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No way of knowing where we'll be going, our adventures never end!

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Good taste. RC is best cola, either plain or mixer.

Excellent story! :yay: Now I'm going back to bed. :ajsleepy:

Huh, good for them.

Still ain't drinking it.

Ploomette look what you're doing. :twilightsmile:

Ratings disabled ??
My upvote action has been thwarted !!

This is a nice short.
Sometimes getting straight down to the action works best. You made it work for this story :twilightsmile:

Heh. :)
I've not much to say here, but thank you for writing. :)


Apparently Blue Sky cola still uses actual kola nut extract, but none of the major soft drink companies do, including RC.

I'm not sure why. It's not like root beer no longer using real sassafras root due to it being carcinogenic. AFAIK, kola nuts aren't dangerous and still chewed for caffeine in Africa.


The only thing I can think of is it might be too expensive.

I've never heard of Blue Sky Cola, but you've caught my attention. RC's my personal favorite, which is probably obvious. :raritywink:

It is certainly more expensive but it is DEFINITELY harder to procure the quantities needed for a global product.

As for the story itself, stories like this not as uncommon as you think. The blaster used by Han Solo is a standard issue Mauser pistol (modified for the movie of course). Literally millions of them were produced up until the 1930s but after Star Wars the gun became so popular the supply for them disappeared into the hands of collectors and fans.

I love RC Cola! Thank for the chuckle.


Y'know, it's a shame Her Grace is limiting herself. There's plenty of awesome foods that I'm sure she'd love, yet are difficult to pronounce.

Pho, sriracha, tzatziki, okonomiyaki, surströmming, wastunkala soup, spanakopita, etc.

Now I'm imagining the Consulate hosting a surströmming feast, partly because pegasai fell in love with it, and partly to annoy and horrify Blueblood. Not a completely original idea, though.

One interesting thing I've noticed with RC is that people who like Coke but dislike Pepsi usually find RC acceptable, and that people who like Pepsi but dislike Coke also tend to find RC acceptable.

Another thing I've discovered is that Diet Rite Pure Zero (their diet version basically) has loads of sucralose in it, which for me makes it Diet Rite Pure Head Pain. Kind of how I discovered the effect that that stuff has on me, actually. I really wish that companies would quit putting that stuff in so many products, it doesn't even taste any good...

Well, this explains the joke at the HallowE'en party.

(Yes, that how I spell it. That's how I was taught to spell it, and dagnabbit, it's a perfectly cromulent spelling.)

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