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Doubt and Confidence

Chapter 12 Doubt and Confidence

“Thanks for letting me stay at the library Twily.” Shining Armor said to his sister “I really shouldn’t be using a residence’s home for quarters.”

Twilight brushed it off, motioning her hoof “It’s alright Armor, I didn’t want you sleeping outside in some old tent. Besides, I think everyone will feel safer knowing someone from the military is watching over us. And I don’t think I could trust anyone more than my brother.”

The white unicorn nodded noticing the inside of the tree house library. Twilight’s friends and Spike were all staying in the tree house for the night. Before Luna left, she said that it would be better that they all stay together, because of everything happening. The Autobots were outside and a distance away from the tree house but were still in sight from one of the windows close to the front door. The library wasn’t as much space to sleep as did Applejack’s farm but it was still comfortable for multiple ponies to sleep in.

“It’s good to see you Twily, it’s been awhile.” She smiled at her brother. It really had been quite some time. Despite being brother and sister and being close as such, they lost connection when Twilight was sent to Ponyville and Shining Armor had his duties in the military. Despite everything they did trying keep in contact, they hardly were able to keep in touch.

“It’s really sad that we couldn’t have met up at better times.” Twilight said looking around the tree house and all her friends talking among themselves ranging from worries to just conversation. Spike was with them also making them various foods and adding to conversation where he felt was necessary.

“Yeah…I really did want to ask you about Starscream and the transformers. I was stationed in Macintosh Hills when they chose to attack.” He explained but then smiled slightly “From what I hear, you were aiding in the battle.”

“Oh,” she chuckled lightly “Well I was mostly just giving supplies I really wasn’t fighting.”

“That’s an important job. Being in battle doesn’t mean you have to fight.” He explained “All jobs are essential to lead to a successful victory.” He sighed looking at the other ponies till turning back to his sister “And I think now is going to be more than necessary.”

“Yeah, I guess you’ve been informed about how magic doesn’t work on them.”

The stallion nodded “Yes, I was told about before I went back to Canterlot. Celestia made me part of the Elite Guard and I was shown how to use the weapons. Rather happy that we decided to keep them, otherwise I don’t see how this can be able to stand against them.”

“We barely won last time and we had more weapons then. Starscream said that we won only because we had the element of surprise. Megatron wasn’t aware of him still being alive and was able to help us. But since he now knows this could happen.” Twilight said explaining the bad news “On top of that, they have the bridge or Space Bridge or whatever.”

“A Space Bridge?” Shining questioned.

“Yeah. Starscream said it was some sort of transporter or something. So unlike before where we had a week to prepare. They can just call in any amount of help they like.”

“That’s not good. First Celestia goes missing, these guys show up, and now things keep getting worse.” He sighed as he walked away from his sister and Twilight followed.

“I know this isn’t really an ideal situation, but we’ll pull through.”

“I hope so. I can hardly trust anyone here now.”

Twilight nodded silently “Well, hopefully Starscream and the Autobots will be able to get along. We are going to need all their help.”

Shining Armor sighed again “Yep. I was told by the stallions here that they were immune to magic.” He stopped for a moment “Did we ever figure out why?”

She shook her head “Princess Luna had a theory but we never factually figured out why or how?”

“And there’s Luna…”

“What about her?” Twilight asked.

“Don’t you think that Celestia’s disappearing with all this a bit suspicious?”

Twilight looked appalled knowing exactly what he was thinking “Shining Armor! Do you really think-”

“Think about it. Luna tried to take over this country and the world before.”

“It’s the past.” Twilight said motioning her hoof to keep his voice down “Shining Armor, first off, that was Nightmare Moon-”

“That’s-” Shining was interrupted by his sister by her hoof.

“Luna has changed. She knows what she has done is wrong and has been trying to fix everything.” She sighed pondering if she should tell her brother about her recent relationship with her long time teacher “Listen, in recent time Celestia within the last few months has been acting very strangely. She’s been distanced and has even flat out ignoring me.” Shining looked skeptical “She always wanted to talk to Starscream and she only asked about things about Cybertron and Cybertronians and things like that.” Shining Armor thought about it for a moment “These last few months I was alone till Luna became like a substitute teacher, when I was alone since Celestia was always talking to him, Luna became like a new teacher.”

Shining Armor’s once hard expression thinking about the Night Princess now soften a bit but Twilight knew that he still wasn’t entirely convinced but decided not to continue the conversation “Just keep your eyes open Twily.” He turned back to her “I hope everything is as they seem but I know it’s not that simple.”

“I know…” she sighed. Twilight knew her brother was rightfully skeptical. It really was a lot to buy to just take everyone’s word. She was actually surprised that he wasn’t threatening the Autobots and Starscream at this point, he was very protective of her. Or maybe he was planning to, but she wasn’t entirely sure.

“I’m going to get fresh air, I’ll be back in half hour or so.” And with that he left the tree house library.

“Hiya Twi!” Applejack called out as she walked up to her and Shining Armor walking out.

“Hey Applejack.” Twilight replied as she turned to her “What’s up?”

“Well were ready get som shut eye. Whut happen with yur brother?”

Twilight sighed “Nothing, he’s just getting some fresh air… I’ll head to bed when he gets back.”

The orange mare nodded “Alright, ya sure you don’t want me or any of the other girls to stay up witcha?”

Twilight shook her head “No… I’ll wait alone… thanks though.”

--Space Bridge on Equestria--

The Decepticons wasted no time with their immediate arrival at the planet. The Constructicons worked on building the Space Bridge and uplinked it to the bridge on Earth and Cybertron. On top of that they built a quick prefab fort, a small metal building with an open ceiling to protect themselves and the Space Bridge. While it was very simple and wouldn’t provide much protection in a full wedge battle, it still was a quick line of defense. And while they knew getting additional reinforcements from Earth wasn’t likely, due en part the fact that on Earth it was more than likely in Autobot control, they still could call in support from Cybertron.

Also unlike the Autobots, the Decepticons were able to call in off Equestria. They brought the equipment for long range communication so they could talk to both the Decepticons and Earth and Cybertron.

Currently, the Combaticons were getting repairs from the Constructicons. Megatron was quickly repaired and went to his own devices as Soundwave was working on the prefab long range communications.

“Soundwave, what have Laserbeak and Buzzsaw uncovered?” Megatron asked. After they made their retreat, and repairs on Soundwave and his cassettes were complete, they put out both Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to sky on the small town of Ponyville and Canterlot.

“Neither Laserbeak or Buzzsaw have returned. Live video feed shows little preparation for counter attack.” Soundwave responded.

Megatron looked over to the small set up computer console’s monitor. It showed the video feed from the two birds but neither of them seemed to display any sort of counter attack. Laserbeak was in Ponyville and it merely showed ponies guarding the town with patrols with firearms. All the Autobots were in a group talking amongst themselves but Laserbeak was too far to get what they were saying.

Buzzsaw was in Canterlot but it didn’t revile much of anything either. Unlike Laserbeak, where he could only go certain areas without being spotted, Buzzsaw was able to blend better with the larger town, even in the castle, there didn’t seem to be much they could see.

“Interesting…” The Decepticon leader mused “They seem to be only interested in keep their defenses up. Neither the ponies or the Autobots seem to be interested in retaliation.”

“The lack of resources available perhaps makes such an act impossible.” Soundwave stated.

“Perhaps, but the Autobots, especially Optimus Prime, has been in much worse situations, not to mention they have the aid of Starscream and the organics of this world.” Megatron thought for a moment “There has to be something else a foot, perhaps not with the Autobots but with residence of this planet.” He continued to process everything that happened at the really, very unnecessary and humiliating defeat; he had to admit that it was very poor planning.

He thought for a few moments “The Autobots may be unable to attack; the organics seem to just be defending themselves and preparing for an attack...”

“Desirable locations?” Soundwave questioned.

“Not likely…it does not matter, we’ll attack the palace as scheduled once Shockwave sends in the reinforcements I require.”


The Autobots were currently in the middle of the small town where the groups of patrolling stallions were around the town but also keeping a watch of the Autobots. The group was all together really just keeping to themselves and sitting around. The Autobots took turns doing patrols around the town. Each one of them was escorted by a group of stallions in, perhaps insurance from their ruler, as they made a short patrol and alternate.

“Crazy couple of orbital cycles huh?” Bumblebee said looking over to Prowl.

“That’s putting it lightly; I used to think that this was going to be simple rescue mission with interference from the Decepticons but it turned out to very different.” Prowl responded as he put his blaster to the side “First I see this world, which I didn’t even know existed, then I meet up with a missing Decepticon that we’re supposed to believe that’s on our side” he gave a smug look “And were stuck here.”

“Yeah, but I’m not really complaining at this point. At least he’s on our side.” Bumblebee countered as he looked around the town.

Prowl scoffed “Decepticons never change, and I’ll be sent to the pit if Starscream really has changed to some kind of defender of the planet or whatever.”

Bumblebee thought for a moment, rubbing his metal chin “Every other day, I’d say you’re right but I really don’t think he’s going to turn on us.” He explained “I mean if he really wanted us dead, don’t you think that he would convince the ponies that we were no different than the Decepticons?”

Prowl thought for a moment what he just said. It made sense; it actually made a lot of sense. Why didn’t Starscream just say they were the Decepticons or just as much of a threat as the Decepticons? It clear and he believed that Starscream was no longer affiliated with the Decepticons officially, but a Decepticon was a Decepticon, whether or not he was taking orders from Megatron.

“Once a Decepticon, always a Decepticon.” Prowl said getting up grabbing his blaster. Just as he was getting up he saw Optimus Prime walking toward him “Yes Optimus?”

“I understand your frustration.” Optimus began, to which the Autobot Trooper turned his head to “Believe me that making any kind of ground with a Decepticon, especially with one with a history like Starscream’s, but at this point and time we don’t have a choice.”

“Yeah, but why treat him as a comrade?” he spat turning to face him “We’ve dealt with Starscream before and being with the Decepticons or not? We already know he works on his own agenda even when he worked with the Decepticons!”

“We don’t have a choice.” Optimus calmly responded “I understand your frustration. He has been our enemy for eons and rightfully we are bitter towards one another. But when times are called for one another unite, we must look beyond them.”

Prowl only sighed as he looked up toward his leader “I-… I know…” he paused “It’s just-”

“Don’t push yourself for an answer. I perfectly understand your frustration…all of us are facing it.”

“Skyfire seems to enjoy his company.” Prowl said annoyed but still chuckled at it turning away again.

“They are old friends. Perhaps he’s the reason why Starscream is more co-operative.” The leader theorized “But regardless, we’ll continue to work with the organics and follow them. We can only hold off for sometime till the Autobots on Earth come to us.”

“Hopefully they will have Ratchet, Wheeljack or even Perceptor with them.” Prowl said.

“As do I.” he voice said behind them. The two of them turned around to see Starscream and Skyfire walking toward them.

“Starscream…” Prowl said annoyed by his presence but the seeker didn’t seem to care.

“What’s the situation?” Starscream asked the leader, paying little attention to Prowl.

“Currently, we’re doing how the organics want to. We’re not going to force them to fight any battle they’re not willing. Their weaponry is primitive but the six of us won’t stand a chance against the Decepticons without all the help we can get.”

“How long do you think till your men come and try to help you?”

“I can’t say for certain. I just hope it’s soon. Till then, we’re on our own.”

Prowl only gave a smug look “I’m going on Patrol.”

The Police Car Autobot walked by all of them not even paying any kind of attention with all the fellow transformers and started to walk around the town just as Ironhide is doing right now.

Skyfire watched his comrade start walking away for a moment till turning to his leader “What’s his problem?”


“It’s me right?” Starscream interrupted “I’m not shocked.”

The Autobot leader only nodded “I’m sorry”

“He’s justified to not trust me, you all are.” He stopped. He thought back to his conversation with Rainbow Dash earlier. He considered bringing up what he has learned over his absents from the war. He quickly turned to where Prowl walked away and then turned back to Optimus “I…eh, forget it, I’ll work along side you till the Decepticons have vacated the planet. But once they leave, I want you off this planet as well.”

Optimus nodded “Agreed. Considering you’ve been on this planet for six months and it’s maintained so well, I’m going to assume that you’ve truly disbanded from the Decepticons.”

“Yes, I think it’s clear Megatron and the others have no problem pointing their blasters at me.”

Just as Optimus nodded he noticed a white male unicorn walking toward the three of them that were talking amongst themselves. The three of them turned their attention to the white unicorn with a blue mane.

“Autobots!” he began “Which one of you is Starscream?”

“Who are you?” the addressed seeker asked as he kneeled down to unicorn.

“Go to your pony form.” He commanded.

The seeker just started at the unicorn stallion. The seeker glared but quickly did as he commanded as he turned to his pegasus form with the blinding flash. The unicorn shielded himself after he did that and he looked up to see a glaring red eyed stallion pegasus. He was surprised to see that he was just as big and tall as he was.

“What do you want?” Starscream said to the stallion. The two Autobots remained silent but watched them converse.

Despite Starscream’s surprisingly intimating form, Shining Armor didn’t flinch “Listen Starscream, my sister has told me about you.”

“Your sister?”


“Oh, she’s your sister? I don’t see the resemblance. Don’t organics when they procreate share the genetic code?” The now pegasus asked, really to just change the subject if anything.

The opposing stallion kept his glare “Yes she’s my sister. I know you’ve been working and protecting her and her friends from the Decepticons but I still don’t trust you or any of your Autobot friends.”

Starscream was about to make a retort to calling the Autobots his friends but held his tongue.

“I want to make sure that you’re well aware that I’m watching you. If anything happens to my sister, machine or pony, I’ll make sure you regret it.”

Starscream only glared at the opposing stallion back. Wasn’t it clear that he wasn’t going to hurt them, if he wanted to, he would have done it along time ago. He’s been in contact with them for half a steller cycle and he’s only been cooperative (and the good that has done) and now he’s being threatened by one of them.

“I’ll have you know Commander, that if I wanted to harm your sister or any of her friends, I would’ve a long time ago. Ask the Autobots, they’ll tell you. In fact, you can probably trust them more than me…”

“What are you implying?”

“That if there is anyone who’s going to stay and defend this planet and its residents, it’s me!”


The body of Unicron was closer to completion. The ‘skeleton’ of the very large and very powerful being, the frame of the being was still being created but was still manifesting its internal workings. The being wasn’t entirely same as it once was. It wasn’t just the typical workings of the once mechanical giant. Some of it was actually organic and not entirely mechanically functioning. Due to Celestia’s merging, Unicorn wasn’t just a mechanical being.

Celestia was currently looking out of one of Unicron’s eyes with Nightmare Moon right behind her but still a distance away. Neither of them spoke. Even Unicron remained silent. Celestia stood tall. Her size was the equivalent of Optimus Prime’s. None of her other features had changed. Her horn was still shining and sparking electricity, emitting very powerful energy.

She stood there just looking. If was very strange. Every time she felt doubt, she felt confidence. Every time she felt sadness, she felt joy. It was like when she felt an emotion she expected to have, she would feel the opposite. This couldn’t have been right. But she felt she was doing the right thing. As soon as she merged with Unicorn she felt all her worries had disappeared. She felt that she was saving her world. She remembered when she attacked Nightmare Moon she felt doubt and fear but it was suddenly disappeared. She didn’t think it had anything to do with the power she was gaining.

She was sure that Nightmare Moon didn’t have anymore influence. Perhaps it was Unicron? After all they were merging. But her thoughts were her own, and she didn’t have any kind of influence over Unicron, at least she didn’t think so. But it still felt like something was influencing her emotions or at least her conscience. She didn’t know what to think, but she was able to gather that Unicron could at least know her emotions, she hoped she didn’t know her thoughts.

Celestia looked out to where she knew where her planet was though he wasn’t in sight “Don’t worry Equestria… Cybertron… You’ll both be under our protection…”

Sorry for the long delay and well the work doesn't seem to justify the wait but ironically, during school I find more time to write and school is starting back up so hopefully I can update more often and I'm sure Transformers Fall of Cybertron is going to be finished in a day or two...um...right...look out for the IDW My Little Pony Comic coming in November.

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