• Published 16th Aug 2017
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Asymmetrical Cuddling - BrightIdea

Insulted by Rarity, Discord turns both Rarity and Twilight into Draconeqqui. Both of them decide to enjoy the transformation with some cuddles.

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Asymmetrical Cuddling

Author's Note:

I realize that I watch too many Snake-owner meme pages on Facebook when I use "Noodle" in place of describing a snake-like body.

“Would you kindly, repeat that again, Miss-Over-The-Top-Fashion-Pony?” Discord asked in his usual calm and mocking tone but by the way he stared at Rarity an anger was growing inside of him. The only sign that he was angry was a twitch in one of his eyes. Twilight’s library seemed to grow hotter, but Rarity did not seem to notice.

“All I said was perhaps a little symmetry would do you some good.” Rarity replied. Despite the fact Discord towered over the smaller pony Rarity stood her ground, she refused to back down. Fashion was her passion and she would not give ground. Even if what she had really said was that Discord’s appearance was all over the place, he clashed with himself. “You did ask what I thought, you did say to give my opinion.”

“Rarity,” Twilight said with caution. Twilight had guessed to herself that Rarity’s opinion was tinged by a prank Discord had played on Rarity earlier in the week. Rarity had not told Twilight -what- Discord had done but Rarity had complained to Twilight nearly every instance they had met during the week about Discord and on a “unrelated note” Rarity needed to re-dye several rolls of fabric from plaid.

Twilight stood just to the side of Rarity looking between her marefriend and Discord. Unconsciously, Twilight had draped one of her wings across Rarity’s backside. It had become a nervous and protective habit for Twilight as of late. Whenever, Twilight saw Rarity become agitated or threatened Twilight would find herself enveloping Rarity in her wings. Twilight’s wing feathers had already begun to trace a line over Rarity’s back in an attempt to soothe Rarity. If the situation changed, Twilight could just as easily pull Rarity close and teleport both of them away from harm. They had needed to do so just the other week after an encounter with a stray manticore. Twilight could not tell if it was the situation that was obviously growing more dangerous or the proximity to Rarity that made her heat beat faster.

Rarity felt the tips of Twilight’s feathers slowly glide along her spine to her shoulder blades and back. Rarity felt them brush between the hairs of her coat and against her skin underneath. It sent shivers through Rarity and made her blush scarlet. The simpliest touch sent Rarity down memory lane as she replayed briefly all the past times she had been wrapped in Twilight’s wings. Some were dangerous, but the vast majority was when they were both cuddling together on a comfy couch somewhere. For a moment Rarity faltered, an excited giggle just on her lips and her gaze shifted toward Twilight but then she refocused on Discord and rolled her eyes.

“I don’t understand why y-you are being so hostile, Discord. Symmetry in fashion can be very appealing“ Rarity said before she stomped one of her hooves down in what could be seen as a display of modest frustration, very acceptable among the Canterlot elite.

“I am the Lord of Chaos. I don’t do symmetry. I don’t play by the rules of fashion or beauty standards.” Discord said, he huffed and a jet of steam erupted from his nostrils. It sounded like a tea kettle. Discord’s eyes moved from Rarity over to Twilight and an all too wide smile grew on his lips.

“What do you think Twilight? Hmmm?”

“What? What do I think?” Twilight replied, her eyes darted between Discord and Rarity as they both turned to look at her. Both of them looked at Twilight with confidence that she would side with each of them.

“Well, I suppose Discord is a draconeqqus. Being asymmetrical is within his nature and it is what is right for him.” Twilight said first. Discord beamed with approval, sticking his tongue out at Rarity. Rarity ignored Discord and focused harder on Twilight, an ever so small look of betrayal on Rarity’s face sent Twilight into a panic. A desire to not upset her marefriend took over the reins for Twilight’s mouth as she spoke again.

“H-however, I do prefer what you could call symmetry. Organization is what appeals to me, be it books, bookshelf placement, notes, filing cabinets filled with notes, guidebooks, or the routine for Winter-Wrap Up. So, if given the choice I would prefer Rarity’s assessment for my-“

“Oh, I just knew you would agree with me, Twilight!” Rarity said before Twilight could continue further. Rarity leaned in close to Twilight and pecked her on the cheek before she turned to Discord with a smug smile. Twilight blushed a deeper scarlet than Rarity had been doing, the red mixing with the mulberry purple of her coat.

“I-I-I“ Twilight had begun to say but again was interrupted, but this time by Discord. From nowhere he had obtained a sign with a caricature of Twilight’s head surrounded by hearts and the words “Best Pony” but he had torn it right down the middle. Discord pulled up to his full height and pointed his eagle’s claw down at both Rarity and Twilight, the steam from his nose had formed an angry looking cloud in the shape of an angry looking Discord.

“Oh, now I see! Now I get it! Now the pieces are falling into place! It’s all coming together now! I must say this open my eyes! Another case closed my dear ponies! For I was blind but now I see! The cat is out of the bag now!” Discord yelled.

“Discord, what do you mean? You are talking on a loop and-“

“You both need a little insight into being a Draconeqqus! As the saying goes! Walk a mile in another man’s shoes!”

“Shoes?” Rarity asked, but she did not get her answer. Instead, Discord reached out to both Rarity and Twilight quicker than Twilight could pull up a shield to protect them both. From behind Rarity and Twilight’s heads he pulled down two over-sized zippers, over both of their heads and down their front to their chests. Like a loose pair of pants Rarity and Twilight’s bodies fell down to the ground and from the inside of the zipper two new bodies shot up and up and up to just below Discord’s height.

Both were obviously draconeqqui, shaped like long noodles with a mismatched body set. One leg that of a goat, the other of a lizard. One arm a lion’s and the other ended in an eagle paw. Both had one set of wings, one a bat wing and the other similar to a Pegasus’ wing. On pony-like heads both had the deer of an antler, the other a goat’s. However, there were notable differences. The scales, feathers and fur on each of them were different, one white and the other purple, pink and blue, violet and azure. The manes and dragon tails of both were also stylized exactly like Twilight’s and Rarity’s original styles and colors.

“Looking very good, ladies.” Discord smiled, giving both Rarity and Twilight thumbs up before popping elsewhere and leaving a large, full frame mirror where he had been standing.

Both Twilight and Rarity looked from where Discord had been to one another then gasped in unison. Twilight’s mind raced with the facts of the situation as she analyzed the current scenario. Rarity was much more direct in her reaction. She looked closer at the mirror and screamed.

“I will be getting back at Discord for this…” Rarity said, before she puffed out her cheeks in ladylike indignation. She had not moved from her fainting couch since they had teleported to there from Twilight’s castle, Rarity’s shop had already been closed for the day so it had offered the best place for privacy.

“I thought, ladies did not start fights?” Twilight asked from across Rarity’s workshop. Her new noodle shaped body struggled to get comfortable on a couch. Her dragon tail stretched over the arm rest and had knocked over several pin cushions from a side table.

“Ladies, such as myself, don’t start fights…” Rarity gestured to herself with a white, lion’s paw. Despite, her normally pony shaped body, which more than once described as a marshmallow, having been replaced she still was more than capable of pulling off her unique style of being dignified and disdainful. She inclined her head toward the ceiling as if she was looking down at something muddy and filthy, “…but, we do finish them.”

“Well, I think you look as beautiful as ever.” Twilight said, giggling at Rarity’s ears suddenly perking up straight. Twilight, having given up on getting comfortable on the couch decided to try floating off toward Rarity to comfort her however, that was easier thought than done. Unicorn turned alicorn turned draconeqqus Twilight Sparkle struggled to stay afloat several feet off the ground from the moment she pushed herself off the couch and into the air. Her undersized wings flapped franticly in the air as Twilight floated across the room with all the speed of a half-filled balloon, Twilight’s lower half soon had begun to sink down toward the floor. Twilight seeing this focused with some visible strain, grinding her teeth and after a few moments seemed to have had managed to get her bottom half to slowly float again away from the floor. Soon it proved that Twilight’s attempt to stay afloat had worked too well as her bottom half floated higher and higher in the air, Twilight thrashed her arms to keep balance but all she succeeded in doing is making herself spin end over end in the air like a pinwheel.

“Not quite like using your wings, is it my darling?” Rarity’s haughty expression collapsed, she could not help herself but giggle at Twilight’s predicament. That Twilight always tried so hard to make everything perfect was endearing to Rarity, especially when she tried so hard for her friends and even more so when trying to cheer up Rarity. Rarity shifted on the couch so she was sitting straight up, surprisingly she had taken to moving around in her new body rather easily.

“Do you need a helping hoof, I mean, propitious paw, Twilight?”

“No, no, no! I can do this!” Twilight replied frantically, she tried to right herself again by pulling on her hind legs but it seemed to have no effect on her as she continued to spin in mid-air.

“Now Twilight, don’t be silly. Come here, my darling.” Rarity giggled one more time before she stretched up and grabbed both of Twilight’s arms- one a lion’s and the other an eagle’s. Rarity pulled Twilight down toward her until at least they were level, with surprising grace Rarity wrapped her legs around Twilight’s midsection and pulled her down to the couch. Their serpentine bodies snaked and twisted together as Rarity anchored Twilight down while at the same time getting an enormous amount of noodle-bodied cuddles. Rarity was not satisfied until the two of them were tied around one another in a knot.

“Better?” Rarity purred, a snake tongue slipped out from behind her lips to tickle one of Twilight’s ears.

“B-b-better.” Twilight gulped, her face becoming more scarlet than mulberry as she blushed. Twilight tried to not look directly at Rarity, she knew if she did the mischievous smile Rarity always wore when they cuddled would likely send Twilight into a self-induced coma from embarrassment and joy.

“T-thank you, Rarity.”

“Anytime for you, Twilight. It was almost as easy as tying a bow.” Rarity giggled again, a blush had crept on her face as well. Seeing Twilight clearly happy and adorably nervous made Rarity’s heart soar to new heights every time. Rarity’s eyes narrowed and next shifted her body on the couch to let her wings pop out from beneath her, she being a unicorn had never had wings like Twilight. Rarity had an eye for body language, especially in social settings and she had noticed Pegasi (and Twilight since becoming an Alicorn) often spread out their wings when excitement or particularly pleased, it was an interesting sensation to feel for herself.

“This…this isn’t so bad is it, Rarity?” Twilight asked, and wiggled softly on top of Rarity, her paw and claw tightened their grip on Rarity’s sides. She leaned closer to Rarity, finally looking toward her face. Often Twilight was extremely nervous whenever they both shared closer contact with one another but always Twilight’s analytical mind calmed her down and soon Twilight’s defensive stance turned into a playful aggressive one. Twilight tipped her head against Rarity’s so that all Rarity could see was deep into Twilight’s violet eyes.

“It…isn’t so bad. I will admit…” Rarity huffed, fanning herself with her paw as she gazed into Twilight’s eyes and her blush erupted to a similar scarlet hue like Twilight’s. Rarity’s blush only worsened as Twilight pressed her lips against Rarity’s ever so gently before burying her face against the part of Rarity’s noodle chest where the white hair of her neck met the azure feathers of her body that ended at her dragon tail.

“Muwahaha! Stop that Twilight! It tickles!”

The two draconeqqui rolled together on the couch, mismatched limbs poking out every which way even as they laughed together. The couch they sat on rocked across the floor as their laughter grew more playful and more energetic. Soon, they were so wrapped lovingly around each other it was hard for either of them to tell where one ended and the other began. They also did not hear below on the second floor of the Carousel Boutique as the door to the shop opened and four familiar voices called out their names. Building up enough rocking momentum Rarity and Twilight only realized what was happening when they had both already started to fall off the couch toward the floor- heads first. Rather than hitting the floor though both phased through the floor, falling further just enough for Rarity’s and Twilight’s heads to appear upside down on the ceiling below.

Below them, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash looked up just in time to see Rarity and Twilight’s descent to halt leaving them stuck half way between the first and second floor of the Carousel Boutique. The six ponies gaped at one another.

“What in tarnation…?”


“Oh, my…”

“Pffft! Hahaha you both look ridiculous!”

“Say, cheese!” Discord announced, a sudden popping sound heralding his arrival, a camera in hand. Before anypony could react, the camera flashed, and from the camera a small picture of everypony’s shocked faces printed out. Discord laughed as he looked at the picture.

“Now, that is a keeper!”

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Careful there Discord or Cadence might show up to complain about you muscling in on her territory.

This was rather cute, thank you for writing it!

Nice. Though it should be antler of a deer as opposed to deer of an antler.

Art is by Earthsong on DeviantArt.
Any problems I'd reccomend writting to them.

Unless this is their FimFiction Account.

My comment was based on wording in the story being in an odd order, had nothing to do with the art.

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