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pardon me · 8:50pm Apr 26th, 2016

For any of you who are still tuned in, still waiting for that next chapter, I'm a still workin' on it. There's a lot to be done in my personal life at the moment so if you've read my story, seen that it's been about three years since it was last updated, wandered over here to my page wondering what in the world happened to me and then stumbled upon this blog, I'm letting you know right now that between college plans, driving lessons, work, exercise, and household chores I am still typing away

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(jabs with stick) Are you alive?

I've been thinking about making another account for meh..... but then I just say"fuck it" and continue on:rainbowlaugh: I do want to make another, just for lols, but that's too much work to uphold properly:derpytongue2:

On an unrelated note, Iv gots a girl friend:twilightsmile:

903320 it wasn't my decision, I was forced by your stunning good looks and superior intellects. Have mercy on me, God and Godess of berry flavored wine!

Thank you for the watch! :twilightsmile:

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