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Part of the, Black Sun Ponyverse.

In Canterlot Castle there is a place called the Hall of Heroes. In it, the lifesize carvings of the greatest ponies that ever live stand for all to see, and remember how just a few ponies shaped Equestria the glorious nation it is today.
From the six ponies that unified the three tribes during the first Hearth's Warming Eve, to the greatest magus that ever lived Starswirl the Bearded, and even Starry Night, guildmaster of the Knights of Night, to name only a few.

Contest entry for Knights of Night, June writing competition.
Pre Read and Edited by: Krdragon
Starry Night belongs to Xnecroespherex, used with permission.
Update every other day.

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Could you at least try to make a chapter with over 2000 words? It seems like a waste on a story like this if it's anything but an epic tale and it needs longer chapters. I want to see more. That is all.

2750781 sorry to hear that, but short chapters is the way I write. But fear not I will release at least four chapters a week.

I like how the pages start with a picture.
I should add a title page.

2751278 be warned some people do not like that, and think you are just waiting their time if the fic is not large enough to warrant a cover page.

I will add one once I reach 10,000 words.

I think fimfiction derped. since all my fics are marked as being posted on june 15.

They are the CMC in all but name! :heart:

2766750 be sure to remember that in the future :pinkiecrazy:

What the hell i just read for 5 minutes and I love it XD:eeyup:

I sense a re-design of magical locks in the near future ... :trollestia:

Starry "Nopony insults Petal! NOPONY!" :flutterrage:

You went from chapter 17 to chapter 19 I'm not sure if you did that on purpose or by accident

I dont know why but this chapter makes me think of Starship Troopers :twilightblush:

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