…” Optimus said aloud.

“Guards!” Luna cried out as her two guards turned to face her “Investigate the incident!”

The two pegasi guarding the princess flew into the air in front of the crowd that went investigate the noise that distracted the meaning of the incident. Some panicked, some were scared and ran away, others were just standing still as the guards the surrounded the Autobots were standing ready from either the Autobots acting hostel or the crowd or either one.

Starscream immediately jumped off of Skyfire and flew over to the incident with Rainbow Dash following behind.

“What do you think it is?” The sky blue mare asked as he flew off.

“We’ll see soon enough.” Was his very quick answer. Internally however, his mind was racing just from the shots themselves. He was pretty sure it wasn’t the Autobots and the ponies themselves never acquired energy-based weaponry. During the fight against the Decepticons, they only had projectile launching firearms and explosive rockets. The only one of them that had such weaponry was himself with his miniature null rays, which he rebuilt, but was currently hid away at Rainbow Dash’s house.

The ex-seeker flew on top of the building where the ally was and got a bird’s eye view of scene and saw what he feared was happening. “Rumble…”

Rainbow flew next to him “So what is-” she looked down and saw the both tensed as well “Oh… that’s a-”

“A Decepticon…” he growled as he turned away from the scene and started to walk upon the roof away from Rainbow Dash “Of course this happened. Now Megatron is here, Celestia is missing, probably socializing with Unicron, and the Autobots are here only to make this planet another reason for Megatron to attack.”

Rainbow Dash remained silent, looking at the purple bot that was being grabbed by the two pegasus guards while the crowd backed away so the guards could do their job as the princess requested. She turned to Starscream and saw him not even looking at anything of relevance to what was going on. “Screamer?”

The silver pony didn’t say anything but mumble a few words. She didn’t understand him but could she could make out ‘warned’ and ‘listen’.

“Um… Screamer?”

The stallion didn’t even react to her as he now started to watch the purple bot weakly struggle against them but surprisingly quiet as it wasn’t in his character.

“Oh my.” Fluttershy flew over to the incident as well and saw Big Macintosh at the end of the ally rubbing his head with his hoof shaking his head lightly. The timid yellow pegasus quickly flew over the crowd and the whole incident and went to the injured stallion who was merely being on looked by other ponies.

She flew to him and worried “Mac! Mac! Are you okay? Please tell me you’re okay.”

Mac merely smiled at the concerned mare and gave her a light nuzzle “Aw, Ah’m alright sugar cube, jus’ a bump on the noggin is all.”

The yellow mare took hold of his large foreleg that was rubbing the wound in order to take a look at it. She shook her head “Oh, there is a big bruise there. Don’t poke at I’ll take a look at it at home.”

“Eeyup…” the red stallion answered, “What’s going on?”

“Oh, you must’ve been at home. The Autobots have come to Equestria and-”

“Auto what?” The stallion said confused.

Fluttershy intercepted Mac hoof, which was about to rub the wound again, and started to explain everything that has happened within the last 24 hours as they made there way through the loud crowd and to where Luna was at the stand with Twilight and the Mayor.

Starscream and Rainbow Dash remained on the roof and watched from a distance as the crowd subsided as the guards made them get under control. The Autobots could only watch, feeling that interfering may be interpreted as an attack and at this point they were supposed to be following their terms.

The two pegasi guards dropped the purple, and much dented, bot in front of the Night Princess and stayed by the sides of the intruder. “Hey, what’s the big idea? Let me go!” he yelled.

“Decepticon!” the Alicorn cried out with her Royal Canterlot Voice. She was certain he was a Decepticon, she could tell from the insignias they wore when the Autobots first came and saw Starscream in his robot mode, but kept this discovery to herself, or rather she found it obvious “Thou hast come where not welcome!”

“Yeah, what of it?” Rumble smart mouthed back.

“Rumble?” Optimus said allowed. “The Decepticons are here.”

“That was fast.” Prowl reacted “What should you do Optimus?”

“We should’ve guarded the Space Bridge’s opening.” The Autobot leader said to himself.

The dark Alicorn glared at the Decepticon. It was both legitimate and an act of authority. While not having any personal grievance against this particular Decepticon, she didn’t have hope that this one was like Starscream or did he have any redeeming factors. But at the same time she really didn’t know what do with him either. Despite what some ponies believed, she wasn’t one for execution (besides she knew it wouldn’t solve anything) and on top of that, imprisonment didn’t seem to make much of a solution either. They were unaware of what he could do. But they did have Starscream to help with that.

“Hey, watch it!” Rumble yelled as a guard poked him with his assault rifle, “You got lucky pony!”

“Silence!” Luna commanded she then turned to the roof where Starscream was “Starscream!”

Starscream was on the roof of a building still and was just watching. He didn’t say anything a merely took to the sky, taking a few feet away from the roof. Rainbow Dash also took a few steps forward to where he took to the sky.

“I command your presents.”

“Never thought I’d see the day where the organics would prefer Starscream over any of us…” Bumblebee said, more to himself than to anyone else. Prowl grunted at this revelation.

Starscream flew over to the stand to where Luna was standing and Twilight walking beside her “What?”

“Starscream?” Rumble said allowed “Starscream? Ha you’re a pony now!” the purple bot chuckled to which this was greeted with a hoof from said pony to the faceplate which resulted in a cracked ray glasses.

“Yes.” Starscream reiterated.

“I suppose you’re familiar with Decepticon.”

“How can I forget?” Starscream said with much sarcasm while turning to the small Cybertronian.

Luna nodded “Since you’ve been with them before, I trust-”

“What’s Megatron’s plan?” Starscream said suddenly interrupting Luna’s request.

Rumble smirked “I never thought I see you stoop so low Screamer.”

“Answer the question Rumble! Or I’ll make sure that your only function will be used as a primitive audio recording storage device!” Starscream growled making it clear he was not in the mood for this. His eyes had a slight glow and his grind his teeth lightly.

Though vision was slightly disoriented, due to the crack, he could tell that Starscream wasn’t holding back or blowing smoke, something he was not used to from him “Uh, well…”

“Spill it out Rumble! This is the first time in Stellar Cycles you decide to keep your vocal controls shut! Talk!”

The crowd was intently quiet. No one looked away from the stage or said a single word and only watched. Neither Twilight nor Luna intervened with Starscream’s interrogation. While Twilight was aware that Starscream probably wasn’t at the best state of mind, due to constantly worrying about this particular scenario, meeting up with the Autobots, and his suspicions about Celestia on top of that didn’t make it easier to follow.

Rainbow Dash watched intently as well, really just hoping Starscream would get back to normal soon. Ever since they learned about Celestia’s unexplained departure he became more and more distanced from her, ever flat out ignoring her.

Rumble looked up to the ponyfied Starscream and opened his mouth and stopped. He suddenly smirked.

“Huh?” Starscream looked at him confused. “What are you-”

He was interrupted by a pair of lasers being fired close to where Starscream was, blowing him away from Rumble. All eyes (and optics) turned to the origin of the blasts to see both Laserbeak and Buzzsaw flying down there.

“Should’ve saw that coming!” Prowl said getting out of formation and raising his blaster.

“Autobot, defend the ponies!” Optimus ordered, raising his Ion Blaster as well and aimed toward the sky, while the other Autobots did so as well.

The ponies that were in the crowd fled in fear as the chaos from the birds continued and ran in various directions. Luna took a step back as her guards took their arms and were ready and aimed them at to the air. Both Luna and Twilight were ready to cast a spell for either protection or self-defense. Even though magic having little affect on them, it didn’t mean it was useless.

The Autobots immediately open fire on the two birds only to be interrupted by more lasers aimed at them. The Autobots looked up to see two Earth jets, Thundercracker and Skywarp firing upon them with Soundwave not too far behind them. The guards scrambled as they were also confused with the current happenings. All of them took a target and fired their weapons, but this proved to be ineffective.

“Prowl, Skyfire, assist me in taking down Soundwave and them. Bumblebee, you and Ironhide worry about Buzzsaw and Laserbeak!” Optimus ordered as he carefully walked over the retreating ponies and fired at the attacking Decepticons. The Autobots followed their orders.

Twilight ran to Starscream who was currently getting up and shaking his head “Can’t believe I didn’t see that coming.”

“Are you okay?” the unicorn asked with concern.

“I’m fine.” He said looking up on the on going air strikes “We should’ve looked after Space Bridge opening!” he growled to himself.

“Help me get everyone to safety!”

“What?! I’ve been waiting for this moment far too long! I merely wish I was able to better prepare.” He said the part silently glaring at the unicorn, startling Twilight.

Starscream flew back before activating the device, going through the bright flash and return to his Cybertronian form. He turned back to a startled and slightly confused Rumble. The returned seeker didn’t say anything nor did he mind him as he aided the Autobots in their struggle to detain the incoming Decepticons.

Both Thundercracker and Skywarp were able to easily dodge the Autobots incoming fire, while able to put an impressive suppressive fire on them. Soundwave also was able to hold down an impressive diversion to keep the Autobot leader and two comrades down.

The two seekers were able to lay down a brigade of lasers but Skyfire moved to the side “You’re lucky I’m grounded you two!” He fired a few rounds into the sky.

The two seekers didn’t seem to hear him as they flew around to continue to do another round. But just as they turned Skywarp was immediately shot down through his back engines.

“Urgh!” Skywarp yelled.

“What hap-Ahh!” Thundercracker yelled as his engines were blown as they both transformed back to their robot modes as they both crashed away from the crowd.

Skyfire looked up to see a silver and red jet flying through the sky that was once dominated by the two blue and purple jets. Skyfire smirked as Starscream flew down to the surface and transformed back to robot mode. “There’s a reason Megatron put me in charge and not you two idiots.”

“Starscream.” The seeker turned to his old friend who was speaking “Thanks…”

Starscream’s growl lowered to a slight frown “Not a problem.” His expression changed back “Where’s Megatron!”

“I don’t know. He didn’t approach with the others.” The shuttle explained.

The seeker rubbed his chin for a moment; this wasn’t like Megatron. Megatron very rarely let his men do all the work. The Decepticon leader loved the smell of battle too much to let most of them slide for himself.

“Starscream.” The shuttle interrupted his thoughts “We don’t have time for this; we have to stop the others!”

Surprisingly, (mostly to Skyfire) Starscream obeyed and ran toward Soundwave where Optimus and Prowl were currently dealing with.

--The Transformers--

The pegasus armed guard aimed their firearms toward the two robotic birds but their firepower had little to no effect the birds weapons, while simple, were able to do easily out match their primitive firearms.

“Stallions, back away!” Luna ordered.

“Put Princess-” one guard interjected.

“I said pull away! Return to Canterlot with the others and call in more men. And this time, be armed with heavier weaponry.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be able to protect myself.” Luna said then reiterated, “Now go and get reinforcements!”

“Yes your majesty.” And with that the guards finally left.

Twilight turned to Luna “What about the birds?”

“We’ll deal with them!”

“But princess don’t you remember?” They were interrupted by a brigade of lasers aimed at them but they moved out of the way in time, jumping to the side and landing there. “Magic doesn’t work on them.”

“Not entirely at least.” Luna then got up and aimed her horn toward one of the birds. She cast a spell with stream of blue energy and grabbed a hold of the yellow bird and threw it to the side and slammed it into the ground. Twilight looked at the ruler in awe.

“Our sister informed us that some spells like strong telekinetic abilities work. She told us this when we told here why magic didn’t work on the Transformers.” Luna explained “Though it will probably only work on the smaller ones.”

This was answered by another blast from the sky coming from the red bird. Just as Luna was about to cast the same spell she was interrupted by a single blast from the side of the stage that blew off her concentration and off her balance. Twilight casted a shield over them, knowing it would be just a very small seems of protection as she went to Luna.

“Luna, are you okay?” Twilight asked as she ran by her.

The night princess got up “I’m fine…” she turned to where the blast came from.

As the smoke cleared, they saw both Skywarp and Thundercracker with shoulder guns aimed at them and glowing, hinting at a second shot. Before they could fire however, both Ironhide and Bumblebee both fired upon them, interrupting their attack to the Night Princess and Day Princess pupil.

“Why don’t yah Decepticon mess with a bot yur own size?” Ironhide smirked at the two seekers, which were still recovering from their surprise attack.

“Run!” Bumblebee called out to them as he aided Ironhide on the battlefield. Twilight nodded as Luna took to the sky to hopefully aid in the protection of a town in her country.

“Twilight!” The Princess called “Lead other ponies to safety and find your friends! I will aid the Autobots anyway I can.”

Just then, a stream of blast came from the sky from the red and black bird but was quickly stopped by an air kick from Rainbow Dash stopping the bird and slamming it into the ground.

“Got your back Luna!” Rainbow called out.

“Rainbow Dash, assist Twilight is bringing citizens to safety and round up your friends.” Luna ordered while flying up to her.

“No way! I’m helping you Decepti-butt now!” The sky blue pegasus yelled while dashing into the fight where Starscream and the other Autobots were.

Both Luna and Twilight sighed internally. Luna turned to Twilight and she nodded and started to do what Luna previously ordered. Luna herself went into the fight herself.

--My Little Pony--

Soundwave was blown back as well as Frenzy and Ravage into the ground. The Communications Officer looked up to see Optimus Prime, Prowl, Skyfire, and Starscream all aiming their signature weapons at them.

“It’s over Soundwave!” Optimus announced as he came closer as did the other Autobots and Starscream. “Surrender, and you will not be harmed.”

It was then both Luna and Rainbow Dash flew over and landed on two separate roofs. “He is right.” Luna confirmed “Surrender peacefully, and thou will remain unharmed.”

“I think not!” A loud familiar voice called out. They all looked up as a blast blew Optimus Prime away and the impact also affecting others.

All the Autobots and Starscream broke out of the temporary disorientation and looked up to see Megatron and five other Decepticons, them being the Combaticons.

“Greetings Autobots… welcome to our new Battleground!”

Sorry for the long delay. Going to Pony Convention so it will be some time before I can continue writing. Hopefully I can be able to get Chapters coming out sooner. And Happy Birthday America...I know it's two days late but uh...yeah.

Once again I'd like to thank my new editor Morgie93 for all the editing work. I am very grateful.

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