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Part of the, Black Sun Ponyverse.

Luna and Octavia are busier than ever with the Grand Galloping Gala fast approaching.
Both of them have a long night ahead of them, and if all goes well should meet the next morning for breakfast. As per their normal routine. But with this being the first Gala for both of them, things may not turn out the way they planned.
A stuck up unicorn, and a hyperactive pink pony may complicate things even further.

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Part of the, Black Sun Ponyverse.

The Princesses Celestia and Luna rule Equestria.
Cadence has the Crystal Empire.
And Twilight choses to have Ponyville to watch over, rule and protect.
But even a protector needs to have somepony watching over her, and sometimes they can be more than a hooffull.

Contest entry for Authors Helping Authors: 500 Member Contest

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Part of the, Black Sun Ponyverse.

In Canterlot Castle there is a place called the Hall of Heroes. In it, the lifesize carvings of the greatest ponies that ever live stand for all to see, and remember how just a few ponies shaped Equestria the glorious nation it is today.
From the six ponies that unified the three tribes during the first Hearth's Warming Eve, to the greatest magus that ever lived Starswirl the Bearded, and even Starry Night, guildmaster of the Knights of Night, to name only a few.

Contest entry for Knights of Night, June writing competition.
Pre Read and Edited by: Krdragon
Starry Night belongs to Xnecroespherex, used with permission.
Update every other day.

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“To facilitate the transformation of humans into sapient equines.”

The Conversion Bureau Mission Statement

“People of Earth! You have been lied to! The Conversion Bureau is not what it seems.”

H.A.T.E.C.B. opening statement.

Contest Entry for Contest: Ads of the Conversion Bureau
Thanks to Westphalian Musketeer for pointing out some of my mistakes and providing corrections.

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Part of the, Black Sun Ponyverse.

Two weeks has passed since the conflict started and Equestria found itself surrounded on all sides by former allies turn enemies.

A train carrying Nightwatch and Royal Guard troops back from the Northern Front is scheduled to stop in Ponyville, where the soldiers have almost a full day at their disposal to enjoy some R&R, before they are shipped out to the Eastern Front.

And they all plan to take advantage of every last minute of it.

Special thanks to Crystal Secret for proofreading and editing the story.

Contest entry for School for New Writers (SFNW), June Contest.

Two more chapters, including a rewritten ending will be released on the 1st of July.

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Part of the Black Sun Ponyverse.

After Twilight's ascension to an alicorn, many more ancient evils escaped from their imprisonment and were attempting to destroy or conquer Equestria.

With the elements of Harmony busier than ever dealing with these new threats, Spike grows worried about the increasing danger they're being forced to put themselves in. Tired of being a burden, he searches for a way to become stronger so that he may help, hopefully discovering his own path along the way.

Cover by YoMilbert used with permission.
Special thanks to BigBadBari21 (chapter 1)
Theblacksmithbrony and TheSexyMenhir for proof reading.
Without you the story would be a whole lot more painful to read.
And to APoeticHeart for helping me with Zecora's rhymes.
Also music.

Chapters will be small 800-1500 words.
But will be released every two or three days.
Comments, critiques and opinions are welcomed.
Also check out MrSing and Kalash93 riff on it.

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Our action shape who we are. But so the the events that happen around us.

Come into a land ruled by chaos, long before the birth of harmony. Follow Luna and Celestia as the they try to survive in this harsh world, lead their people, defeat Discord and found Equestria.

Image by LeLittleLuna used with permission

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Alternative reality where Luna defeated Celestia and took her place as Queen of Equestria.

The story will focus on Luna's duties as Queen. Her struggles with the darkness inside her as well as her duties as immoral monarch. And Twilight Sparkles adventures with her friends in the new world.

Image by UP1TER used with permission

Derpy is in here too.

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