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I'm eighteen, I'm in OPP, I live the thug life, I smoke weed every day, I don't take shit from nobody, and I write fanfiction for a show about magical ponies.

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Princess Celestia goes off on a diplomatic trip to the Griffin kingdom for the day, leaving Luna in charge. Meanwhile, Shadow Shell is sick of the usual shit. Find pony, knock them out, disguise as them, aimlessly roam around Canterlot looking for food, rinse and repeat.

Today, though, Princess Celestia is off to stop a war or something, the perfect opportunity for Shadow to finally have some fun in this boring-ass town. It's a fool proof, step by step plan:

1) Sneak into castle
2)Disguise as Celestia
3)Do absolutely nothing for an entire day
4) Leg it

I mean, what could go wrong?

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Rainbow Dash has an unexpected visitor one morning. A griffin. He brings her a letter from Gilda, and leaves her his condolences. The front of the letter reads, "To my best friend."

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Nigel Burke is a prescription drug addicted amateur surgeon, using surgeon in the loosest possible definition. Nigel lost the ability to move the right side of his body after a stroke, and his left side is scrambled at best. After ripping the heart out of a man in space and smacking a new one in as it floated away, Nigel returned to his boring desk job where he divided his time between throwing floppy disks at his co-workers, and playing Deep Dungeons of Doom.

However, that is soon about to change as Nigel finds a rainbow floppy disk at his desk. After managing to pick it up and insert it, he found a message from someone who called themselves, "Princess Celestia". This, Princess Celestia, told him that he was to be transported to the land of Equestria, where he would preform a kidney surgery on one, Prince Blueblood.

After popping a few downers, Nigel was transported to a world filled with magical talking ponies, although this wasn't all that uncommon for him. Now, Nigel must save the life of the Princess's nephew.

What have I done?

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Because sometimes, not all is what it seems.

Just read it all. Had this idea last night, and wrote it after school.

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