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This story is a sequel to Car Wash

Coconut Cream started working a new job in Philadelphia at Gustave Le Grande's Filly Cheesesteaks, and I just 'volunteered' to drive Toola Roola to Philadelphia to see her best friend. Me and my big mouth.

At least I like cheesesteaks...

A sequel to Car Wash, though this is a stand-alone and it's not necessary to read that story first to enjoy this one.

Written for Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


Additional tags: Gustave Le Grande, Tag-A-Long, Rainbow Harmony, Spur, & Tornado Bolt

Pre-read/edited by Admiral Biscuit

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From what I’d gleaned from the others, she’d accidentally ruined Ponyville’s Hearth’s Warming celebration and been run out of town.

Run out of town? Seems rather harsh for Ponyville. Or Equestria in general.

This was nice.


The protagonist isn't necessarily the most reliable narrator in that scene. He's going by secondhand information, and making assumptions based on human behavior. Unless Minty actually speaks up, he'll never know what really happened.

Inspired by the scene in A Very Minty Christmas where Pinkie Pie really does suggest Minty 'leave town' (Minty's immediate reaction is exactly as you'd expect it to be, and then Pinkie expands on it and suggests she leave town to go fix things; it all works out in the end, of course). In this case, I suspect Minty left to go fix things, couldn't do so, and was too ashamed to go back (like Applejack in The Last Roundup). That didn't stop some of her friends from finding her later, and now they're reunited on Earth.

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Why ratings disabled?

I think it's a good thing that the bad man showed up at the restaurant, this story was getting dangerously adorable, and I might've died of a cuteness induced heart-attack! :derpytongue2:

Also good for the perv that he backed down. He probably would've been able to hurt Gustav, but a griffon vs. a typical human with a knife is going to end very poorly for the human. Might he be able to kill the griffon? Yes. Will he suffer fatal injury in return? Almost certainly.

Be sure to play the DNA remix of Tom's Diner.

Ze current Griffin Empire has capital in city of Merv


Wow, this was awesome! The beginning of September 7, 2020 in my life was highlighted by reading this story!

And only 229 views? Looks like I've got a new addition to a shelf!

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