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Insulted by Rarity calling Discord's asymmetrical body unfashionable, Discord turns both Rarity and Twilight into Draconeqqui. Both decide to enjoy the sudden transformation with some close cuddling.

Just a quick one-shot idea I had at Bronycon. Some light Raritwi cuddling.

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Careful there Discord or Cadence might show up to complain about you muscling in on her territory.

This was rather cute, thank you for writing it!

Nice. Though it should be antler of a deer as opposed to deer of an antler.

Art is by Earthsong on DeviantArt.
Any problems I'd reccomend writting to them.

Unless this is their FimFiction Account.

My comment was based on wording in the story being in an odd order, had nothing to do with the art.

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