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Huzzah! Gamer bronies, unite!

This is the place for video game crossovers, either characters going to Equestria, or vice-versa. Any piece can be put into the Non-Collab folder, so long as it meets a minimum requirement. One of the main characters has to be from a video game - it might help your cause to list what, as well. Also, preferably no video games from movies and books - that will only start wars. Exceptions are titles everypony would know; like the 'Star Wars Battlefront' series. Then again, there were some in my chemestry class that have never heard of Star Wars...

Anyway, here's how the collab system will work. I'm not sure how the poll system will work, but I'll jerry-rig a poll system so that ponies can vote on their favorite pieces. Maybe I'll use a Blogspot? Anyway, after a piece has been voted on, and approved for the collab, I add it. Simple as that.

Here're some rules regarding the collab pieces;

-Strict limit of one character per crossover.
-Restricted to either Equestria or origin world; exception is Dr. Whooves.
-No heroics are necessary.

Above rules are subject to change, as I see fit.

Have fun, you nerds, you.

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Let me ask you a question.:twilightsmile: If all the ponies were sucked into Call of Duty as-is and had to fight as-is, do you think they would win or lose?:rainbowhuh: I have a friend who believes with all his will that he would destroy every single one of them at war.:facehoof:

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