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Lulu Luck tries to repair an old jalopy. It doesn’t go well.

This choose-your-own-adventure was written as part of Ponyville CiderFest's Interactive Storytelling Experience.

More stories from PVCF's 2023 Interactive Storytelling Experience can be found here.

Thank you to the entire Ponyville CiderFest Interactive Storytelling team (Vivid Syntax, Nyronus, Sonicsuns, Note Worthy, SteelTheWarrior, Snowday, Aria E. Diamond, SoloBrony, Skywriter, Ellwyn, Ghost Note, Overlord Pony, RQK, Shade Hunter, Shottsy, Celestilune).

Special thanks to Admiral Biscuit for pre-reading and for being the liaison on this with the PVCF staff.

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This is an entertaining little read. You can fix just about anything, but sometimes you’ve got to take a few steps back and question if it’s even really worth it.

Did you forget the chapter for the "Hero" ending? (Haven't read yet.)

Edit after reading: Can you explain more about the event rules, suggestions, and duration this was written under? It... seems to be lacking in "meat" for lack of a better word. Was the character pre-existing? Am I just not enough of a car-lover to appreciate this?


There was no 'hero' ending for this one. By the time this story was written we needed more chaos & villain endings to try and even things out. As for the rules, stories had to be between 500 and 1,500 words long. This was literally a last-minute call that more stories were needed to even out the numbers. These stories were designed to be read on app and the choices con attendees made influenced the events of the weekend (and determined the theme of this year's con). Some of these have more meat than others. This particular story is more of a cautionary tale urging readers not to make the same mistakes I've made when it comes to trying to repair a car that's too far gone (hence why there's no heroic ending with the car being restored to its former glory).

Lulu Luck is a character from the toyline. She was issued as both a blind bag and as a brushable She features in another story I've written (16), so I have a pre-existing mental image of the character, but this story isn't canon to that one.

The associated blog post goes into more details: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1035275/story-notes-vehicleallegedly

Your long description seemed to imply you were adding a "hero" ending? That was the only reason I even knew to mention such a thing.
Since it appears you are not, an edit to the long description might add clarity for future readers?

You are quite welcome!

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