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Together...forms one

Chapter 8 Together…forms one

Celestia flew through the freezing space, a place she had never been to. Something her sister would probably be more familiar with than she was. Something she was not really fond on looking back on, much like her sister herself. Space was quiet and sound made seemed to be lost as if in a vacuum of sound. Even the sight of the peaceful starts and, what she suspected, planets were did not seem to offer comfort or sense of good feeling.

The only reason she wasn’t freezing to death or lack of air was because of a magic aura that surrounded her that seemed to offer her being necessary warmth, or at least enough from freezing stiff. While immortal, being killed wasn’t impossibility to an Alicorn. While this did exclude things like hunger, exhaustion, and even extreme conditions, she was far from invulnerable.

She drifted through the endless void going to where the ‘voice’ was taking her. It was like going through a preset path. While still at her freewill, it felt like she was being taken there against her. Even she didn’t know how to explain it herself. It seemed like she was following an invisible tunnel. If was as if she tried to go to a different direction, she’d hit a wall.

The voice was surprisingly quiet most of the time, only giving her directions like ‘stay steady’ and ‘we’re almost there’ and other statements with similar meanings. But at the same time she was feeling a strange aura. Not the same that was keeping her warm, it was something… powerful. It literally felt like an extreme power radiating from a source she had yet to see.

During this trip into space she originally was thinking of her planet and her sister and all her people of her country. She was very concerned and felt that leaving them with only a small and short notice seemed unfair. Especially since she promised her sister she would make a statement to ensure her people that Luna hasn’t done anything to her and took over. At least she had her stallions to be informed of the situation so they won’t revolt or question her sister anymore than they already did.

In honesty, she was sad to think that she ignored her sister’s reputation. In fact, she usually went along with it as oppose to try and repair it. Of course she comforted when needed and loved her sister more than life itself and she knew Luna felt exactly the same way, but she often forgot that if they are to have Luna back and serve her position where she was loved by her country, they needed to prove she was not Nightmare Moon. She could only hope that the power she was promised would be enough to accomplish this.

Toward the end of the trip her thoughts became one of curiosity. If this ‘voice’ was taking her to Unicron, her expectations were very high. All she learned from him was books from one of the few explorers who stated to see it. But according to the book, it was literally a planet, but it was more than that. And taking what Starscream had told her, she really didn’t know what to expect. If it was like a giant transformer like Starscream said it was she couldn’t tell if she should be scared or just intrigued.

After flying through space at a seemingly forever and without cause, going though what seemed like tunnel like vision, the Day Princess was stopped by a sudden moving rock going in front of her path.

“STOP!” the voice screeched painfully like before.

“What?” Celestia asked recovering from the piercing voice.

“We’re here.” The voice said. All of a sudden Celestia felt a huge jolt a coolness coming from inside flew out and suddenly vanished. She didn’t see anything come out but felt it come out. All of a sudden the rock in front of her dissipated and showed her something that was horrifying.

What she saw was a large transformer like head, horned looking figure. It was mechanical and had what looked like metal facial features. Its eyes were glass and were both shattered. The head was mostly orange and grey with his mouth slightly ajar.


“I” the voice was booming, catching the day Princess off guard “am Unicron.”

The white Alicorn was truly afraid to see this in front of her “You’re Uni-Unicron…”

“Yes…” the large head said. The voice seemed to just come from just the head in general. The mouth didn’t move at all. “I am the one who has brought you here.”

“You… you’re the voice?”

“No.” The voice from before called though it wasn’t coming from her head now. She looked up at the top of the large head and saw a figure manifest there from a blue aura. The figure turned into a pony form and the white Alicorn recognized her immediately.

“Nightmare Moon!” she called with a glare, but she then stopped for a moment “Luna?”

Nightmare laughed “No. You’re sister resisted me and the Elements of Harmony made her be able to force me out!”

Celestia didn’t know what to think. She didn’t think her sister was evil or that she would’ve done anything like that if she wasn’t in her full control. But she figured Nightmare Moon was something Luna made while she was on her rampage. But now learning that she was in a sense possessed, she didn’t know what to think.

“Resisted?” she questioned.

“Yes. I came to her first because I felt her pain and jealousy. I wanted to bring her to Unicron but her own selfish desires only got the best of her when I gave her my power.” The dark blue Alicorn said with a somewhat ‘on the spot’ tone.

Celestia shook her head “What do you have to do with Unicron?”

The entity chuckled as she flew back to him “He created me.”


“I did” Unicron spoke once again “I have power of great magnitude…but I am greatly damaged”

The white alicorn blinked at this and remained silent.

“In this state… I am limited” The large head continued “But together, we can rebuild me.”

“No! I know who you are Unicron! You’re terrorized and destroyed billions of lives!”

The being was very silent but Nightmare Moon flew back in front of Celestia as she gave the being a death glare “So you’re going with what Starscream has told you. As hard as it is to believe I was with the Transformers when they fought us as well.”

“What? They know you too?”

“They know me as someone else.” Nightmare’s voice changed to a more masculine/robotic tone “I was on both their sides, they are all the same. In the end, they all feed on War. They cannot be helped; they are hopelessly with war with one another. And with their war, they have only endangered thousands of lives with their meanness battles. Unicron does it for survival as they do to carry on their petty disputes…”

Celestia didn’t know what to say to that. She knew that Starscream had informed her that the Decepticons and Autobots have been at war longer than she has been alive. It made sense in a sick strange way. For a war to last as long as it has was…meaningless it couldn’t have any justifiable reasoning by it.

“If we become one, we can ensure safety to your planet and with our powers as one, we can ensure justice to all those who stand in your way...”

Celestia only had tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that she was thinking about actually doing this. But… her duty was to her country… and stop all those who threaten that with any force she felt necessary…and control over the whole planet she felt she deserved. All of a sudden, her horn glowed and flew into the head of Unicron with Nightmare Moon following behind.

--Equestria, Ponyville--

Within a half an hour passed from where the Autobots were transported to, the Autobots were already at the outskirts of the town. Surprisingly, it was a fairly quite trip the entire time. Aside from a few instructions of Twilight, there wasn’t much talk between then, minus Pinkie Pie constantly asking Bumblebee questions that either disturbed or confused the yellow spy.

Starscream stayed in the air with Rainbow Dash next to him while Ironhide and Prowl watched over her like a hawk watching over it’s pray. The ex-seeker was aware that they were waiting for him to say or do something so they could just terminate him and seem necessary. But it was something he came to terms with over night.

“I think the white guy and red guy are watching you?” Rainbow Dash said keeping her voice down, hoping they didn’t hear.

“Can’t say that I’m surprised.” The silver pegasus said to her. He stayed silent for a moment and turned back to her “I have a favor to ask.”

“Okay sure, what is it?”

“I want you to stay by me. As long as one of you is nearby, I don’t have much to worry about them pulling out a blaster at me.”

She smirked “Tables turned. I’m protecting you now.” Starscream rolled his eyes “Whatever Screamer.” The ex-seeker groaned at that but continued on without saying anything.

Optimus Prime looked over at the two pegasi having a conversation. He never really did know what to think of the whole situation. He still felt that they were doing the right thing. After all they haven’t treated them in with any type of hostility other than when they first came. And it seemed that Starscream’s story checked out. But still, it’s somewhat like a reverse situation on Earth, although this was only one Decepticon, not the whole affiliation.

The Autobot leader turned downward to face the purple unicorn “Do you know when the rulers of this planet will arrive? Or will they be waiting for us?”

“I’m actually not too sure.” The unicorn answered truthfully “I hope Celestia and Luna are there by the time we get to Ponyville. If they’re not, we’re definitely going to have trouble explaining you guys to Ponyville.”

“Yes, they um…” The timid pegasus spoke “not really fond you guys. The Decepticons I mean… I didn’t mean-”

“I understand.” Optimus said with an understanding chuckle “The Decepticons are not best representatives of our race. Hopefully you’re rulers will see that we are not like them. And in time, we’ll leave your planet in peace.”

“Well, I must say that at least our encounter with you five has been far more pleasant than when we meet the Decepticons. Senseless destruction and then forcing us to give our planet to those… destructive ruffians.” The white, purple mane mare said recalling the disturbing memory.

“That’s putting it lightly” Bumblebee said, hoping to get out of his current ‘conversation’ with Pinkie Pie. “The Decepticons usually just take what they want without question.”

“Yeah, let’s just hope we can get through this as quickly as possible, who knows when Megatron will show up.” Skyfire said suddenly as they were about to enter the town.

“Maybe it would be better if we go into our vehicle modes?” Prowl suggested.

“Ah don’t think that will help much. Not to mention you’ll have ta go back to this form eventually.” Applejack piped in.

“Besides again, this planet isn’t even on Earth’s level of technology. Just seeing you in any form will raise suspicion.” Starscream added, though kept his tone in check.

“I guess we’ll have to rely on the rulers…” The Earth patrol car said with a sigh.

Not long afterwards, the guarded group was taken to the small town to which was surprisingly empty. There were no ponies outdoors and all the windows and doors were closed.

“What the hay? Where is everypony?” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Maybe you scared them off.” Prowl smirked facing the ex-transformer.

“Watch it Autobot.” Starscream growled lowering his brows before looking back at the town.

“Well, knowing this town, they usually retreat to their homes when anything out of the ordinary comes by.” Twilight assumed.

“Yep, doesn’t take much to spook this town, that’s fur sure.” The famer mare agreed.

“Probably saw us coming a long time ago.” Ironhide said aloud while looking around the town and seeing a few ponies looking outside their windows curious as well as a few cracked doors.

“Better than getting shot at I guess.” The large shuttle transformer said with a small smirk.

It was at this time they saw the dark blue Alicorn flying toward them with two pegasi guards with assault rifles beside her. She flew to the town hall where there was a stand with a podium and a few seats available. She could tell that the group saw her and she was thankful for that. The guards she told to watch over Ponyville merely sent her a message, similar to how Spike would send a message to Celestia. Apparently, they sent Earth ponies instead of a unicorn so a flare as planned was not possible, so a simple magic fire, with enchanted herbs and steel, with a note to her had to suffice.

When Luna arrived at the podium she was worried about the news she was about to deliver but also she was annoyed not seeing even the Mayor actually be here as she requested. She wasn’t too surprised about the seemingly abandon town, she was told by Twilight how easily the town was spooked.

Within a few moments the guards took their place with their weapons guarding the podium where Luna was standing in front of where the group of ponies and bots were showing up at.

“Oh good, you made it!” Twilight said relieved seeing the night Princess and running up to the stand while the Autobots and the others stood in front of the stand “Um…where’s Celestia?”

Luna sighed, she was not looking forward to this as she cursed her sister inwardly “We regret to- I regret to say… my sister has left us for some time.”


“I… honestly don’t know. According to my men, she left before I returned to Canterlot to tell her the situation. She did tell me she wanted to go on vacation the night before, but I really don’t know for sure…”

“I say that’s a bit out of character for her don’t you think?” Rarity pointed out.

Applejack nodded to that “Does seem a bit strange for the Princess to just leave without a word.”

“I don’t see what’s wrong.” Pinkie Pie said with a hop in the air “I’m for one love vacations.”

“Quite, I’m sure that she does as well as everypony, but one to leave her duties, even for a short time, it rather unorthodox.” Rarity said before turning back to the Night Princess on the stand.

“I wouldn’t be so sure…” Starscream said silently to himself though Rainbow Dash seemed to hear him as they both landed. His suspicions just kept coming back. He thought that he finally got his mind of a problem but now it just got reinforced. Now Celestia just leaves and now things keep going down hill from there.

“Screamer?” Rainbow prodded “What are you thinking about?”

Starscream remained silent and only turned slightly to her for a moment before walking closer to the stage.

“Come on…” She groaned knowing exactly what Starscream was thinking before walking next to him.

Luna could’ve sworn she felt the Rarity and Applejack glaring daggers at her. She really didn’t know what to say. Lying would only make her look worse and she was aware of that, plus telling a convincing story on the spot wouldn’t make any promising results either. When it boiled down to it, all she had was the trust of the Mane six themselves and her men. After that, she really couldn’t hope for any better results.

The night princess turned to Twilight hoping for her to show faith in her and could tell she just bewildered like she was. Aside from Starscream and herself, she too has seen first hand how strange Celestia has been acting recently. But even then, it was only the trust of two more ponies, she had to take authority and convince the country that is what happened and not that she tried to take over the country.

“What is wrong with Celestia recently?” Twilight asked herself. She then turned to the Night Princess and gave her a small smile “It’ll be okay Princess, just tell the town and we’ll get the Autobots set up so they can go home.”

The Night Princess nodded “Right…” she turned back to the podium and cleared her throat “Citizens of Ponyville!” She yelled in her Royal Canterlot voice “We are here to announce that these beings are nothing to fear! Please vacate your place of residence and join this announcement!”

Slowly but surly, ponies started coming out of their homes or just peaking out their windows of the giant machines to see one of their rulers standing confidently around them. Luna and the others understood, after all, they were the first to meet the Decepticons when they were first come to their planet.

Within a few moments more and more ponies came out of their homes with caution as they come to the podium. Within time the Mayor herself came out of the building where she was supposed to be waiting for Luna and Celestia. But now she finally emerged from the government building to see the events unfold. She really didn’t have much to say, she was petrified with fear, one from Princess Luna and the five large bots.

“Wow, I guess this planet is dominated by ponies?” Skyfire reasoned.

“I thought that too. But apparently, there are other species around this planet. But ponies dominant a few countries…” Starscream answered.

“I see you haven’t totally abandoned being a scientist.” The large shuttle chuckled to which the pegasus smirked at.

“I never have…” he turned away and spoke to himself “And perhaps not for the better.” This made his rainbow mane mare sigh again, but chose not to speak to him about it.

On the stage Twilight and Luna were still there getting ready and Twilight could tell that Luna was still nervous to announce the news. Informing them that Celestia just left and now Luna was in-charge till her return. While her reputation in Ponyville was greater than it was in other cities in Equestria, she knew that it wouldn’t be easy to convince them without some kind of negative reaction.

“You’ll be fine Luna…” Twilight said though she clearly doubted her own statement “You just have to tell them the situation and everything will fall into place…”

Luna gave a sigh before changing her expression into a stronger one and walked up to the podium. Twilight watched over the Princess, hoping this didn’t turn out bad and she noticed that the Starscream was keeping an eye out as well.

The Night Princess took a breath “Citizens of Ponyville!...”

--Outskirts of Ponyville--

The sky opened up once again like a door where several large machines fell through the portal as they have done before. They all landed with a thunderous landing of machinery on the grassy lands. The leader grinned as her stood proud amongst all of them. He remembered the land perfectly and he only grinned wider.

“So it seems Shockwave’s prediction was correct.” The leader turned to his men “Decepticons, we’re at an advantage. Neither the Autobots or the ponies seem to be aware of our presents.”

Soundwave stood by his leader “Megatron, radar has detected no organic or inorganic live.”

“Excellent. Soundwave, eject Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to start long range patrols.” Soundwave nodded as he ejected the red, black, and white bird and another that looked similar but was only yellow and white. As he was giving the two cassetticons orders, Megatron continued to the others “Constructicons, begin construction on the Space Bridge immediately.”

“Yes Megatron!” Scrapper nodded as he transformed and started to lay out the materials with all his men.

Skywarp then walked up to him “But what do we do?”

Megatron chuckled “Nothing for now. We must ensure that the Space Bridge is complete before we worry about the ponies and maybe the Autobots.”

“But what if the ponies did listen to them? And what if Starscream is still alive?” Rumble asked is a somewhat smart alack tone.

Megatron made a low groan “If you’re all curious then go over to that organic settlement” he pointed toward Ponyville “then investigate.”

“What! Alone?”

Megatron chuckled “It is only a few mere organics Rumble, surly you’re not afraid.”

“Yeah!” Swindle added as he handed a piece of metal to Hook “You’re not afraid are you?”

“No! But why don’t you do it!”

Megatron chuckled but was still getting annoyed “Enough.” He said firmly “You’re small and therefore able to get in undetected.” The small purple cassette groaned “Now get over there and report you’re findings. And keep your comlink open.”

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