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“To facilitate the transformation of humans into sapient equines.”

The Conversion Bureau Mission Statement

“People of Earth! You have been lied to! The Conversion Bureau is not what it seems.”

H.A.T.E.C.B. opening statement.

Contest Entry for Contest: Ads of the Conversion Bureau
Thanks to Westphalian Musketeer for pointing out some of my mistakes and providing corrections.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 28 )

Very nice! I like the whole Jeffersonian aspect to this. And when a subsistence farmer is an herbivore the definition of farm might mean nothing more than a sufficiently large clearing where the grass can grow!

2716522 this is a good point, but the rest of the story is mostly about him, so i will leave it as it, for now.

“To facilitate the transformation of humans into sentient equines.”
The Conversion Bureau Mission Statement

... sapient. :rainbowwild:


Its a common mistake, no worries.

I hereby pass the blame onto Google.
Always blame the corporations.

Not sure what it is you like about the TCB stuff Vad. :derpytongue2:

Merlos sighs and lights his pipe.

2716756 tried my hand at writing a story for a contest on TCB, this is what I came up with.


Oh, how'd it go?

T'was merely an offhand comment by the way, I've never read a TCB fic myself. :pinkiehappy:

2716774 contest is still ongoing.
I stumbled across the contest on another group, (can't remember which though possible the writers ) so I thought
Maybe I can get a couple of views or maybe even a watch or two if I am lucky.


I wish you luck with the endeavor sir. :pinkiesmile:

It's very much luck getting things on this site most times, there are some good strategies though.

I'm not sure what you want to say about advertisement/propaganda? Was the "guy in the mask" well staged, but false propaganda against the TCB or was it the voice of freedom against a fascist conspiracy? Unless your goal was a "doubt everything"-kind of message a bit of closure would have been nice.

Hmm, a decent ending to a story that does sorta touch on the nature of advertising. And does leave us wondering about Joe, a little. I would urge that you actually get the story preread, though - there are a fair few trips and stumbles in your word choice and I can't decide what tense you're trying to stick to.

Good enough to avoid a downvote, but not quite good enough to earn an upvote, given the myriad of strange word choices. Best of luck in the contest.

I got a 502 bad gateway when I came here, and this is in the 502 group...are you conspiring with the gateway?

about 7h ago server activity was at the highest, and the number of 502 errors were at its peek.
sorry about that, blame Knighty

Why the hell isn't the government sending something like 20 SWAT teams to the TCB HQ by now?

Are we aloud to have naughty no no words in out profile pics?! :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:

“Thomas Jefferson wanted an America that was predominantly agrarian, with most people being small scale subsistence level farmers.” Erm... lies! He knew a life like that woud be utterly terrible, and I don't think he wanted that.

2835315 You sound like a little kid.
Yes, our profile pictures can be made of swears.

Bitch N word, My mommy says naughty no no words are offensive, and I dont find them appropriot on a MY LITTLE PONY<-- Fanfic website qq?

2976587 Well, you see, this is the internet. People don't give a shit that it's a little girls show... :pinkiehappy:

Dude. Some one as naughty as you shouldnt be on a MLP fanfiction website. This site is sposed to be KID friendly. What If I wrote a fanfic about Big mac shoving his throbbing, wet dick in your weaving little pussy. How would you like that?

2977887>>2977834 just a fair warning, this is turning in a flame war, cut it out or i will delete the comments, :fluttercry:

2978704 But... I'm feeding the troll... :raritydespair:

2977887 Sure! But don't forget the bondage~


But but....This is a kid friendly site :fluttercry:

I'm shocked the Military or Government hasn't gotten involved with all this proof being shown.

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