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Heyo! I am the Head of Common Mockery. I write whatever ideas for fics I come up with.


When Wallflower Blush is sick and tired of school and life, she wants to take it all down. But Dex-Starr of the Red Lantern Corps shows her that she doesn’t feel rage. He shows her just how confused she is about her emotions.

DC x Equestria Girls crossover, inspired by Wallflower And Her Pumped Up Kicks.

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I know this isnt tagged as comedy, but Dex-Starr's speech pattern and the randomness of this whole idea just make me chuckle.

Have a like and track.

Wallflower's and Dex-Starr's story ends here... But

You better not leave it there! You used this story purely to set up a plotline, you better give us more.

If I do continue this story, then it will be an actual comedy. Not a story where the tabby cat of the Red Lanterns prevents a disturbed girl from reducing the population of the school.

If I do make another story, it will involve Wallflower getting a boyfriend, and Dex-Starr being the overly protective parent while Wallflower’s parents are deployed again.

So you intend to do nothing about the giant tease you gave us regarding Atrocitus and Equestria?!

Another character for another project I’m working on that’s connected to FoE: Outbreak. A fic called Outbreak: Hellish Hate. The problem is, I’d like a pre-reader but I don’t know where to look.

If you have additional questions, PM me.

Interesting idea. I wrote a story about Wallflower shooting up a school too, but with no Dex-Starr to save the day. And your guns are much more accurate than mine.:twilightsmile:

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