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I know this is strange to ask, but how’s an adventure sound?


Cozy Glow loses her last foal tooth and eagerly anticipates a visit from the Tooth Breezie.

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Who is Petunia Petals?

She was in Rainbow Roadtrip. If you haven't seen that special yet, there are some spoilers for it in this story.

Well, THAT was a nice little twist! Totally in character for Cozy.

Why were all her plans destined to fail so close to victory? Why did the universe mock her?

Ya know, thinking back on the series proper, it’s always factors that are completely out of Cozy’s control that thwart her plans. Twilight being uncharacteristically angry at the CMC, The Tree of Harmony pulling a Deus Ex Machina right when she literally turns her back, Rusty being too stupid to respond to her manipulations, and probably a few more in future episodes we haven’t seen yet.

Cozy’s not overconfident like Tirek or unhinged like Chrysalis; She’s a competent schemer who’s just undervalued by her peers and really, really unlucky. Great job capturing that in this fic.

Ah, the tooth fairy! Fun times as a kid. Clever having it be a breezie in the pony world.

I get the feeling that Cozy specifically planned on Tirek smacking her in order to get that last tooth out. She probably could've come up with less health hazardous ideas, but at least having Tirek knock it out is effective.

The fact that Grogar sent Chrysalis on an info-gathering mission is laughable, but it makes sense when he later has the other villains humor Cozy for the sake of team morale.

So, Cozy had a plan to get the Tooth Breezie's magic, and the one time the other villains act like family happens to screw up what would be her last chance at getting it is hilarious.

Technically, in the voice of Mudbriar, your use of Deus Ex Machina is incorrect because the Tree of Harmony has been shown to be a sentient being and has acted on its own before. So, therefor, the Tree of Harmony was a Chekov's Gun when it saved the Young Six.

It wasn’t the Tree being autonomous that makes me call schenanigans; it’s the fact Cozy’s line just seconds earlier was “with magic officially gone from Equestria, I’m not sure the Tree of Harmony is going to as helpful as it once was.” Cue said Tree breaking the previously established rules of the episode to resolve the plot.

It’s a nitpick, I know. The writers had to contrive some way for Cozy to fail. I just personally didn’t like the one they picked.

Nice story.

And Cozy Glow wanting to trap the Tooth Breezie, fits her.

Every time I see Chrysalis, I don't understand why she hasn't found a stallion, and started raising a new army already.


And that's a good question. I guess it would depend on if ponies and changelings can interbreed? But that would definitely be a logical thing to do. Of course, it seems she's not quite all there in the head anymore, so logic may no longer be her forte...

What I seriously find weird is Tirek's attitude towards Cozy Glow. The way they acted in season 8 was as kindred spirits, and were supposed to show how friendship can be between BAD PEOPLE, and that doesn't make them LESS bad. And Cozy Glow's reaction to be in Tartarus SCREAMED 'All according to plan.'

Now Tirek treats her as a pest at best, and Cozy seems to have lost all the brilliant scheming that her so damn dangerous before.

Tirek did rightfully point out Deus Ex Machina constantly saves the pony's butts.

There were plants, and birds, and rocks, and things

I see what you did there.

I was hoping someone would catch that! :pinkiehappy:

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