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Equestria Girls · 7:19pm Jun 16th, 2013

I just arrived home from seeing the movie I have been anticipating for some time now...Equestria girls.

Honestly it was amazing. With 5 musical numbers! If you have any questions about it...

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Everfree23 up in the place to be spitting rhymes like it's easy busting heads faster than Bruce Lee. One two and three this is a lyrical elementary or maybe more of a royal decree so hear ye hear ye. Haters eyes are leaking like, "Why couldn't it be me?" Well obviously ya'll need to let a brony be it's hard enough to write without your lack of sympathy. Love and tolerance are the keys, why you coming at Everfree like the enemy? Couldn't you be a bit more friendly? If Friendship is Magic most ya'll haters lack it sounds like you're throwing a mad fit when you get on the comments and spit. Probably looking around the room for something to hit. Please get a grip if you don't like the stories this is a tip just don't read it.

Agreed! I approve of this fanfic writer!

Why is this person getting hate? I took a look, and he/she is a great writer!

Comment posted by moviemaster8510 deleted May 19th, 2013

just keep going men, i hate dissgustin coments, you try make a histori to you, be proud¬°¬°!!! te apoyo es tu primer historia esto suele pasar.:scootangel::coolphoto:

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