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Closing up his donut shop following the Grand Galloping Gala, Donut Joe discovers a Great and Powerful Trixie in need of food and bits. Needing help attracting crowds and waiting tables Donut Joe hires the show mare. Can Canterlot withstand Equestria's Greatest Ego?

Lets find out!

Edit Update:
Chapter 1: 2/10

Cover Image I commissioned from the Great and Divine Valkyrie-Girl! http://valkyrie-girl.deviantart.com/

The pic that inspired this is The Great and Powerful Trina by the Awesome and Talented http://askburningash.tumblr.com/ (No longer seems to be working so here is a link http://i963.photobucket.com/albums/ae118/dmcel233/image_zps5051e8b4.jpg)

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 217 )

What a pony donut joe and trixie ship!?

I can get behind this. :moustache:

This intrigues me. definitely me gusta. Will read tomorrow too late right now :trollestia:

I'm liking this Idea! Keep the crackshipping commin'!

wow this really is a crackship, this is about as random as it gets, but i like it! :trixieshiftright:

This is actually really good. I demand more!:flutterrage:

Crack pairing are the best pairings! going to enjoy this one!:pinkiehappy:

Crack pairing, yes, but that cover image makes it a cute crack pairing, if still a bit abrasive.

Con Mane never forgets his swag. Seriously, I favorited this fic based on the cover art and premise alone. Now that I actually read the chapter I can't wait to see what happens next.


Peace Out.

Oh by the way, the description says "Great and Powerful Triana" but the cover image says "Trina".

dear ourthor is the pic some forshadownig .
also i dawwed so hard at that pic.
in actualaty this seems feesable so far.

Well to tell you all. Some things that may appear in this fiction maaaay reflect my own frustrations in retail and service. Just saying.

i really like this concept, plz more chapters my good ponie:moustache::twilightblush:

Interesting concept. Will track for future readification.

This concept sound great. I really like the cover too. Definitely gonna read this.

Go for it dude as someone has worked retail I feel your pain.

were did you find that pic at

From a...guy. Who got it from Ponibourou

The great & powerful trixie demands updates!

597543 I never had to run a register but I get how frustrating retail can be. There are way too many people who feel they're entitled to free stuff, and a surprising number of crazy people out there.

Maor! Um, if that's okay with you. :fluttershysad:

I would love to see what this grows into. Trixie could learn a thing or two from an honest hard working stallion like Donut Joe just as much as he could use some of Trixie's patented excitement in his life.

Love the art! Cute and Cuddly Trina is more like it.

Hm. Been a month. On hiatus? :rainbowhuh:

You still wiriting right?

776305 777041
No not on Hiatus. Just me being really busy at work which sucks out all creativity, and joy, and sometimes my blood.

779601 oh ok. yeah work tends to do that so does school.

In school I can actually think of ideas and even write bits and pieces. Some of my best work came from classes where I was supposed to be paying attention. I graduated anyway. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

779764 yeah i can see that happing its just my professer finds it funny to give us a shit load of hw and im like ffuuucccc all i want this weekend is poines.

Okay, the cover image is several brands of adorable on its own. I have to read this now.

Damn...you did very, very well on this...Trixie is one of my most favorite villains on MLP: Fim, and I'm very mpressed by how you created her personilty, I really enjoyed how she belived everything had to be about her or perfect, normallyI would very much hate that but with Trixie it's seems to fit right....I'm hoping to read ore of this, and I'm glad that I was given a laugh...I liked how Pinkie pie appeard out of NO WHERE!!! :rainbowlaugh: You doing perfect, keep writing more please, I'll be tracking.

Sir, if there is a picture, then it's not a crack pairing.

On the chapter, I have a feeling that,

Wait, where did I put that gif?

Oh here it is. Anyway, as I was saying,


I like the premise and they way you're setting it up, but you might want to find an editor. I stopped halfway through because of the constant run-on sentences and missing pronouns. That might not bother everybody, but you're going to lose a fair number of readers unless you address that.

Decided to read the story because of the great picture. I liked the first two chapters and will track the story. I noticed a month between releases, hopefully it's not that long consistently.

.Yes, I've had this issue before. I did have a editor but he hasn't been around at all lately.

Multiple tense changes in a single chapter? Ugh:ajbemused:

Some issues of verb tense here, but overall I enjoyed this. The Fantasia nod had me rolling!

Pinkie Pie is there and she does crazy things at crazy times.:pinkiecrazy:

I couldnt stop thinking "Spinoff!", "Sitcom" and hearing laugh tracks in my head, i loved this :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, trying to reenact The Sorcerer's Apprentice is never a good thing Trixie.

Also, if Twilight ever came back in while Trixie was working I could see the manure hitting the fan.

815327 you really need to update more often this is a great story

Warning! Discord imminent!

Please evacuate reality in a calm and orderly fashion.


Quick to the Q Continuum!

'Think about those wondrous holes'....could not stop laughing...I know I know, I'm a prevert but hey...you were thinking it to :raritywink: Damn...I have to read more of this...you doing very well.


Success. The exact response I was looking for. *Makes a Check on his Checklist* :twilightsmile:

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