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This story is a sequel to Hysteria

Toola Roola makes an extra-special wish to have her art be appreciated. It comes true with unforseen consequences.

Although this is a sequel to Hysteria, it isn't necessary to read that story first.

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G3 ponies are criminally underappreciated. Even moreso than G1 and Tales.

0-0 :-(

Poor Toola-Roola!

“I’ll do it. I’ll…I’ll sell out.” She cringed as she said it.


But that’s okay because my husband, Jet Set, owns a number of businesses around the world that are always in need of able young bodies.

Dear Celestia no.

This Upper Crust doesn't have a soul, got it.

Okay, now I KNOW she has no soul.

How could she hope to appreciate art?

“The poor dear believed every word too. All those years of lording over the Canterlot snobs comes in handy from time to time,” she thought.

Wait. So all of that was a bluff? How much of it was a bluff?

Human trafficking in real life has ways of appearing legal on paper, but is slavery under a different name.

This Skywishes is a pegasus?

“Well, that’s great for unicorns then,” Toola Roola said as she ran a hoof through her multi-colored mane. “But that leaves earth ponies like me and pegasi like you out of luck.”

Unicorns do not have a monopoly on magic.

Wait, are the pegasi pulling a prank on Toola-Roola, or was is this park of the wish magic?

“And just where in tarnation do the two of you think you’re going?”

Where did AJ ask that question?

But from now on there will be unforeseen consequences to them.”

That's crude. They made it clear before that the ponies were EARNING their wishes coming true. There was already equivalent exchange!

So RD will become a Wonderbolt in season 6?

By the time her brain processed that information and she realized she had been shrunk down to the size of a breezie, she had already been scooped up in a butterfly net and placed in a jar with some airholes drilled into the lid.

Oh no.

There is nothing more worthless than a jackass genie.

Not because they screw over innocent ponies. But because of how pathetic yet loathsome they are.

Their 'brilliance' comes down to nothing but abuse of semantics.

So instead of ponies seeing the inner light of Toola Roola's work, they're just bullied into it. That's not appreciation, that's intimidation.

Rarity is ALSO an artist, and she BLOODY KNOWS what it's like to have your work customized into shambles. But she DIDN'T MIND IT at the time even if she felt the dresses were hideous because her friends were happy! It was only when they were shown as part of a showcase that it was a problem.

“What’s the matter, Toola? This is what you wished for. Your friends appreciate your art now. Don’t you, my little ponies?”

That is not Star Catcher.

Ponies had equal equal exchange for their wishes yes, but they APPRECIATED them, and they happened not in the wanted way but the RIGHT way.

RD instantly becoming a wonderbolt? With none of the skill, self-discipline, and appreciation for team work she'd NEED to be one? Her wish being granted in the best way possible! She doesn't want to remember as the rookie who failed due to not being a part of the team!

“Anything she wants them to,” Rainbow Dash replied.


Who trapped Skywishes though?

I have to disagree about Discord. His sadism is like that of a child, and children are the worst monster.


My entire . . . admiringly gigantic, fanfiction saga is about bringing the four together. In the most crazy fashion you can imagine as time and space get folded over backwards.

I miss Toola Roola so much...I will read this later. :eeyup:

I love how her G3 version's cutie mark was just a splotch of each color. So while her friends would sign their names with fancy pictures and whatnot, the "artist" would just draw six dots and call it a day.

I haven't read it yet (just saw the fic and riled) but I will say that Toola-Roola is a pony that G4 is missing. We only saw a canvas ONCE -- just once and it was as a setup joke in an early crusaders' episode.

my dragon assistant, Heathspike.

Master Kenbroath Gilspotten Heathspike!!! :flutterrage:

The pony in the cover art looks like Rarity from the G3 series, except with a different CM


A Kimono fic? Let me think about it and see what I can do! I'd definitely like to explore her character some more. First though, I need a good idea!

As for waka, I'm not very good at writing poetry. So I'd rather give the world a (hopefully) good story as opposed to what would undoubtedly be a very poor waka.

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