• Published 27th Mar 2013
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Spike the Knight - vadram

Spikes fears the day Twilight will leave to fight for Equestria and never return.

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Chapter 3 The day after the night before

The day after the night before

“It’s morning already?” Spike wondered as a ray of sunshine woke him up.

“What time is it?” he looked around the room until he saw the clock.

“Well at least I did get two or three hours of sleep. I wonder if Twilight’s up.”

He slowly walked down the stairs and saw Twilight sitting at her desk surrounded by dozens of pieces of paper crumpled into small balls. A piece of parchment was laying on the table in front of her, a quill was levitating close to it alongside a steaming cup of coffee.

“Morning”, Spike said letting out a yawn.

“Morning Spike.”

“Can I have a sip?” he asked walking towards Twilight, while constantly rubbing his eyes.

Twilight looked at him suspiciously. “But you hate coffee.”

“I didn’t get much sleep last night. So can I?”

Spike indeed looked like he had not gotten any sleep all night, which was close to the truth, his scales were a dull purple and dark circles were visible under his puffy eyes. Twilight levitated the cup towards him.

“Sure, but I’m sure you are not going...” Spike drank it all in an instant. “... to like it.”

“Thanks.” he said and put the cup back onto the table.

“Sure.” She said not knowing what to make of it.

“So how’s the letter coming along?” He asked before lifting himself up on the edge of the desk to take a look at the letter.

[Dear princess Celestia

“That bad huh?”

“I know what I am suppose to write, but everytime I try to write something down I realise that I don’t like the way it sounds. This is my thirty seventh attempt.”

“Maybe you have writers block.” He said getting down from the table and heading for the kitchen.

“Writers block? On a letter?”

“Well you have been writing a lot lately. Maybe you are just uninspired.” Spike said from the kitchen while eating the gems and milk leftover from last night. The milk was colder than he liked it, but he was too hungry and too lazy to heat it up, so he made an exception.

“I guess I have. Weekly letters, monthly reports on the status of Ponyville, battle reports, the occasional research paper...”

“And don’t forget about the letters with Shining Armor and Cadence...” After he finished eating he cleaned placed his bowl in the sink and did the dishes before heading upstairs.

“And all the papers and approbations and files at the town hall...”

“Or with those professors at the universities...” He returned carrying a small empty bag on his shoulder.

“Or with Cloudsdale Weather Factory. Do you have any idea how much paperwork is needed to get a single raincloud over here?”

“Aha...” He had taken a few gems from the kitchen and placed them in his bag and now was looking through the books in the library.

“Hey Twilight, where did we put ‘Secrets of the Heart, An advanced look into love spells’? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.”

“Let me think... I think it’s in the ‘Basic Mind Control’ section. Next to the ‘Mind Control for Dummies Volume 12’ , the bottom shelf.”

“Mind control... Mind control...” Spike said as he searched for the section. “I don’t recall the library having a mind control section.”

“Of course it wouldn’t. Who in their right mind would put something like that for everypony to read.”

“Then where is it?” Spike asked.

“Upstairs obviously.”

“Oh, your personal collection, right. It’s so obvious.” Spike said as he ran upstairs to search for the book.

“Found it, thanks Twi.” He said after returning with it.

“Sure Spike.”

Twilight returned her attention to the piece of paper laying in front of her, she added the comma after ‘princess Celestia’, but made no other progress with her letter. Spike put the book in his bag, took some pencils from a nearby drawer and some blank pieces of paper that he wrapped into scrolls.

“Say Spike, that wouldn’t have anything to do with Rarity would it?” Twilight asked as she levitated the coffee pot from the kitchen and refilled her cup.

“What?” Spike said blushing, “Twilight I would never...”

“Sure Spike.”

“Hey Twi, can you take care of things here while I go out and... play a little?” he asked as he walked towards the door, with the bag placed over his shoulder.

“Sure Spike, have fun.” Twilight said, her attention still focused on the unfinished letter.

“Bye Twilight, see you in a couple of days.”

“Have fun.” She instantly replied.

A little over two hours passed since Spike left the house that Twilight finally finished her letter to the princess on her, it was her sixty sixth, and final draft.

“Spike I am done. You send it to princess Celestia now.” No answer came.

“Spike! Come here!” she yelled, before looking around the room after him, but the baby dragon was nowhere to be seen.

“Spike? Where are you?” she asked as she checked the kitchen, Spike was not there either.

“Spike?” she asked again, before realizing that he was gone.

“Oh right he said he was going to play.” Twilight smiled. She knew Spike spent most of his time either with her and her friends or taking care of the library while she was gone. She was happy that he did something that did not involve them.

”Now when did he say he would be back?” she asked herself while trying to remember their conversation.

It was not easy, most of the time her mind was busy formulating the letter for Celestia or thinking about what she had planed for the rest of her day.

“Oh yeah, he said he will be back in a couple of days... Now what’s next on my schedule?”

She thought about what she had to get done by lunch as she walked smiling towards the door ready to go to the town hall to start signing more papers. She had just locked the door behind her when it hit her.

”Wait... a couple of days... A couple of days?”

“A couple of days?” she asked out loud. Grabbing the attention of a few ponies that were passing by the library.

“SPIKE!” she yelled and everypony within shouting distance turned and stared at her.

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