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The Great and Powerful Trixie buys a cellphone, but it doesn't work the way Trixie thinks it should.

An entry into Admiral Biscuit's second not-a-contest featuring ponies who misunderstand Earth's technology. Pre-read and edited by Admiral Biscuit.

I printed this fic out specifically to line my cats' litterbox with it. -Jim Qwilleran

The only thing Great and Powerful about this story is the overuse of third-person. -AlwaysDressesInStyle

Bob Dole gives this story two thumbs up! -Bob Dole

Trixie is confused. This story is about Trixie but isn't good. -Trixie Lulamoon

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This story is a sequel to Trunk-Or-Treat

Another year has passed, and Halloween has rolled around once more. Last year I took ponies to a trunk-or-treat. This year I'm hosting a costume contest.

While this is a sequel to Car Wash and it's existing sequels, there's no need to read any of the other stories first.

The crossover event half a dozen people have been waiting for… A blockbuster fanfic three years in the making (or possibly cobbled together last night in a rush to get it posted in time for Halloween/Nightmare Night).

The Business Trip series crosses over with the Car Wash series.

All the ponies you love have come together under one roof for a costume party. My roof. I really hope my insurance policy is up to date.

I apologize for the cover art. This may be one of those times when not having any art at all might be an improvement...

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Luster Dawn is tasked with reforming Cozy Glow. Rather than do that, she searches through parallel dimensions to find a Cozy Glow that isn't evil. Eventually successful, she replaces Equestria's Cozy Glow with an innocent Cozy Glow, then banishes the original to a world with no magic: Earth. Specifically, Luster banishes Cozy to a place where everyone will know exactly who she is, and hence won't fall for her manipulations. Well, maybe. Or maybe not. Luster doesn't really care what happens, all that matters to her is that Cozy Glow has a one-way ticket to TrotCon.

Written for the Cozy Glow group's 3rd annual contest. Prompt: Cozy Glow makes an unusual friend.

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This story is a sequel to Every Breath You Take

A lonely human and an ostracized pony take an early morning car ride and talk about everything and nothing.

Inspired by a comment KeeganFirecloak made on Every Breath You Take

Pre-read & edited by KeeganFirecloak

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Twilight Sparkle has an assignment for Flurry Heart: reform Cozy Glow. Flurry Heart teaches Cozy Glow how to be good. Cozy Glow teaches Flurry Heart how to be bad. Along the way, they both learn to what it means to stop existing and start living.

Comments temporarily disabled because most of them aren't related to the story, but instead are related to what the show should or shouldn't have done with Cozy Glow. The comments section of this story is not the place for this discussion. If you have a comment pertaining to the story itself, please post it on the associated blog post until such time as the comments are restored.

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This story is a sequel to Car Wash

When I caught a contagious disease and had to quarantine for a week, I thought I'd get seven days of peace & quiet. But it turns out that ponies are immune to human diseases and love to help...

While this story is a sequel to Car Wash it isn't necessary to read that story first.

Written for Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request/not-a-contest for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


Pre-read & edited by: Admiral Biscuit

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This story is a sequel to Car Wash

Few words in the English language are as terrifying as 'You're a car guy, right?' Minty's Mustang II is on the fritz and she wants an 'expert' opinion. If she wanted that, she really should've called an expert. Instead, she's stuck with me.

Special thanks to Admiral Biscuit for pre-reading!

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Thanks to Starlight Glimmer's necromancy, Gertie the Dinosaur walks Equestria for the first time in over 150 million years.

Mistakes are made. Many, many mistakes are made. An outrageous comedy in the old-school toon style.

For the Who Crossed Over My Little Pony? contest.

Gertie's film can be viewed in full on Wikipedia, along with the surviving footage from the never-finished sequel. This story draws on both for inspiration.

This story is rated C for:

Christopher Cross

Violence tag is for mild slapstick cartoon violence.

Reader discretion advised. Leave your sanity at the door, folks. It's gonna be a wild ride.

This fic earns it's 'Random' tag. -AlwaysDressesInStyle

Excellent. -C. Montgomery Burns

Get help, Doc. -Bugs Bunny

Hi new friends! -Izzy Moonbow

This was the stupidest thing I'd ever read. Then I read your back catalog. Hahahahaha This is still in the top 5. -Woody Woodpecker

I hate this story so much I'm going to downvote Estee's entire back catalog. Again. -Judge Doom

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This story is a sequel to Car Wash

Ponies are musical by nature. I enjoy making a fool out of myself in front of crowds. It was bound to happen sooner or later... Karaoke is love it or hate it, and the ponies have no idea what they're in for.

Additional Characters: Razzaroo, Sunny Daze, Sparkleworks

Special thanks to Admiral Biscuit for pre-reading and cover art!

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Years have passed, and kids from ‘80s cartoons gather for a therapy session now that they’re all adults. Technically a crossover, but not in the normal sense. No knowledge of any of the below franchises is needed to enjoy this story, as each character gives a brief background of the events of their own series.

Character Tags: Megan Williams (My Little Pony), Spike Witwicky (Transformers), Penny (Inspector Gadget), Nicholas Cherrywood (The Care Bears Movie), Daisy Darrett (Pole Position), and finally Flim Flam (The 13 Ghosts Of Scooby Doo).

Our therapist is the long-suffering Dr. Jason Seaver (Growing Pains).

A crackfic comedy that’s about as subtle as a flaming airship crashing into a train wreck. Since it wouldn’t be a parody of ‘80s toons without a PSA or three: Remember kids, don’t do drugs. Seriously, or the Cartoon All-Stars might have to come to your Rescue. Also, wash your hands before eating or handling food. Finally, don’t forget to use your turn signals (believe it or not, they come standard on all vehicles made since approximately 1960, including Camaros and BMWs). We now return to your regularly scheduled fanfic, already in progress.

People are raving about this fic:

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I played one on TV. In my professional opinion you should seek therapy. -Alan Thicke

Are you still writing about little ponies? When are you going to meet a nice girl, settle down, and give me grandbabies? -Mom

I used to be a psychiatrist. After reading this, I am now seeing a psychiatrist. -Dr. Otto von Scratchansniff

What did I just read? -pre-reader who wishes to remain anonymous

What did I just write? -AlwaysDressesInStyle, who also wishes to remain anonymous

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