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Title also made me think of the original Highlander film.

This has breathed, even for a moment, new life into Alicorn!Twilight. I would have loved for it to go on a bit more, especially with Twilight dealing with the reality Pinkie showed her, but it's good that avoid that in order to keep the story focused on Cadance, and the current almost fairy tale-like form enhances the emotion in its own vague ways.

thats so sad:fluttercry:
but kinda nice to, celestia got an immortal child to love forever:trollestia:, and cadence got to be with her love forever:heart:
so even if i hate to say it because its so depressing, I LOVED IT!

this was simply amazing, very good Storyline, and the feels...

this is EPIC in my book...

Do I see an Elrond quote? I approve, that earns this a read later.

Damn! I commend you for writing this piece before I did... I just didn't know how to word it, yet... meh, it was a dying idea anyways, but I shall read this, and give my opinion!

Amazing. Just amazing.

So much feels. T'was beautiful!!!!! :fluttercry:

You got featured. Good Job.

Interesting idea and a nice read, though a couple little things bugged me. Twilight having fourth-wall experience in particular felt rather counter to the mood. It was particularly odd for me combined with the fact that you don't describe Twilight in any way when she enters the scene and she goes on to talk about all her friends being dead—I was actually wondering if she already was an alicorn and maybe no one remembered otherwise because she had used fourth wall powers to become one :facehoof::unsuresweetie:

I have odd ideas sometimes though :pinkiecrazy:

Other than that... Well, I knew I had something else to say, but fourth wall alicorns stole it :ajsleepy: In general, there were a couple places it seemed a bit rushed; describing the effects of Twilight's transformation seemed a bit rote. Overall, though, I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

awesome story, although i really couldn't picture Cadance saying something bad about spike. plothole

Welp, I cried.

This has also helped me form more ideas for something I myself am reworking, thank you for this beautiful tale.

Two things bothered me in this.
Pinkies fourth wall experience gave a little too much information in my opinion. It would have been interesting to have the readers guess what Pinkie showed Twilight. The other thing was that Twilight didn't seem aged throughout the fic and not effected at all by her brother's death.

I like how you managed to take Pinkie's flipping of the bird to notions of reality and play it for drama.

Is... is that an Elrond quote in the description?

Here, take my internets. You deserve them

1917712 I didn't but i almost did, also this is a really frigging deep story

This was a surprisingly upbeat story, considering that literally half the cast has died before its even two thirds of the way through.

1917948 Well I have my own works to relate the pain of being immortal or outliving the others you know and such. Granted the one about the immortal is going to be reworked because I hate how I started it, but yes, it is always nice to see a deep sentimental story, and always painful when it is about loss.

Firstly, that was stupendous. That was actually a well-done serious alicorn Twilight fic.
Secondly "ugly and fowl in his absence" fowl=bird foul=unpleasant.
Finally, I loved Twilight's story of her lessons on life from Pinkie.
All in all, a solid story, thank you much darling

If you have any seeds of ideas of continuing this story I implore you to continue. This seems like it has much potential for continuation. Great job.

That is easily the most unique story concerning alicorn Twilight that I have ever read, I am not ashamed to admit I had tears in my eyes the entire time :fluttercry:

Now ya' probly coulda' paced th't ending out a lil' more, Ah was at the precipice of my art deco themed dome chair and then the day princess coalesed and went and hit that tension with a speeding semi sendin' it clear 'cross the county line.

Thought this would be another cliché death scene where Shining and Cadence just get all mushy because he's dying. Color me surprised when this is actually pretty awesome!

Nice job!

I was this | | close from tears at the ending. :fluttershysad:

Wow. That was really good. I teared up a bit and it was a really interesting take on a twilicorn fic. I just can't tell if it was all setting up the twilicorn or if that was just added in. I also liked the part with pinkie. Just, this might be one of those things you don't continue. It's up to you, but imo that was a solid ending.

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Was thinking about this song when I first saw the title and the description.

it's sad. It made me cried when shinning died but I'm happy for Celestia. Besides what would become of here if Twilight did die, would she become depressed like Cadence or will it leave her numb to the world

This crosses too many absurdities, 4th-wall breaking, ponies being aware that their world is a fantasy, and expects us to believe that Cadence never once considers that Shining is going to die.

It's too much crammed into too short a story. It feels rushed and over-burdened.

This was a really excellent piece of writing, but I could have happily done without the whole Pinkie Pie/metaphysics portion. It just felt a bit out of place and unhelpful to me, as if Pinkie Pie's your favourite pony and you just had to jam her in there somewhere. Not to mention the fact that Cadance's apparent nonchalance after being let in on such an earth-shattering, reality-warping secret like that was nothing short of puzzling. The ending was good though, very touching to think of those two being together forever. LoTR tie in gets you bonus points as well.

In conclusion: great job, would recommend :twilightsmile:

I'm surprised nopony commented on how Pinkie Pie just said Equestria is a part of the Matrix... and essentially restated lines from both Neo and Morpheus.

Hahahahaha, oh man this story and everyone like it made me laugh. It's just funny to me it's not our problem to feel sad they fell in love with a mortal which is THE worst possible thing an immortal can marry. She should have stayed single now she will watch everyone she knows and loves die. It is just funny in some way to me.:rainbowlaugh:

This story is writen with precision. It almost made me cry and thats coming from me.
Bravo, bravo:pinkiehappy:

The whole "fourth wall Pinkie" scene seemed really unnecessary and kind of snapped me out of the story somewhat.

So this is the prequel to a tragedy where Twilight does give away her immortality, right? Right? What? One-shot? aw...


Caught that. Had a 'Woh' moment.

Huge kudos for the Matrix references.

Also, THOSE FEELS. ALL THOSE FEELS. One of the best fics I've read in a long while.

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It's unique, but... I dunno, something about the dialogue didn't feel right to me. More accurately, it didn't feel much at all.

The sadness that an immortal must suffer for loving a mortal may be something us mortals may never truly understand.

Great lotr reference.


Isn't it AmorE, not AmorI? The pronunciation in the episode sounded nothing like an 'I'.

well.. In my opinion twilights about 80 or 90.
So sweet but so sad

I'm very impressed. I loved the emotion that was portrayed and the actual sense of loss that Cadence was going through. The pacing and the scene where they were describing pinkie and making the portal seemed a little out of place, but it was still well done and enjoyable. An excellent job! Five :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: out of five :)

That was a very deep and moving story.:fluttercry:

On a completely different note I was taking a swig of tea when I came across the line about the humans finding pink and purple ponies waxing philosophically preposterous. It is safe to say that having near boiling water come out ones nose hurts.

It's great, believe me, and i loved it.

But as many other people have said, it's just.. Too Much?
You'know? And i also felt that the end, Cadence giving away her immortality, and Celestia embracing her child was a bit too fast paced.
Short story, i understand, but still. Just a bit crammed.

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