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Maud, tired of Pinkie's parties outshining the Pie family's traditional rock farming roots, decides to 'outfun' Pinkie. With rocks.

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Ah, Rock Lords - the absolute worst "Transforming Robot" idea ever conceived.

Ooh, it's my heart again, I really should stop reading this kind of stories in the morning, it makes my usual grumpy self become filled with hope for humanity.

I love how you make it so that, at the beginning of the story there's a certain rivalry between Maud and Pinkie (only a slight one), and she decides to take on the endeavor of rocks for fun. That's something I really imagine her doing. And then she is the one who gives the idea to pinkie of leaving the rock farm, I had always imagined that it was her who decided to leave on her own, after the sonic rainboom but this works too. This is pure sweetness, I loved it!

And boy, the Maud fanfics are already incoming? Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Oh well....

Thank you for the reading!

One wonders how the Rock Lords got off the drawing board...then again it was the 80s and Transformers were so huge everyone wanted a piece of the pie (McDonald's did dinosaur-themed Transformers that converted into plastic versions of their food boxes of the era).

You had to call it "Like a Rock?" Now I've got images of Maud driving a Chevy truck with Seger in the back playing going through my head.


I remember those McDonald's toys!

And it was that or "I Am A Rock" by Simon & Garfunkle. :raritywink:

On a side note, Maud would definitely be a good spokespony for Chevy trucks!

Thank you! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you enjoyed!

Really enjoyed your story. I loved the part with Pinkie making hats for all the rocks. Boy, there's a pony that needs to get out more. Did have a few issues with out of character dialogue, but not major enough to ruin the story. Great job! Keep writing.

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