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This story is a sequel to A Tale of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

It has been almost a century since Twilight and her friends had discovered their destiny, and Celestia has been wracked with constant regret over the fate she has condemned her friends to. Now Luna looks to those very ponies to help Celestia smile again.

Celestia's story, and a sequel to A Tale of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Cover art by the amazing Aniritak

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That Pink text... MY EYES.

Was sweet to see a continuation of that story though, it really was sweet, yet so open ended. Good job.

There is a cost to immortality, but when you no longer have to bear the burden alone the cost is lessened. Celestia is lucky to have two loving sisters, so many wonderful friends, and entire nation that wish to see her smile.

Thank you for sharing this.

"Celesta was struggling to maintian"
Do I really need to point out the typo in this? :facehoof:


Good catch, I may have done some last minute editing on my phone :twilightblush:

great sequel

just one question: are the other Elements alicorns too now or are they just immortal ponies now?

1886932 What you said.
This story was really, really good. I don't really know what to say, it was just amazing. :twilightsheepish:

Just immortal ponies. Only those fated to rule get the horn and wings, can you imagine an alicorn Pinkie Pie? :raritydespair:

I'm leaving this subject up to the reader now.

1887089 I meant it to be like: "Yeah! What you said." I'll just change it to actually say that.

Yes I can and at least in the case of Denim Blue's "Duties" it is not as scary as you may think.
Thank for clearing that up, and thank you

...I...Wow, I can barely se what I'm tuping.
It has been a while since a song lasr ├╣made me cry in joy...Good job, Sir...Good job.

Oh god. Equestria. Save it!
But, in all seriousness, this was a really sweet story. Loved the use of the smile song. By an odd coincidence, I actually had it playing on repeat before I started reading this. It was awesome. Great story. you should write more stories in this timeline!

This is Australia...

1887192 Actually Rarity's still refusing to come to terms with the idea. I'm not looking forward to her breakdown. Of the Mane 6, I think only Applejack and maybe Dash have deal with it, and it wasn't good to watch.

Great story. you should write more stories in this timeline!

I intend to, I have ideas for at least two more stories in this setting. I'm just waiting for the season three finale to see if I need to start tagging my stuff alternate universe.

I loved how this finished, especially after reading Sun, Moon, and Stars. It was the perfect close.
Celestia was "doomed" to happiness as soon as Pinkie Pie got involved. :pinkiehappy:
Honestly, why does anyone bother to fight the irresistible force? "Futility, Mr Verdeschi." Oh, no, not another reference! :raritycry:

Well, mine has Pinkie in Celestia's body, does that count? :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, still a nice story. We need more uplifting stories with Celestia and Immortality. :twilightsmile:

The opening credits gave away how it'd end. It didn't matter. Tears of joy anyway. :pinkiehappy:

Love love love there's just so daw I must see a 32 chapter story continuation. Do it do it now

Finally something who does a bit away with the immortality is such a horrible curse thing. I mean yes an immortal in a world of mortals has to face sadness, but it being such a horrible curse? Esspecially if your not alone? I mean is there anything that would stop someone from commiting suicide if they really meant that?

With an immortal pinkie pie sadness should prove impossible in the long run^^


All the more reason why Pinkie Pie, to me at least, is the best pony.

1887092>>1887192 I sort of remember another possible one maybe. I think it was called So you've grown Wings or something like that.

good story mate

dammit.. Now I want to see the events of this universe of Twilight's awakening as an Alicorn and her friends finding out about their immortality.


Wow, thanks everyone! I'm glad so many people are enjoying it :twilightsmile:

I loved both this story and its prequel. They're intelligently written, have a very interesting story, especially this one, and even though not everything is explained, it just feels natural that way.
I do have one small complaint with this story, and that is that Celestia acts like a bit of a whiny dick.:trollestia:

dal turn in your gangtag you're off the force

No :ajbemused:


I know what you are getting at, but I thought she was handling a century full of guilt rather well.

oh great lord.. this is such an awesome story.. hope there will be another story to this awesome piece of work

I absolutely love both the stories. And I am going to embrace this story line as my head canon as long as season 3 and 4 don't contradict them.

I really hope you write another sequel or write a story about various adventures the have during this 100 year period:pinkiehappy:

They're gonna kinda wish there was an immortal stallion or two out there after a while...

" Twilight and I will inform Shining and Cadance of our meeting in the moring. Goodnight everypony."

Wait a moment, if it all happen 100 years after Luna was cured, it mean:
1) Mane 6 parents are dead and probably some of they friends are dead too or worse case scenario they are old like Granny Smith, should not it turn down mane 6 spirit a lot ?
2) I can understand mane 6 to live long because of element blessing, but Shining Armor never received one, and he was older then Twilight, should not he be dead and Cadence be in depression because of it ?

As much as I can understand that mane 6 managed to deal with they sadness ( option 1 ), I do not get it why Shinning Armor is alive, I take it as plot hole.

Masterfully done, it felt like watching one of the episodes and i for good or bad your story forced itself into my headcannon. :raritywink:

If you are thinking of writing some more, it would be great to read about their royal everyday shenanigans. Those stories made me think of all the fun stuff that could be happening.
Celly/Luna sisterly bonding? If you are not pranking your siblings, how can they possibly know you care?
How is Flutters doing and how did her care for animals evolve over the years? :yay:
Rarity and her fabulous fashion fantasy? :raritystarry:
Rainbow doing other things then flying? :rainbowhuh:
How on earth did AJ avoid going loco in her coco without apple bucking? :applejackconfused:
Twilight... well... she's probably still nerding out after all those years and loving it to boot. :twilightblush:
And pinkie.... i'm kinda afraid to ask. :pinkiesmile:

Shining Armor and everyone in the Crystal Empire crystallized thanks to extreme magical radiation from certain unshielded, heart shaped artifact. Who needs elements of harmony for loooong long life when you are turned into a living mineral. :twistnerd:

And yeah, Shining IS a plot hole. What kind of BBBFF forgets about delivering wedding invitation to his little sis. :unsuresweetie:


Wow, but with that theory, it mean all crystal ponies would leave for hundreds of years ( without need of curse what seal them or something ), so it mean that there is no place for fillies in Crystal Empire or overpopulation will destroy the empire form the inside.

I still think that Shinning Armor should be dead, it is fate that Cadence choiced herself when she married Shinning and filly should be all Cadence would have left from it.

Naw, it turns out that being a living fossil is the best possible contraceptive. Problem solved. :trollestia:

And even if that's not the case, having an immortal princess of love as the main squeeze had to come with some benefits (other the the kinky ones. :moustache:).

I agree with Verdigris. His comment is mine.:pinkiesmile:

I love it. It shows the depths of Celly's personality and insecurities, it tells what it needs to without saying much, and it's very nicely done. Good work.

1891625 Because the story was nicer and more touching this way. That or you could go read..uh, forget the exact name, but it Field Studies of the Alicorn Reproductive system or something like that.
It has its own....interesting way of showing how that works.


The point is that this story here was meant to show that Celestia is worried how immortality would hurt mane 6 ( watching loved ones dying, children's overgrowing they parents, and how mane 6 managed to deal with it ).

However this story end up to be very sugar like, there is no good reason why Shinning Armor would still be alive, Cadence should have to deal with it as immortal who married mortal if I can say it that way, and ponies from Crystal Empire survived 1000 years only because they were sealed, you can not have entire race long living without decreasing they numbers, for example dragons, they live very long but they have drawback like not enough food and space for to many of them, I just do not buy the reason why Shinning Armor is still alive.

1892122 No, I get it, I really do. Like you said, no whole species should survive that long.

Dragons, despite longevity, are shown to be highly competitive, and I'm sure that while younger the games are tail wrestling and king of the horde, become much more dangerous and lethal with age. That would obviously keep numbers down.

My thoughts are probably leaning towards the fact that even with Shining Armour still around, Twilight and Co. will lose their families after a time, their current friends, and everypony the know in their original set life spans before obtaining immortality will die, but that wasn't the point of the story.

The story was that even though you do have to suffer through said things, you will, in the end, have eachother.

Shining does not have a good reason for being around, but things happen and stories can be convoluted sometimes. Hell, I hate the start up to my story "From Ashes" because I have a nod to the slipspace device from Halo:Reach with Jorge because I couldn't think of another non-magical way for somepony to travel through time. I personally disliked using said plot device but didn't want to deal with the fancy crap that went along with insinuating that the Main Character had the magical ability to 'just time travel' when having a problem.(mostly due to my hate for any OC alicorn and their tendency to be far too overpowered)

Similar to my issue, the author probably didn't wish to try to figure out how to deal with a sad depressed alicorn at the same time as another sad depressed alicorn, making the easiest solution to leave Shining Armour alive and well for the story so that the focus could be on Celestia and how she feels, as she is the main character.

Therefore my deduction is that it was simply easier to write in Shining Alicorn rather than try to find a way to deal with him dead, just as I settled with a otherwordly device rather than magical prowess.

Hope this clears things up a bit, that or shines some light into how it might have happened in the authors mind.

Shinning and Cadence were only mentioned once and they not played important role in the story, there was no need for author to mention them or put them in this chapter, but I agree with the rest you said.

1890491 1891705

I intentionally left his immortality vague, wouldn't want to spill the beans on a story I plan to write down the road. I will give you a hint: if the others are embodiments of certain virtues, think of who the two baddies SA and Cadance have vanquished. After that story, not having them here would seem like a plot hole. So I figured I would leave it to the reader for now. Sorry if it caused any confusion, I may go and rewrite that part sometime later.

1890850 I know Celestia is more justified in her whiny dickness than, say, Frodo Baggins, but it just always frustrates me when a character whines about the same thing for the entire story. That is a nitpick obviously, and I didn't dislike Celestia's character in the story, but that was just something that annoyed me a little bit.

I know its only five but how can anyone really down vote this story?:rainbowhuh:

I'm surprised It has only received five!

this story is soo full of sunshine rainbows and happiness that i'm pretty sure it glows :pinkiehappy:

1891766 Wait - what? Somepony AGREES with me? :pinkiegasp:

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