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Better known as ChromeMyriad's fanpage.

This is a page created for everyone who wants to stalk me even more than normal. Want to know which stories I'm working on? I might post that here. Want to know what I'm pissed about today? I might post that here. Want to tell me what a terrible dictator I am? You can get banned for telling me here. :P


Don't be a jerk. That goes for everybody. Yes, even me. I'll not have it said I'm not a fair ruler.

Wanna promote your stuff here? PM it to me and I'll take a look at it when I can, but I'd prefer to keep the self-promotion to the Bureau.

Wanna discuss a topic or get my opinion on something? Feel free to post a thread. Just keep it SFW.

I reserve the right to delete any thread or post I find offensive.

Other than that, have fun!

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Your faith in me is touching. :moustache::yay:

Joining the group before the mod becomes an EqD pre-reader. (Totally not gonna milk his status for features in the future)

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