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Stories I wish I would complete #1 "Why won't you trust me?" (part 1) · 10:39pm Sep 16th, 2012

I get lots of story ideas but can never seem to get enough off my plot to really get things going, for the most part I actually keep these stories to myself as I do dream of doing them some day as unlikely as that may be but this is one of those I think I will go ahead and share and maybe see what sort of feed back I can get, who knows, maybe if I get enough positive feed back I might actually do it. (would then have to delete this though so no readers that didn't already read this can look ahead )

This story is one of the many in the line of "changeling wants to fit in" but I have attempted to take it from some less common perspectives and less conveyed lessons.

Rather then primarily focusing through the eyes of changeling hiding a secret that only they know it is taken more from the perspective of the main six who actually figure it out BEFORE the changeling is ready to confess.

A quick summery of the lessons can be found at at the bottom of the post, I put them there in case someone decides to read this and would prefer less "spoilage".

Now the story below actually seems to have more of it completed then I originally thought and much longer but even as is I wouldn't say its a half bad read even if the gaps that are in it are still significant. 97%+ of the bones are in place but I would say the body and poetry is only at about 50% completion.
(one major bone missing is the changelings name)

Over all I would say its 50% - 65% constituted but the remaining sections are the tougher and more delicate parts.
Again despite this it still seems to be rather long though it should still very much be worth the read, it also seems to have snow-balled far more then I anticipated and has been broken into 2 parts, part 1 is chapters 1-10 and part 2 is from 11 on, looks to be about 20 chapters in all.

I have my own unique (or at least I haven't seen others with this idea *shrug*) explanation as to exactly why changelings need love.

Basically changelings actually eat and drink for most energy much like all other ponies. But unlike non-shapeshifting mock-alicorn bug creatures they need MORE then this to sustain their unusual make up.

Also while they can fuel themselves off of love alone like a plant converting sunlight to sugar but is usually reserved for extreme circumstances (or extreme vanity) it is not suggested as it is not as effective and burns precious stored love at an alarming rate.

Anyways the reason they need love to begin with is that they need larger amounts of the ambient magic that circulates in equestria then a single pony can harvest from the environment in a normal day cycle. So to keep their unstable cellular structure intact they must draw from other creatures for without it the bonds between their unusual cells begin to weaken.

Well fed and super charged levels,

Well fed, 85% to 75% normal capacity
When well fed a changeling appears at top health, about as strong as your normal pony.

Super charged, 85%+
(normal capacity is merely a standard not a limit and can be exceeded resulting in 100%+ charges)

If they can absorb extra love they can become even stronger and healthier even supercharged like captain America right after his vitamin bath or Popie the sailor man having just eaten a can of spinach but of course pony style.
(also cannon example would be Chrysalis blowing down Celestia)

Love depletion,
This can happen through normal wear and tear of daily living but will be accelerated if they go without food or water, any time they use magic or do any strenuous physical activity.

If a changeling becomes undernourished they will become weakened then slowly become ill.
Below are the 5 stage levels that will occur.

Level 5: below 75%,
The first thing that happens is they become predictably weaker, most like someone who is anemic but not to serious.

Level 4: below 50%
They slowly loose the ability to digest food and then become unable to absorb liquids as the body shuts down the digestive track to avoid digesting its own weakened tissues.

Level 3: below 40%
Immune system shuts down to avoid attacking itself and tissues weaken, changelings become highly susceptible to disease and injury.

Level 2: below 20%
The cells themselves begin to loose their connections and begin to fall way, symptoms are that normally attributed to sever radiation poisoning.

Level 1: below 5% (ground floor everypony off :D)
Dead bug, don't ask what it looks like, by my logic it would not be pretty.

One thing to also note is that changelings retain the ability to cast spells and morph right up until the end sort of like a bee can sting even when dead, however both actions become increasingly difficult and begin to have greater probability of having the exact same effect a bee sting has on the bee... aka death.

Also this particular changeling wears a special band on his fore-leg with a crystal that tells him his exact status as he always felt bad taking energy to begin with so he wanted a way to ensure he only ever took enough to stay healthy. (it also tells time as it made a nice watch and is also a super convenient explanation should he ever be asked by a non-changeling what it is)

NOW AT LONG LAST THE STORY! (or what of it exists)

Why won't you trust me?

Over all plot summery:
This is a "changeling wants to fit in" fic but rather then focusing primarily on the changeling hiding the secret follows most notably the changelings lover who doesn't understand why he is keeping something from them then eventually puts together the pieces and has to confront their cherished one about such a touchy subject.

Over view/what of it does exist:
((beginning is more completed but then tapers off into varying degrees of completion, status conditions listed in red double parentheses))

Chapter 1

((more completed section))
A little few days after the equestria desserts festival in Canterlot a tired and disheveled looking pegasus stallion shows up in ponyville. It's still the wee hours of the morning and the sun barely peaking over the horizon, dew glistening upon the grass as if a certain generous unicorn had decided to adorn each blade with a small sapphire resulting a carpet of glistening lights being touched by the suns early rays.

Through the remains of the early morning mist the pegasus can be seen trudging along on main road looking disheveled and obviously to weak to fly stumbles about and finely curls under a one of the many bushes along the way as he knows he is on stage 3 of love depletion. (He has minor inner monolog about his watch and the stages informing the reader though only percent of energy and stages not yet revealing what they relate to.)

Later when he feels rested he pops out of the bush to see just how many ponies are in this village, he looks to find a crowded market place far more crowded then he expected and feels overwhelmed . He begins to sweat as he has a change of heart and decides to leave as quickly as he can but soon realizes he is being perused.

((filler and poetry begin dissipating leaving more bare bones))

The one chasing (no name) finely wears down the pegasus causing him to surrender and beg for mercy, as it turns out of course the one pursuing him was none other then pinkie pie excited to meet a new pony and thought the running was a fun game.

They talk for a short bit and as he realizes his foolishness he wipes his cheek with his hoof only to wince then realizing he had cut his cheek somewhere along the way.

Pinkie feeling more then a little embarrassed about having scared her new friend hugs him and he takes a small amount of the love offered ( again he feels guilty about draining other ponies energies thus why he had second thoughts earlier though he needs shelter and yes, some love) as they release and he pulls back she is very happy then slightly confused as the cut on his cheek has disappeared, "No name" nervously waves this off as nothing and Pinkie being Pinkie she accepts that, and not to long afterwards he meets the other 5 at Pink's welcome party.

All goes well at the party and he begins to let his hair down as it were happily refueling on the party treats and rather free flowing love thanks to Pinkies infections nature until he notices something peculiar. Pinkie isn't nearly as bouncy as she was earlier, in fact she looks rather tired, when the others also notice and ask her whats wrong as she looks even a little sick. "No name" realizes he has unintentionally drained a significant amount of Pinkies love and tries to leave the party feeling guilty and panicked. Pinkie notices this and stops him asking her new friend to stay and "no name" simply can't find it in him to say no but does ask where the bathroom is. Once in the bathroom he releases his form so he can concentrate on his magic and after locking onto Pinkie's essence through the walls casts a spell to transfer the love back restoring her to her Pinkie self. ( this also should work to seal the notion that "No Name" is a changeling though readers should already be heavily suspecting )

He is relieved when she returns to normal but after this he does make a note to be far more careful with any love absorption.

Chapter 2
((major gaps and details here))

Some time after explaining that he has come from a bad neighborhood and that even his own mother was not exactly pleased with the sort of "weak" pony he was (was not comfortable with hive ways) and that he is more or less an of age run away he builds a house in the clouds near Rainbowdashe's place.

He also reveals that he does feel a bit bad about leaving his family as he did owe them a lot after raising him back to health a couple months back along with few fair group of others that were involved in some sort of incident that erased their memories and left them with trouble in the simplest of things. After being re-trained in even such things as walking on four feet, fly, use magic and other things they had forgotten though thankfully they all still knew how to talk and such, he was to help in gathering resources but was bothered by the way the family did this and ran away some time after. Because of this he also has no memory of his foal hood or anything of that nature allowing him a convenient way out of having to make stuff up about his up bringing.

(this is actually later dug into in a later separate story where he becomes suspicious of Chrysalis's story and wonders about his past)

A bit more time passes and they come to understand that his personality is quite liken to fluttershy in both that he is timid (slightly more insecure) and very affectionate towards those he is close to. There are many marked differences though, for one thing he loves to compete and isn't afraid of a little physical combat so long as it is all in good fun.

((this part has a bit of body))
Also he has a bit less tolerance for Angle bunny, well, not so much when Angle picks on him while he helps Fluttershy but more the way Angle treats Fluttershy. At one point he loses enough of his cool that when Fluttershy's back is turned he reveals his true changeling face and hisses at Angle fangs barred and tongue lashing. This startles Angle but only for a bit before Angle regains his composer and starts trying to tell Fluttershy even drawing pictures as best he can though they look like a earth pony foals first attempts at using hooves to control crayons, thankfully Fluttershy thinks little of this and "No name" "corrects" Angle saying just because he putting his hoof down doesn't mean he is a monster to which Fluttershy agrees. This frustrates Angle who is not happy the new pony turned out to be a monster but gives up for now as he doesn't think "No name" is an actual threat as he only showed his true face to stand up for Fluttershy.
((and the body is gone agian...))

Chapter 3

Rainbow and not only spends a lot of time with "not named" because they are neighbors but also because she helps him learn how to be a proper part of the weather team, (which he has surprising little knowledge of) in fact their bond starts to become even more then "just" friendship but "No name" seems unsure about a lot of these advances for some reason, sometimes even seeming to hold his breath when she hugs him. What she doesn't realize is that he too does love her in much the same way but being so loving with him she is almost dumping her love into his mouth which would drain her of energy quite rapidly at the rate her intense personality moves. (Rainbow is fastest pony at everything!)

This mixed with "No names" preexisting insecurities triggers "No name" to start having severe nightmares. They all theme around him accidentally or even intentionally draining Rainbow of her energies until she is dead. In the worst one he even teams up with pinkie who waits until Rainbow is at the tail end of her life then has him hold off so she can finish the job and turn Rainbow into cupcakes for them to enjoy. ( never read cupcakes, don't intend to but it would be very traumatic and quite fitting)

" Chapter 3.5 "
Short related story actually posted separately from this one mostly concerning "No name" and Scootaloo that more or less stems along the same lines as this story but significantly lighter in content (Scootaloo secret from the other cmcs). Though it is related and heavily references this story it does stand alone rather well and is also not necessary reading for this story though both are greatly enhanced by one another.

Chapter 4

Unfortunately Rainbow assumes "No names" running is just typical male jitters, figures she is the one who ends up wearing the pants in the relationship. ( if ponies wore pants ) So typical rainbow and loyal to the end she just keeps at it almost hounding poor "no name" (though in a rather comedic way from our point of view, think pepe le pew meets Rainbow sauce) until Fluttershy becomes aware of the situation and with Applejack helps Rainbow to understand that her often overly forward ways are just scaring poor "no name" and that if he wants to take it slow she needs to give him room to breath and trust him when he says "there's some things you don't understand" and give him time to COME to her, rather then her chasing him down.

Now all is going great for him except he still worries about what the rest of the hive is up to as although he managed to sever himself from the hive mind he knows about the up coming attack as when they were given the order to move out is when he made his escape. He did not get to hear all the details as not all of the plan was revealed and was on a very need to know basis. All he knew was that it was going be in Canterlot during a large event of some sort.

Chapter 5

When "no name" hears about the Royal wedding and notices from his cloud home the shield around the city he puts 2 n' 2 together and when he hears Rainbow and his friends all are going to go begins to panic. He tries various subtle ways to keep Rainbow and her friends from going but is caught in what he is trying to do.

((this part has some body to it once again))

Of course Rainbow can't understand why "No name" would be so worried, its not like she was going off to war or facing nightmare moon again, and even then she's Rainbowdash! One of the toughest and certainly the fastest pony around!
( There is also an inner monolog from "No name" showing that while he doesn't want Rainbow to go he does not realize the severity of the Queens plans)

The afternoon before the wedding "no name" and Rainbow get into a rather heated argument about the whole deal. Even when Rainbowdash reminds him that she is one of the elements of harmony which seemed to really seems to do a lot to calm him it isn't until she asks if he trusts her at all that he winces and then gives the rest of the way in saying that of course he trusts her.

"No name" and Rainbow hug a bit to make up and "No name" suggests dinner at his house tonight and they go there separate ways to get various jobs done. "No name" flies off for Raritie's where he asks for a small jewel. Rarity is busy looking through designs for the wedding but gladly helps him and gives him one for free, as she does this she unknowingly bestows a portion of her love and suddenly feels a bit tired and worries she won't be able to finish her work. "No name" realizes he took a bit to much love and tries to pay for the jewel saying he took to much. Rarity is confused when he says he took to much as it was only one jewel and the wedding will no doubt boost her sales and will have none of it pushing the jewel back again and again each time sending more love thus getting weaker. This irritates "No name" greatly but he eventually excepts, but not before giving her a really strong hug and exposing his horn while his head is past hers over her shoulder to hide it and returning most of the energy he took.

That evening Rainbow and "No name" finely have dinner together at his house as he wants to make a meal for her to apologize for the fight they had and just to hang out together.

((slight gap in body here also may actually divide here for separate chapter))

They are soon having a wonderful meal together. During the meal "no name" offers Rainbow a bread roll in which she finds a ring box. She does indeed think that it might be an engagement ring for a bit and there are some sheepish moments for "No name". But as it turns out the box actually contains a small clip with a jewel attached. "No name" goes on to explain that it is a communication device with picture capabilities (2D holographic video display) and is attached to the watch he wears so if they ever need communicate over long distances they can. He hides it in her mane in a position that it can't really be seen but can easily be used to talk and view.

((story body picks up again))

They have their meal and end up in the living room both reading some daring do books until "no name" falls asleep on the couch.

Seeing the pony of her desires all curled up and sleeping Rainbow bites her lip remembering that she is supposed to keep it slow and not force herself on him but seeing him this way is more then she can handle. She can feel her heart just aching to be near him like the fire she feels before a big race but slightly different, a fire so hot and intense she can't help but give in a little. Besides, its not like he is going know or she is going hurt him, what could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 6

She puts a blanket over most of him first to keep him warm then strokes his head a little as he lays on his back, for some reason she has a slight head ache but shrugs it off as eye strain from to much reading. Feeling a little dizzy she sets her head down on his chest very lightly listening to his heart beat and giggles as he makes funny sounds like he is eating or something in his sleep. He stirs a little with a "murrr omm nom nom...zzzzz" making rainbow giggle as he apparently dreams of eating something.

She is content to just rest her head until she hears a weird beeping sound causing her to raise her head up with some difficulty. She soon finds it is his "watch" that instead of showing its normal digital time shows a percentage for some reason, it reads, "85%, 86%, 87%" She is curious about why his watch is doing this and rolls her eyes at how egg headed he can be (can be strangely knowledgeable about unicorn magic despite being a pegasus) but is distracted by how his coat seems to glisten more and more and despite now feeling a little tingly like she is to high up in the thin layers of the atmosphere kisses him softly on the cheek, as her lips touch his skin her pupils suddenly constrict as she is hit with a wave of pain.

Now frighted and with no idea what is happening to her she very weakly calls out to him as she begins panicking clinging to his hoof as she slips to the floor and watches as the jewel on his band hums and reads, "110%, 112% 115%" then cracking at 120% then popping spraying her with bits of jewel causing her to lose her grip falling with a thud.

Chapter 7

"No Name" wakes up having heard something as well as felt his hoof being pulled and stretches then flexes his fore legs causing the chain band of his "watch" to snap and flies off across the room with a sharp "pling", now feeling better and stronger then he has in a long, long, while maybe even ever before!

He sits up with a slight yawn and sets his back hooves down to get up still dazed stating, "Wow Rainbow! That's what I call a power nap! I feel like a million bits!". As he shifts his rear legs over he feels something soft but sort of clammy on the floor beneath his feet. To his horror he finds Rainbow who is now struggling to maintain consciousness and looking very pale and very scarred.

Filled with utter horror as he puts together what has finely happened (he had been having nightmares remember) and on the edge of mental collapse with panic he quickly scoops up the his sickly Rainbow and bolts through the door splintering it to bits and flies off towards ponyville hospital.

Rainbow is quite impressed with this as that was a rather solid door and the rate at which he is moving is incredible even for her! His fore legs feel so powerful and his neck so masculine, but all she can really focus on is the torrent of tears running down his cheeks as he mumbles something under his breath and a strange green light seems to be just over his head.

"No name" flies to the hospital as fast as he can thinking over all his memories about Rainbow and how utterly and horribly selfish he had been not to warn her having sought her company above her safety and well being. Even as he tries to concentrate on a spell and incantation that will reverse the draining process at an acceptable rate exposing his horn. (loving a pony back does give the other pony back some energy but not at the rate he needs for this situation and Rainbow is so weak it is hard for him to lock onto her life essence which is essential for the spell) He thinks over all they have shared between each other and with all their friends and as he sobs he feels the air in front of him thicken almost like it wants to keep him from getting his love to the hospital in time.

The notion that something, ANYTHING would try to get in his way of protecting Rainbow infuriates the already riled up changeling and with a pained howl rages ever harder and to break the wrenched wall even as it tries to zap him with energy from the underlying magic layers of their world as they become warped by his his magic essence moving at such speed. Then with a sudden snap there is a burst of light and sound, a sonic "something" boom!

Chapter 8
(( a lot of thinning in the story body yet again))

Twilight was observing the starts with her telescope when she hears the loud sound and notices the sonic "something" boom and directs her telescope accordingly, upon closer examination she can make out "No name" against the night sky (he has dark fur and horn is slightly hidden against the night sky). She then looks at who he is caring and sees the sickly Rainbowdash. She quickly moves to contact the other girls to lead them towards the hospital.

Rainbow and "no name" reach the hospital and Rainbow watches as the green trimmed main doors fly open making her glad for modern automatic technology as she didn't want to pay for more door repairs.

No name quickly hides his horn and runs up to the front desk and has Rainbow admitted, he then quickly runs off to the nearest single person bathroom and locks the door.

Chapter 9

Short while later the other five who had also been awakened by the boom now led by Twilight arrive and ask what is going on while "No name" is hiding in the bathroom in his changeling form adjusting the spell so it will be self sustaining as he can barely concentrate due to the circumstances.

Twilight quickly checks on Rainbow and after she and the others are "satisfied" with the information the doctors can give they notice "No name" is no where to be found. Pinkie being pinkie automatically knows where he is and points it out to the others and as a group they call to him hearing his sobbing in the bathroom.

Hearing the rest of his friends outside he quickly puts on his disguise if only to hide his voice. After a while not even the straight maned Pinkie can get him to come out, it is not until Fluttershy tries that he finely comes out to talk with them.

They try to comfort the distraught pony basking him in their combined love which instead of being absorbed is bounced through "No names" link via "love restoration" spell to Rainbow who starts recovering quite quickly.

Moments later the doctor comes out and says that Rainbow is stable and doing well now. At this the six ponies cheer, or give sighs of relief respective their personalities.

When "No name" hears this he remembers his spell is still running and ducks his head under a chair to expose his horn and shuts off the spell as he is getting a bit weak now. (burned a share of Rainbows love flying there and did not absorb any of the others love and is sending slightly more then he originally took in)

Pinkie peeks under the chair with a cheerful but sudden "Whatcha Doing?!" startling him causing him to lurch and stick part of his horn into the underside of the chair cushion.

Chapter 10

"No name" quickly hides his horn before anyone can notice and pulls his head out to rub it. Twilight is somewhat concerned and rushes over checking him out, once she is sure he is relatively fine she relaxes and all the girls start preparing to go home while Rainbow sleeps whatever it was off though not before Twilight notes the strange tear in the chairs underside which even popped slightly out the top of the cushion and hands it over to the staff for repairs.

"No name" does ask the nurse if he can go see her and as she remembers he is the one who brought her in nods in agreement. While walking up towards Rainbows side he trips a bit and this noise causes Rainbow to open her eyes and look over. She is still groggy from the rapid fluctuation in energy levels but waves over to him asking how he's been. He walks up with a slight limp having ever so slightly strained his ankle and nuzzles up to her. (careful not to absorb any love of course) They talk for a short while and after thinking it through decides that she needs to know the truth as he would rather end up rejected for being what he is and more importantly all the lies he has laid then to endanger her again and tells her that in the morning when she is rested they need to have a talk.

And this is the story thus far, will be posting the other half probably tomorrow if all goes well.

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*sniffs the air* Aaah! I love the smell of world building in the morning, *Checks time* ... Afternoon. Sounds like a good idea, what with the changeling wanting to fit in but being discovered before they're ready to take the leap of faith.

Go for it, man! This sounds like an amazing idea and your changeling head-canon is absolutely astounding!:pinkiehappy: I would totally read this story.

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