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Dewdrop Dazzle's magic doesn't work the same as other unicorns. The ostracized pony lives as an outcast in a lighthouse outside Baltimare. Most ponies would be powerless to stop the tsunami racing towards the city, but she's a water mage, and quite possibly the only pony other than alicorn who can save Baltimare. But should she?

This choose-your-own-adventure was written as part of Ponyville CiderFest's Interactive Storytelling Experience. Please note that the hero ending is all new exclusive content and wasn't part of the original app.

More stories from PVCF's 2023 Interactive Storytelling Experience can be found here.

Thank you to the entire Ponyville CiderFest Interactive Storytelling team (Vivid Syntax, Nyronus, Sonicsuns, Note Worthy, SteelTheWarrior, Snowday, Aria E. Diamond, SoloBrony, Skywriter, Ellwyn, Ghost Note, Overlord Pony, RQK, Shade Hunter, Shottsy, Celestilune).

Special thanks to Admiral Biscuit for pre-reading and for being the liaison on this with the PVCF staff.

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Emil #1 · March 9th · · · Villain ·

This isn't even the real villain ending. That would involve her making enough of an effort that any survivors and outsiders would think that she gave it her best shot, and then letting the wave wipe out the city and kill tens (hundreds?) of thousands of former residents.


True, but I don't think the PVCF editing team would've approved that ending for the app. :raritywink: It's also darker than what I normally write. The idea crossed my mind though...

Heck, she wouldn't even have to give it an effort. Nopony could possibly expect a unicorn to be able to do something about a tsunami. Maybe shine the lights on the doomed city to give everypony an extra five seconds or so notice. Maybe a few unicorns could wink out in time.

Too bad, so sad, Baltimare. Maybe the new residents will be nicer to her when they rebuild the city.

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