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Like ponies? Like westerns? Like both of 'em squished together? Well you have found your home friend. Let this group, shelter you from the harshness of the internet, always. And yes, I mean cowboys and indians kind of westerns.

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Correction; Native Americans.

i need help with my western i'm working on please help

I love a good western and I've even got a good pony western story...just gotta finish it.

Added a fic named Let Freedom Ring, heavily influenced by Spaghetti Western movies I've watched and by Django Unchained, especially. Hope you all enjoy it!

306990 Not a problem, not sure if it's very good, I'm still working on my writing skills.

Comment posted by Sir Alexander Wolfgang deleted Apr 8th, 2013

Hey I just came up with a new story, and I hope it's posted, could you please check it out?

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