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R & R'ed (Replaced and Rebuilt)

Chapter 10 R &R’ed (Replaced and Rebuilt)

Celestia entered through the neck of the large of the gigantic being. She really couldn’t believe she was doing this. She knew that wasn’t exactly the best decision she may have made. But at the same time, she felt that maybe that this could be the best for her country, her planet, and maybe even for the universe. According to what Starscream told her and her few sources she obtained through her personal library she thought that maybe she could end the war finally. Perhaps with this new power, she could control her world and Cybertron, ensuring peace on both worlds and always be on her watchful eye.

Nightmare Moon followed behind and as Celestia landed, she landed next to her “So, you agree to this union?” she snickered.

Celestia glared at the dark sinister Alicorn, before flocking her with her wing making the take a step back “You have nothing to do with this Nightmare Moon!” The white alicorn said aloud “You’re merely a pawn!”

Nightmare didn’t expect that reaction nor that response in any fashion “How dare you!”

It was then her horn glowed bright as she fired a beam of energy up toward the head of the gigantic being. The inside of the head glowed and within seconds, the interior of the head of Unicron started to repair itself as well as its body slowly regenerating from the neck down. Within that very instant, lighting like energy fired down upon Celestia though she didn’t seem to be harmed in anyway.

“You are merely a spawn! Nothing more than manifestation created by a superior being! You have no right to speak with me in any manner than as ruler of Equestria!” At this moment, Celestia felt a surge of energy run through her, and it felt pleasing. Her appearance also changed within seconds, her already glowing horn grew brighter as did her eyes and hair, and her hoof also had a metallic shine to them. Her Royal garments also changed from their usual splendor to dark orange and a lime green gem in the middle for her chest as well her crown following a similar color pattern.

“You Nightmare Moon now serve me as you serve Unicron!” The bright Alicorn yelled that was even louder than Luna’s Royal Canterlot voice “And as such, you will pay the crimes that you have bestowed on my country, my sister, and myself!”

“No!” but before the dark Alicorn make a plea, Celestia’s charged horn fired a powered beam of energy. The dark Alicorn screamed in pain as she forced into the ground with a constant beam of raw energy slamming into her. Within a few moments of solid torture, Celestia let her go from the power grip. The dark Alicorn was in shreds, her dark mane and structure was scorched and weakened.

Celestia smiled at her work. Feeling such power surging through her and seeing the one who has tortured her for the last several months in such agony brought such a delight. It was then Celestia stopped. Her smile of victory turned to one of both fear and sadness. This wasn’t her. She would’ve never have done this to any pony or thing. She tortured Nightmare Moon for more or less for pure delight and entertainment. She knew it was this power that was surging through her but it was still by her will. Was such immense and raw power really doing this to her?

“Don’t doubt yourself.” The booming voice said in Celestia’s mind.

“Unicorn…” Celestia said to herself while looking up into the ‘brain’ of the large being. The structure that was once greatly damaged was now being fully repaired as parts and other functions started to appear and start working. Power and electricity flowed all around the head of the body but did not harm her; in fact it was doing quite the opposite.

“We are merged” the voice continued “With our powers combined, I will be whole again, and within time you will have the power to rule your worlds.”

“Worlds? How did you-”

“We are now connected…” Unicron responded, “I know your being… Till my body is complete you are to remain here, so both our powers may be completed…”

Celestia breathed as she continued to feel the great power continue to flow there her. Her previous concerns and worries drifted away, she couldn’t believe such power existed in a single being. And with the boost she gave Unicron, an exchange of their power seemed to be entirely fair. Unicron gets a new body and lives on as she ensures the safety of her planet and even the safety of another… and she will have the power… to perform any means necessary to accomplish that.


“Megatron…” Optimus said silently as he stood up with his troopers and Starscream following suit.

“Optimus Prime, it seems our paths are forever intertwined.” Megatron said as he landed on the ground and the Combaticons stayed in formation following behind him. “But think it’s plain to see that this battle is over.”

Starscream stood up and glared at his target. How did he catch him off guard? He was always waiting for him to show up and still he got the drop on him. And on top of that, he was essentially at his mercy. Something the Decepticon leader lacked significantly. The Combaticons were strong enough foe, but he was sure that both Thundercracker and Skywarp were going to be back in the fight soon as well as the cassettes and Soundwave.

“There is no need to fight here Megatron.” Optimus began “We’ve already brought our war to one innocent planet, let us not do the same tragedy to another.”

Megatron laughed at the small quote. Even Starscream inwardly smirked at the pathetic attempt to peacefully end this confrontation; he should’ve known that wasn’t going to work. “These messily planets mean nothing to us. You just never had the same vision. For the survival of our planet, I will destroy any number of worlds to get the energy I require.”

At this point all Thundercracker and Skywarp as well as the other Decepticons eventually got up and aimed their weapons at all of them, as well as Luna and Rainbow Dash, making them all of them at the mercy of the Decepticon leader. All of them had their weapons raised at the Autobots and Starscream as they mostly stood waiting with they weapons only armed but not aiming at them.

At this point, Megatron was enjoying having his opposing Commander at his mercy but he also was looking forward to another catch in this charade “Starscream!” he said joyously.

The ex-Air Commander smirked angrily as he approached him and leaving the Autobot leader “Good to see you finally decided to show up.”

Megatron chuckled “So it seems I was wrong, you did survive, perhaps I haven’t been giving you the credibility you deserve after all.” The seeker only curled a lip “But the expense of your betrayal and how low you’ve stooped to get to this point…”

Starscream glared hard at his former leader. He so wanted to just tackle him and just pull him apart, but one thing he’s learned on this planet was that patience could go a long way. And in this instance it made him realize that doing anything rash would lead to no only his possible termination but also the lives of the small town he practically lived in. He would have to hold back a bit longer if they don’t get terminated in the process.

Megatron grinned as he all of a sudden punched his former Second-in-Command hard enough to force him to the ground. Starscream was about to retaliate but not only did he hear the Decepticons cock their weapons as well seeing Megatron aiming his Fusion Cannon at him.

All the Autobots as well as the two guarded ponies also looked surprised. Megatron chuckled again “You don’t deserve any special treatment Starscream… you’ll be treated no different than an Autobot…”

Starscream only continued to glare and just stayed on the ground but pulled himself to a sitting position. Megatron eventually left still smirking as he flew up to the roof where Princess Luna was at.

“And if it isn’t one of the rulers of this sector.” The Decepticon leader chuckled again “Princess Luna if I remember correctly…”

“Yes…” Luna answered with venom similar to Starscream’s.

“This could’ve been so much easier. If you and your other ruler were here.” He stopped for a moment “Where is she now?”

“What does our sister’s whereabouts have any meaning to you?” Luna replied glaring at him.

Megatron’s once ongoing grinning smirk went to direct anger. He quickly grabbed a hold of the Alicorn in his hand “I control your people…”

Luna’s glare didn’t falter, “You do not!”

“Just as-” he was suddenly interrupted by a blast by coming from the bottom of the building he was standing broke apart from an explosion. This made the leader let go of the Alicorn and she took flight away. The Autobots and Starscream turned to the origin to see Twilight with a log being held in her magic grip as well as Spike riding on her back.

“Good thinking on the support beam Twilight!” Spike said, congratulating his boss.

“Just quick thinking.” Twilight said quickly.

The Combaticons and Soundwave immediately open fire on the unicorn, but she quickly disappeared in a blight flash before the blasts could hit her. Starscream was the first seize the opportunity, he stood up quickly as he took the skies aiming his null rays and opened his missile launchers and fired both simultaneously on the combiner Decepticons.

The Autobots quickly followed suit as Prowl and Ironhide immediately open fire on the two opposing jet seekers. Bumblebee fired upon Soundwave and his cassettes and with Skyfire. Optimus Prime went to the opposing, but quickly recovering,Combaticons. Rainbow Dash and Luna took to the skies as they quickly disposed of the two mechanical flying birds.

Megatron quickly recovered from the ‘attack’ and flew out of the building’s remains. “Very crafty…” He aimed his Fusion Cannon at his main enemy and fired.

Optimus noticed this and dodged the attacked by jumping backwards and sliding on his back as her fired his Ion Blaster at the Decepticon leader. Megatron took on the blasts with ease but quickly dodged the others. He then rushed his as he activated his energon flail and rushed toward the Autobot leader. Optimus responded quickly as he activated his energon axe to combat the Decepticon leader.

Starscream landed behind a building for cover and quickly ducked to cover his mass size. He caught his breath faster as he recovering from the ongoing brigade of lasers from the Combaticons.

“Hmm… I’m going to be able stop them like this…”

“Screamer!” The seeker turned around to see Rainbow Dash flew close to but staying behind the building. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Starscream answered quickly looking to see how fast the Combaticons, namely Swindle and Vortex, advancing quickly firing their weapons. The seeker turned to her “Where’s Luna and Twilight?”

“Luna is still trying to keep those bots busy, but what are we going to do? We’re out numbered.”

The seeker sighed quietly “I’m not sure. Megatron’s not holding back this time. Fortunately, I think the Autobots and I caused enough damage to the Combaticons before they could form Bruticus.”


“It’s-” he was interrupted by a blast close to his head, showing that his cover wasn’t going to be lasting much longer. “Forget it!” He quickly turned back into a pony and flew behind another building with Rainbow behind him, hoping that the Combaticons didn’t see them.

“What’s with turning into a pony?”

“Dodging their blasts was easier this way, and on top of that shouldn’t able to see where wewent…” he was breathing quickly not really sure what he was supposed to do. “They got us outgunned and out numbered.”

Just as he made that notion, a blast was heard and from the side saw the large shuttle transformer fall back from attack to the chest. Starscream reacted quickly activating the device and turning him back to robot mode. Upon doing so, he quickly ran out to aid him.

“Starscream!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she saw him doing what he was doing.

The seeker quickly went out and fired a few blasts, getting the two Combaticons from earlier. “Starscream?” The shuttle said surprised “You-”

“Enough, whether I like it or not, we’re going to need you Autobots if we’re going to even survive!” He fired at the two recovering Decepticons as they returned fire. Skyfire, while sitting down due to his injury, also provided support fire.

“We’re not going to be able to. We’re the only ones that come here.”

“Well that’s just great…” Starscream groaned as he quickly dragged his old friend and put him lying down. The shuttle transformer was far too big to let him sit up and hide. Starscream quickly went to the side of the building to try and hold them off.

Luna flew through the air and using the size-changing spell to maximize her size in hopes of being able to combat the Decepticons more effectively, but due to having magic being ineffective against most transformers. Thus limiting her to making makeshift projectiles from damaged buildings and other items, doing close range combat was her best bet, but even then, combat wasn’t her strongest attribute.

Mostly dealing with the Combaticons and the Soundwave, the Equestrian leader felt that while she was able to keep the Decepticons attention, she felt incapable of producing any serious damage, not to mention their weaponry was far more advanced than what they had.

Just as she completed that thought, she noticed a bright flash that occurred from the outskirts of the battle between Autobots and Decepticons. From there she noticed a large squad of stallions all armed with Rocket Launchers and aiming at the transformers. It was a squad of about 30 stallions and lead by Shining Armor.

“All take aim! Fire!” Shining Armor ordered his men. All of them complied as a brigade of missiles fired and hit multiple targets, catching all of the transformers off guard.

Starscream peered over the building they were hiding behind. Rainbow Dash did so also and saw the additional support from the royal army. “Do they know who’s who?”

The two watched as the stallions, which consisted of both earth ponies and unicorns, firing at the Decepticons specifically. The squad actually did do a good run for the Decepticons. The Combaticons were totally caught off guard, and while their weapons were not powerful enough to pack a strong enough punch to ground a transformer, it didn’t mean than enough of them wouldn’t have some kind of affect.

Megatron noticed this and growled. This was supposed to be an easy win, but then again he didn’t account for the ponies to mobilize or Starscream’s survival. He should’ve thought of this better. But still he smirked.

The Decepticon leader used his flail to knock the Autobot leader out of his way as he flew into the air. “Decepticons, Retreat!”

“Eh, you got lucky organics!” Vortex yelled as he transformed and flew into the air. The other Combaticons also took to the air as did Thundercracker, and Skywarp. Soundwave quickly got the greatly damaged Rumble and flew into the air as did his cassettes.

Starscream ran toward them as Skyfire limbed to his fellow comrades, to which most of them were recovering from the attack. “We have to go after them!”

“With what, Starscream!” Prowl yelled out grabbing his damaged arm “In case you haven’t noticed, the Decepticons left a number on us and the organics.”

“And then what!? Megatron has the capabilities to get parts and repairs, he has the Space Bridge!” The ex-Second-in-Command yelled back.

“Starscream!” The addressed seeker turned around to see Luna flying up to his head “The battle is done! Let them be for now, their fate is one still to be determined.”

The seeker only growled as he quickly punched the ground hard and looked up into the sky where the Decepticons flew off to. He let out a growl of irritation but quickly shook his head. At this moment Rainbow Dash flew to him and landed on his left wing. “You alright Screamer?”

For the first time in awhile, he addressed her by turning to her “Yes… I’ll be fine…” his damages were nothing major, mostly just cracks and a bit of burns and chipped exterior frame, he got from fighting in the air and assisting Skyfire but nothing serious.

Optimus walked up to the conflicted seeker and the seeker turned to him, carefully as not to startle the pegasus on his wing “Starscream, I know what you want.” Starscream only remained silent and let the leader continue “But this isn’t something that can be won by simple vengeance over with Megatron.”

The seeker continued to remain silent. In essence, he really didn’t know what to say. He knew he was right. If they were going to win this conflict, they were going to need work together and his personal mission will have to be put on hold. He only turned away from the town ignoring everything around him as he left for the outskirts.

“What’s with him?” Shining Armor said watching the whole thing.

“I don’t know, I know he was expecting something like this but…” Twilight said walking next to her brother.

“Twilight Sparkle, where have you been?” Luna asked, unaware of her presence.

“I teleported out of the town and noticed the squad was coming. So I transported most of them here. I thought it would be of help.”

“Excellent strategy!”

The Autobots were left to themselves looking over the destruction of the town “As much as Ah hate ta admit it, but Starscream got a point. The Decepticons got the Space Bridge and are able to call in any reinforcements.” Ironhide pointed.

“In our present condition will still prove to be futile, we’ll have to make due with the limited resources we have…” Optimus said turning to the ponies group “But I have confidence. For now, let us start on repairs.”

Eh, not too keen on this one, it's a bit short and I feel like I rushed the ending...anyway. Special thanks to Thomas Morgan (Morgie93) for editing.

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