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In Brightest Day...In Brightest Night...

Chapter 16 In Brightest Day…In Brightest Night…

“It…can’t be…” Starscream uttered as his optics adjusted to the brightness through the previously dark reddish atmosphere the city once was before she came in. Celestia’s light was so powerful that pierced through any other sources of light the destruction of the city. Combat all around had ceased from the mere light in and of itself. “Impossible! She’s too large.”

One may think Twilight of all ponies would be relieved to see her ruler/teacher after she was worried about her but…this presentation of such power was unsettling. While Celestia has displayed her power to show authority or get others attention, it was never in such a fashion as this. On top of that she looked very different, her body was glowing, it wasn’t a reflection from her usual white fur it was too radiant to be just that. In addition, her Royal attire was entirely different from when they last saw her and her eyes were entirely bleached out from a distance.

“Celestia…this…can’t be her…” Twilight couldn’t believe what she was seeing. This didn’t feel right, her displaying such power. One could justify the fact that the destruction of the planet seemed inevitable would seem necessary to make the battle seize. “I’ve never seen her like this…”

Starscream flew in closer but kept at an easy pace so Twilight wouldn’t fall off his shoulder. He noticed the Autobots followed his example as they transformed and drove toward the slowly lowering Princess Celestia as she went through the piercing light. Skyfire also took to the air but was holding four of the Elements of Harmony and an injured Luna as Rainbow Dash was quickly flying to catch up to Starscream. “I don’t like this…” he growled

“Hold up Screamer!” a rainbow mane pegasus yelled out as she flew next to him “It’s about time Celestia showed up huh?” It was at this point she noticed that neither Starscream nor Twilight seemed to be happy like she was. “What? She’s back! Maybe we can-”

“This isn’t right.” Twilight called out to Rainbow. “Look at her!”

Rainbow did as instructed. At first, she didn’t see the issue like before, but as they got closer, they saw her. She gasped as well as she got a better look at her, she understood what the issue was now.

Skyfire flew in his robot mode holding the five of them in his servos and keeping them close but also kept at a slow pace to make it easier on them as they flew through the battle-ridden air. “Oh my…” Fluttershy uttered as she took a step back as she peered over Skyfire’s servo. “I’ve…never seen her like this before…so…”

“Scary and mean looking?” Pinkie interjected in a strange sense of optimism.

“Um…yes.” The yellow mare said a bit started by it.

“Pinkie Pie darling, don’t you think that perhaps this isn’t the time or the place to be so…excited?” Rarity inquired, also a bit stumped as to her jumped attitude.

“Huh? Of course it is! See Celestia is back! Which means everything will fall into place everything will be peachy keen. And then we can have a party!” She yelled out excitedly.

Luna was standing in front of all of them, looking out to see her sister, trying to keep her breath even, she was standing on all fours but was clearly struggling to do so and her pierced wing dragging down. Applejack stood by her, “I don’t know Pinkie, this don’t feel right.”

“Sister…please…don’t let this be what we fear...”

Starscream landed a few yards away from the light was standing out. By the time Skyfire had landed next to Starscream, Optimus, Sideswipe, and Ironhide all had transformed behind him and advanced slowly but never getting much further than where Starscream and Skyfire were.

“Such power…” Starscream said in awe just as Celestia finally landed on the ground, in the middle of a crossroad. Celestia stood as tall as any of the Cybertronians; close in size to Optimus Prime. In close view, they noticed that her eyes weren’t completely bleached out, her eye color was still there but barely, and her metallic transformations were clearer to them. Her expression showed a strong, determined, and serious look but she wasn’t paying attention to Cybertronians and ponies alike.

“Celestia…” Twilight uttered, it was too low for the princess herself to hear but Rainbow Dash heard her as she landed next to her.

“Whoa…” Rainbow Dash said as she found herself trembling, any self-assurance she once had when first seeing her ruler gone.

“Equestria!” Celestia called out. “Your ruler and protector has returned!” The call was heard over the entire city, the tone was nothing like Luna’s Royal Canterlot voice, and it was not only louder but also much more firm.

“Sister!” Luna called out as loud as she could. “Tia!”

Celestia finally seemed to look at five Cybertronians in front of her and noticed the Elements of Harmony with them as well as her sister. “Luna, Twilight, I am glad to see this up close, I will finally bring our world and theirs,” she motioned with her head to Optimus Prime, “to peace. I will be put in control of both.”

“What?” Starscream questioned.

“Is this the Princess’s sister?” Optimus asked the seeker next to him.

“Yes. She and Luna are supposed ruler this country together.” He quickly explained.

“No!” Celestia called out catching all of them off guard.

“What’s her problem?!” Rainbow Dash yelled out of surprise, everyone else was just as startled.

“Over the last year, our combined leadership has been a failure!” She began.

“What?” Luna said, her heart was in more pain than her actual physical wounds were when she heard that. “Tia?”

None of the Elements of Harmony believed what they just heard. Any kind of assurance they may have had with her return was quickly disappeared. Even Pinkie Pie’s high optimism was quickly crushed with that statement, her hair deflated flat, and this was cemented with a death glare from the large Celestia at her own younger sister.

“Since you’ve returned, peace has been impossible!” She said denouncing her sister loudly. “By myself I ensured peace for Equestria. But since you’ve returned and resumed your rule, Equestria has been in constant threat. Even before your banishment, chaos came to light in many ways.”

“Sister, We didn’t!-” Luna cried out.

“You have been nothing but a threat to your own nation! Your banishment should’ve remained firm!”

“This…” Twilight began, “This can’t be Celestia…it can’t be.” This couldn’t possibly be her teacher.

Unbeknownst to the Autobots and the Elements of Harmony, Megatron was watching from afar some distance away; he wasn’t paying attention to his former opponents but instead he was focused on the very thing they were paying attention to. While not as aware as his opponents about what was going on, the shocked expressions he knew they were wearing made the Decepticon leader less hostile and more intrigued.

“What are you talking about?” Starscream abruptly yelled out. “She had nothing to do with this! Or the first Decepticon invasion!”

Celestia turned the red seeker and gave him a similar glare, “You and your race have no bearing on this matter!”

“What’s she talking about then?” Rainbow asked quietly, not really directing the question to either Starscream or Twilight.

“Aside from Nightmare Moon… I don’t know.” Twilight answered quickly. She then quickly took a step forward, “Celestia! What’s wrong with you?”

Her bright eyes turned to her directly on the seeker’s shoulder, “Nothing! I acquired great power! I am now able to provide protection and peace to all of Equestria and Cybertron!”

“Cybertron?” Ironhide asked aloud taking a skeptical step forward.

Celestia ignored the red Autobot. “Twilight, I wanted you to be part of this, your increasing strength in magic is remarkable and I still want you to be part of it.”

“Wanted me to be part of-” the purple unicorn said to herself silently before realizing what she meant. “You wanted me to return to Canterlot for…this?” she yelled out, adding the last part in a lower tone. She was able to tell that what was happening as everything developed in front of them had all been planned.

“Yes,” she answered with a supposed gentle but looked more menacing smile. “I wanted you to be part of this my faithful student. I felt that it would be necessary to show you this power and we’d keep our planet and theirs safe.”

“What power?” Luna questioned.

Celestia’s smile widen slightly. She flew up into the air, away from shining light once was. All of them watched her as she ascended into the air, her horn glowing brightly from her already slight glossy white fur. She aimed her horn up and immediately, the opening that light come from expanded, clearing all the dark clouds produced from the combat earlier. The sky became clear again, as the clouds dissipated into thin air and revealed her newfound power, everyone gasped. In the sky some distance away from the sun was a large orange and grey, planet sized phenomena existing there. It had an open hole in the middle producing a clear, almost blue light; it was clear what was producing the light Celestia descended from.

Tears began to stream from Twilight’s eyes again once she saw it. “No…” she stopped, trying to prevent tears for a second, “is that-”

“Unicron.” Starscream said, both finishing her question and providing an answer to it as well. He was obviously scared but he couldn’t help but feel contempt again…he warned them…and now it was too late.

“That’s Unicron?” Rainbow asked, having a hard time believing this was true.

“No!” Optimus ran up in front of everyone, confronting Celestia. “Your majesty, I fear you’ve made a perilous mistake. Unicron will destroy your planet if you let him do this.”

Celestia descended from the air with a glare toward the Autobot leader. “No I have not. You and your race has not right to speak to me in such a manner!”

“Princess-” Optimus attempted.

“Queen! I not only rule this planet but I now rule yours!”

“What?” Megatron glowed from a distance but didn’t make any sort of move yet.

“Your race is irresponsible!” she yelled out. “You continued on with an eons of nothing but senseless bloodshed on your planet. And if it doesn’t come to an end, you will spread this war to mine as well. There is no excuse from a war to last this long and at the cost of millions, if not billions of lives.”

Optimus and the others didn’t have much of a rebuttal to what she said.

“You!” she made it specifically to Optimus “And Megatron have proven to be in unnecessary. No matter what the cause is, both of you have proven to be failures of leadership! And for the lives Cybertron, I will rule it to have its long awaited peace!” she then turned to rest of them and said out loudly “I, Queen Celestia, with the power of Unicron, will now rule this entire planet and Cybertron, there will be no divisions anymore between races anymore. I will be in control of all Equestrians and the Cybertronians!”

“No…” Megatron uttered silently before flying directly toward the proclaimed queen. With a loud battle cry, he aimed his fusion cannon at the large alicorn and fired the energy blast at her “No one rules Megatron!”

The powerful energy blasts hardly made the gleaming Alicorn flinch. She turned toward the approaching Decepticon leader, charged up her horn with a red aura, and fired a beam of energy that was equal as powerful as Megatron’s weapon, but the results against Megatron left him grounded once again.

“Any resistance will be met with harsh punishment!” Celestia cried out flying to the air once more.

“We take no orders from anyone but Megatron!” a loud booming voice called out and very loud stomping came close. Bruticus came running toward the Alicorn ready to crush her with his massive fist. But as before, Celestia didn’t seem to be afraid. Her horn produced an orange aura, and immediately, Bruticus stop, clearly struggling to move as an orange aura appeared around him.

“How can she control him?” Luna said to herself as Skyfire gently put them on a nearby building’s roof.

“Their magic isn’t supposed to affect us…” Skyfire quickly put together what her train of thought was.

“What’s she doing?” Fluttershy asked looking upon this horrific sight of their ruler.

Celestia now wore a wicked grin as she used her magic to slowly pull the five Combaticons apart, visibly unwillingly on their part. Twilight once again kept looking at her teacher…she couldn’t believe it was her. The Celestia she knew would never do this to anyone, this couldn’t possibly be her. “Stop!” she cried out in vain.

Celestia in an instant pulled the five Combaticons apart violently, damaging the five of them significantly, as she dropped them to the ground in front of her with a loud crunch and bang of heavy metal hit the concrete ground. All five of them groaned in pain as they attempted to move but found it increasingly difficult.

“Now you see Twilight, the power I have been given with Unicron. As my student, I want to teach you this power as well.”

Twilight’s tears of disbelief and sadness turned into a teary glare “Never…” Celestia had bit of a shocked expression from her answer “You’re not my teacher.”

“Then I will allow you to serve under me…I will show you.” All of a sudden, Twilight was quickly grabbed by an aura of energy.

“Twilight!” Rainbow yelled and quickly went to the sky and grabbed her friend and tried to pull her away from her. Starscream quickly pulled out aimed his null ray and fired at the Alicorn continuously. At first, it appeared to have no affect, but a stray shot from the electrical disruptor weapon hit the Alicorn’s horn, causing her lose her concentration and grip on Twilight. But after pulling so hard and the resistance suddenly being released, they both flew back and landed on the ground.

Both were panting heavily. “Thanks Dash.” Twilight said quickly.

“Sure anytime.” She answered with a very weak chuckle.

“Get out of here!” Starscream yelled out to them. This was quickly greeted with a beam of energy blasting the seeker back on his back. “Primus…”

Skyfire and the other Autobots also raised their weapons ago began their own rain of fire of firepower on the Alicorn. The remaining Decepticons also came from hiding places and open fire as well as Prowl, Grimlock and Bumblebee, but Celestia was prepared for such a counterattack. She quickly put a magenta shield up, thus further protecting herself from any conceivable attack.

“Stop! Cease fire!” Optimus yelled out, attempting to stop the situation from getting worse.

Luna was about to protest this attack but was stopped when Celestia’s shield became a powerful shockwave blowing all of them and even stay stallions of the Royal guard that were watching back as well as Luna and the Elements of Harmony. The mass punch of force pushed many of them on their backs. Optimus was pushed back into over a whole set of small buildings and landed in the middle of the same road that Megatron was at.

Megatron got up, ignoring both the wound he received earlier from Celestia and Optimus as he continued to glare. He aimed his Fusion Cannon at her and was ready to fire but stop when he saw the white Alicorn turn to him.

“All those who refuse to fall under my rule will be punished!” she called out. “And this includes you too Megatron.” She held a bright glare.

The Decepticon leader would rarely ever consider lowering his weapon but he wasn’t stupid. He knew he couldn’t fight her; she was far too powerful, it clear that their immunity to magic no longer applied to her anymore. He was able to quickly deduce that this was Unicron’s doing one way or another. He did lower his weapon but he kept his guard up. From the distance he noticed many Decepticons and the few Autobots getting up but Starscream remained unconscious, the blast kept him out.

Celestia quickly turned away and went to the small group of ponies a short distance away, all lying back on the ground thanks to her shockwave. They were all lying close to a building wall where a now unconscious Skyfire was. They all jumped out as Skyfire was knocked out. She looked down at the group before she cast a spell on herself to make herself her original Alicorn size. She walked past the five mares that were struggling to get up and went straight to her sister.

Luna was lying against the wall with her eyes closed and tears falling from both her broken heart and from her wounds. She didn’t notice her approaching sister.

“Luna.” Celestia called out gently for the first time, but still firmly. The dark Alicorn looked up at her. “You lied to me.”

“Tia…what’s happened to you?” the younger sister asked in pain.

“You lied to me.” She said again a bit louder.

“What?” she asked weakly.

“You told me the dark power you possessed as Nightmare Moon made you lose sight of everything.”

Luna remained quiet. She didn’t know what was wrong with that, that’s how she remembered it.

“However, I now know it was for more malicious deeds.”

“What?” Luna wanted to cry again, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I know of Nightmare Moon’s power…and you used her power for your selfish desires.”

“Sister, we created Nightmare Moon from our-” she was interrupted with a loud slap across her muzzle from her metallic looking hoof.

“You created nothing. You were offered power form Nightmare Moon and you abused it instead of using its power to help the kingdom.” Luna looked up at her elder sister’s nearly bleached eyes. “I should’ve sent you back to the moon after the Elements relieved you of such power.”

Luna again struggled to believe what she was hearing, her own sister, the one who gave her a second chance, the one who never left her side, was now condemning her. And she didn’t understand why either. The way she was speaking implied that Nightmare Moon was another person, not part her. All this time, she believed she created Nightmare Moon, that her grief and anger had turned her into a manifestation of them as Nightmare Moon, that she eventually lost control over. But Celestia was saying this as if Nightmare Moon was actually another pony…

“You lied to me.” She reiterated, “You lied to Equestria.”

“No she didn’t!” Celestia turned around to see Applejack struggling to get on her legs “I don’t know wut’s got into you Princess…but I know this isn’t you, look at whut you’re doing!”

“Indeed!” Rarity called out as well. “With this ‘power’ you’ve only demonstrated that you are no better than them!” She motioned with her hoof the pile of Combaticons still struggling.

“Prince- I mean um Queen, they are right,” Fluttershy from the far left of her said out loud. “You haven’t made any peace, you’ve only made everypony fear you.”

“Yeah.” Pinkie said with her flattened mane. “And you condemned your own sister.”

It was at this point that Twilight and Rainbow Dash trotted in and saw the whole scene. Celestia didn’t say anything the entire time, she processed everything that was told to her. She looked down at the ground and searching her mind, she noticed all the guilt she was feeling. A single tear fell from her eye.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Luna. “Tia…”

Celestia turned to her sister as more tears came. All of a sudden, her eyes glowed brightly and she instantly struck her sister again. “You all disapprove of your ruler. None of you are worthy to call yourself the Elements of Harmony!”

The seven of them were startled again by her reaction. “You are a threat to the peace I offer with this power! I will treat you like any other who threatens it!” The white Alicorn flew into the air and her horn began glowing brightly.

“Princess!” Twilight tried in vain.

“Queen!” Celestia yelled out in a piercing tone.

Twilight felt as if her heart had been pierced…it was becoming clear that this wasn’t Celestia. But at the same time, this was the pony she spent most of her life with; she taught her everything she knew. But she wasn’t blind, this wasn’t her teacher, this couldn’t possibly be her. “You’ve changed…the Celestia I knew would never do this!”

“You’ve betrayed me…the Elements betrayed me. And you will all pay a price!” Her horn glowed brightly as she ascended into the air.

The white alicorn’s horn glowed with a green aura as she then unleashed beams of energy out toward the many Royal Guard stallions watching from a far distance and quickly grabbed a hold of them. Many of them tried to run away but all were captured. All of them screamed and pled for mercy from the ruler they loyally served.

“What is she doing?” Applejack questioned as they all watched.

Starscream finally awoke from the concussion of the shockwave and saw what was happening. He was right next to the Elements of Harmony and Luna as they all watched. He quickly noticed Megatron and Optimus a bit away behind them behind a strip of buildings and were using as cover but neither of them were acting hostel, in fact they was only observing everything but he also noted the fact that he was standing next to Optimus but neither of them spoke.

Celestia grabbed a hold of her army and suspended them in the air bunched them close together. It was then she turned her attention back to the scrambled pile of Combaticons and lifted them up as well close to the bunched of stallions. She grinned wickedly again as her green aura for her horn turned to a blue. All of a sudden, both the Combaticons and the guards were suddenly turned into bright blindly lights. Celestia then mold them into a ball of nothing that was recognizable of what they were but just a large bright ball of energy, like the sun. Then her horn blasted a shot of energy at the ball and suddenly, like an explosion at ground zero, a blinding light flashed over them.

The sever ponies and the few conscious Cybertronians covered their eyes/optics. When the light past they all looked up to a frightening sight; in the air where they were light was an army…an army of stallions but they looked like machines. They didn’t look Cybertronian exactly; they looked like typical mindless machines.

All of them were much larger; about half the size of an average Cybertronain, they all had bright red eyes and they were all wearing grey helmets that were similar to the Celestia armor they were originally wearing. They all also had weapons on them on that ranged from typical Cybertronian blasters to rocket launchers. They were bedecked with gold and greenish armor that protected their entire body.

“She merged her men with the Combaticons.” Megatron said keeping his arms crossed.

“She merged her magic with the power of Unicron.” Optimus said finally standing up and picking of Ion Blaster. He then turned to the Decepticon leader, “You know just as much as I do neither of us can stop them alone.”

“I agree,” answered Megatron with no hesitation. “We’ve dealt with Unicron before; this is nothing we can do alone. And deny it all you want Prime, but I know that you dislike have our planet under another’s rule than your own.”

“This isn’t just about the security or the freedom of our race” Optimus made clear to the Decepticon leader “This security of all life, the power Unicron possesses may possibly remain unmatched.” He then turned to Celestia’s newly formed army.

“Oh my…” Fluttershy uttered at the terrifying sight of the new army as they all landed on the ground in unison with a light stump with Celestia herself landing in front of her newly formatted army.

“We have to get out of here…the battle is lost.” Starscream said quietly as he finally stood up. He noticed Skyfire getting up as well; he too was previously unconscious earlier but now was awakening. “Skyfire, get the Princess and the others out of here.”

“No way!” The blue pegasus flew up to face the seeker in his optics. “You think you guys can take on that!” She pointed with her hoof the sheer power Celestia was displaying.

Starscream growled because she knew she was right. They all tried and they all failed with a brigade of firepower earlier that he started. It wasn’t his intention to start sending a brigade of energy at the Day Princess; he was only trying to free Twilight from her magical grip. Either way, though, it proved that even with the combined efforts of the Autobots and the Decepticons, a direct attack like that wouldn’t work.

He turned over to see the rest of the group injured and scared but he could tell that both Twilight and Luna were hurting. He knew due to their close connection to her, he had a feeling that they didn’t want to ‘hurt’ her. Starscream never actually had an overall positive experience with her. But Starscream did prefer Luna over Celestia and Twilight was one of his closest friends on this planet.

But, even if he did care what they felt about her, it wouldn’t matter. Conventional methods wouldn’t work anyway he knew now. Moreover, magic immunity clearly wasn’t a factor anymore and Unicron infinitely increasing her power to extremes none of them truly knew didn’t make it any easier.

“She is right.” Skyfire said turn to his former partner “We can’t fight her…”

“And with an improved army, it makes immediate attack strategic maneuver impossible.” The seeker reasoned further but was still wasn’t happy with this development.

Celestia’s new army stood ready and looked at the Elements of Harmony and her sister with the two scientists by the group conversing and watching what she was doing with her newly formed army.

Celestia felt a ping of guilt back before when the four of them told her off when she was scolding her sister. She couldn’t explain it or comprehend what exactly was happening. She never would’ve struck her sister, ever, but in an instant she felt a fit of rage, images of the damage she caused as Nightmare Moon that caused her to do it.

But it still felt resentment regardless, she was offering them peace. She knew under her complete rule, there would be no more war, conflicts, or crisis. In the end, it was what was better for the universe and the world. It sounded insane…but something was making it feel right…

“Equestria!” The Alicorn quickly cast a spell that put her to the size she was when she first came to the planet. “Anyone to show resistance will be punished with lethal force or a punishment I feel fit!”

“Optimus!” Prowl yelled out coming from behind his leader with Bumblebee following. He quickly noticed Megatron next to him and quickly raised his blaster. “Megatron!”

“Stand down Prowl” Optimus told him as he pulled his subrogates’ weapon “Our war has been postpone for another threat.”

“Okay Prime” Prowl growled looking at him directly at his optics “Accepting Starscream on our side is one thing, but do you expect to believe Megatron?”

“Stand down Prowl” Optimus’ light blue optics glared at him. While Optimus gave his men a little more leeway when it came conversing on serious matters, he didn’t tolerate in-subornation.

“I recommend that you follow your leader Autobot.” Megatron suddenly entered in the conversation “This is battle that neither of us can do alone.”

“We can take on Unicron.” Prowl turned to Bumblebee, who currently was standing next to his leader “Right Bumblebee?”

The small Autobot shook his head “Hate to disagree with you again Prowl, but the Combaticons couldn’t even lay a servo on her. What chance do we have against her?”

“Optimus, will you look at this town? The Decepticons did all this.” Prowl motioned his arm about to further emphasize “Do you really think teaming up is any way a good idea?”

“Your options are limited Autobot.” Megatron pointed out to the newly formed army. Megatron and Optimus were able to tell the Prowl either didn’t notice them before or finally got a good look.

Prowl only glared.

Starscream, Skyfire, and all the ponies watched as their once idled ruler was turning a once fair and truly peaceful country to a now a seemly tyrannical dictatorship. “We have ta get out of here…” Applejack uttered silently.

“But what about Celestia?” Twilight asked weakly, still trying to remove tears.

“We have to evacuate.” Skyfire answered, “I’m sure if we stay we’re not going to make it. Well, until we let them take the country.”

“We’re not doing that!” Starscream growled as he finally got to his legs but stayed low “But we can’t fight them here.”

“Them?” Luna asked as she once again struggling to stand up but succeeded to so.

Twilight went over to the dark Alicorn and helped her balance by leaning on her side. Luna noticed this and turned to her and noticed Twilight was pointing her hoof in the sky. Luna saw the large planet looking phenomenon when Celestia opened up the sky but she didn’t know what it was.

“That’s Unicron.” Twilight said to her.

“How unfortunate,” Starscream interrupted. “Seems that this could’ve been addressed with much more preparation if we all but listened to a fellow companion.”

Twilight and Rainbow Dash both knew what he meant as he looked down at the two of them. Rainbow Dash actually glared at the seeker for really accusing them about their inaction. Starscream noticed this but didn’t do anything show any acknowledgement to it. Twilight on the other hand did feel a bit of guilt. In some ways, she felt Starscream was justified but still in the back of her head, she was thinking ‘what could they have done?’ as well as other scenarios were playing in her head.

“Army of Celesticron!” Celestia called out to her newly formed army, grabbing their attention. “Eliminate all hostels of my Empire. If anyone makes any attempt to attack the empire or show any kind of threat to Equestria or to me,” she paused as she turned to the two scientists and the group but made it clear to her sister “Kill them.”

All of them stayed where they were. None of them, including the remaining Decepticons dared raise their weapons and retaliate. After easily breaking apart Bruticus and merging her own men to the heavily damaged combiners to a now impressive looking army. Even if they could take on Celestia’s army, Celestia herself was a different story. Even Grimlock didn’t show any kind of hostilities toward her, or even dare try to speak.

Unicron was obviously also an opponent and factor. While Equestria didn’t know, the Cybertronians still did. Unicron was a force to be reckoned with, a being that could’ve driven their race to extinction. The planet-size being has almost won, and for that, it had remained a chapter in Cybertronian history. Neither the Autobots or the Decepticons took it lightly, this wasn’t a simple matter of one being superior to another, neither of them had the resources to combat him alone. And even with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the artifact that ultimately defeated Unicron couldn’t just be used lightly.

“But know that I am not without mercy!” Celestia called out “While crimes have been committed, I will let them be with minimal repercussions. Luna, my sister, you will be removed from royal duties and forever remain with your power striped. Also you never rise the Moon and bring forth the night again!” Luna cried but nodded, having Twilight further support her as she tried to comfort her “Twilight Sparkle” Twilight turned away from Luna to face her teacher “You are expelled, you will no longer be my apprentice and will no longer to be able to officially study magic in Equestria.” Such a sentence hit her hard, she jerked back as if Celestia just punched her in the chest, but Luna, just like Twilight did for her, nuzzled her a bit.

The Elements of Harmony also came to comfort to two of them, all of them knowing that they too would be punished but all came to comfort the two most affected “Don’t worry Twi, you got us.”

“Of course, both of you, you will have us.” Fluttershy attempted but she herself was having a hard time believing what was happening.

“Elements of Harmony” Celestia called out “Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkiemena; all of you are banished from Canterlot and are never to return.”

All of them were saddened but really, it wasn’t as personal as Luna’s and Twilight’s and they were very much aware of this.

“Megatron, Optimus Prime!” Celestia called out loudly. She saw the two leaders climbed out of their hiding place behind a building in the street and showed they were listening. Optimus stood tall and Megatron merely crossed his arms “Both of you are striped of your command. I now rule over all Autobots and Decepticons. Both of you are as important as the next under me.”

Neither Optimus or Megatron really had a reaction to her punishment. In some ways, it didn’t mean anything yet. As far as either of them knew, Cybertron hasn’t been affected yet, although both of them knew that she was planning on doing so, with Unicron in the picture, they knew their planet was part of the plan somewhere.

“Starscream!” The addressed seeker crossed his arms really waiting for any sort of punishment really “I don’t know how you got Cybertronian form back but I feel you have abused this ability.” Starscream raised an optic, he honestly didn’t expect that kind of deduction “For further retaliation on my return, you are forbidden of your Cybertronian form!” The seeker growled but decided to complied, quickly reverting to his pony form, with a flash and kept himself at a certain high level and flied up to keep it up. He knew if he didn’t do it, Celestia probably would have used another spell on him.

But to Starscream’s amusement this little stunt did catch the ruler off guard. However, this was short lived “If you are ever seen as your Cybertronian form again, you will be executed.”

The remaining Cybertronians, both Autobots and Decepticons from all around the town looked at one another, not really knowing what their fates remained “All remaining you will fall under my authority from now on. Either you return to Cybertron and await my reform of your planet, or you fall under my direct authority as my protection.”

Starscream landed to the ground close to the female companions and glared up at the new ruler. He turned to his grim friends who were now showing their sadness, it seemed impossible for such a thing. Their ruler for all their lives, who protected them and showed all of them enormous love and care. Now she was becoming a forceful dictator, basically condemning them, almost as if she never cared.

“Now, Luna, Twilight, all of you” Celestia once again getting their attention forcefully “All of you, leave, none of you are to return to Canterlot. If you do not leave now, you will be executed.”

The seven ponies took one last look at their new ruler before doing what they were told. Luna led them as she limbed weakly with Twilight supporting her. Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy walked behind them but in the way back were Rainbow Dash and Starscream.

The ex-seeker could just feel Skyfire’s gaze as the seven of them walked down the destroyed town. Hardly anything remained from the horrific battle with the Decepticons the demonstration of Celestia’s new power. Many buildings still stood but almost all of them were heavily damaged, making them un-usable for shelter or anything pertaining to their purpose. The roads were all crushed and damaged making it difficult for them to travel through.

Rainbow shared a saddened expression to Starscream who actually had an angered saddened expression. She didn’t think too hard as to why he looked this way, no words needed to said.

Skyfire knew that they were going to the other town Ponyville and considering the former Princess’s condition, he knew it wouldn’t be easy. He quickly looked to Celestia who was glaring at the retreating ponies through the rugged road. “Princ- Queen” Skyfire uttered.

Celestia turned to the large Cybertronian “What is it?” She asked directly.

“Queen, I request permission to transport them to a nearby settlement.” Skyfire requested. Celestia turned back to the group and her glare soften a bit “Yes, you may provide them transport. But from there you will either return to Canterlot or return to Cybertron.”

“Yes” Skyfire internally sighed. He was actually starting to dread saying this already. “My Queen.”

Author's Note:

Okay, sorry for the delay. Another longer than usual one but also my editor is working on it still so I decided to post it now. When she is finished editing it, I will post that one up. Anyway, I know some people are like, What? Why didn't Optimus use the Matrix or something along those lines...well next chapter will explain all of that, but I thought that this chapter was long enough. Also, I got a Hearts and Hooves Day Special for this Seeker stallion coming up next so it may be some time till the next chapter comes out. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.

PS. No Green Lantern is not being in this...I mean I could but...no, MLP and Transformers together is hard enough as is.

Update: Edited Version now up.

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