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This will be a series of one-shots focusing on Punk Rarity and Biker Twilight as inspired by Earthsong9405's AMAZING artwork of the two. A series of AUs where Rarity and/or Twilight take on absolutely wild personas.

So, much Raritwi will be involved. I mean more than you can shake a stick at. You will need buckets to keep the Raritwi from sinking your boat.

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the only words I can think to say are...

"This is gonna be a fun ride." :twilightsmile:

Yes mama like. Well done Darling I shall certainly be watching this one closely.



Thanks for all of the comments! I'll be coming out with a Punk Rarity Oneshot pretty soon.


I ship Raritwi 5ever

How is this 2nd person? This seems more like 3rd person.

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