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Cozy Glow adopts a kitten. Grogar may not necessarily approve of this.

Translated to French by Acylius: https://www.bibliotheque-de-canterlot.fr/fictions/cozy-glow-adopte-un-chaton-by-acylius

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Cats are incredible and Snuffles makes the perfect sidekick!

Heh, poor Cozy. Atleast Grogar has a new pet.

I went to upvote, but while I was reading the story the vote counter was removed.

.... Why did i choose these three..... Why? WHY??!!!

Lack of other qualified candidates. :raritywink:

Aw, why are ratings disabled? I want to upvote this!

Cozy returned with water to find Grogar collapsed on the floor. “Oh, golly, Grogar. Are you okay? Did you break a leg? Is it osteoporosis? I know you’re really, really, really, really times infinity old, so you need to be more careful! Don’t you worry! Nurse Cozy Glow is here to take good care of you! Snuffles! Give him a CAT scan right now!”

... This story is hilarious...

But that was the only consolation he would take. For the third night in a row he wasn’t going to get a wink of sleep. His nasal passages were heavily congested and it felt like his head was caught in a vice. He snuffled, trying to clear his head long enough to breathe. Snuffles shifted her position as he contorted underneath her. With a yawn, she stretched a paw out and then curled it back underneath herself, making herself as comfortable as she could as she slept on his chest, nuzzling her head against his face. Snuffles had indeed chosen her special pony, or as the case turned out, ram. He ruefully concluded that the feline was truly the vilest of the villains in his lair, himself included. The only thing he hated worse than cats was the fact he couldn’t hate Snuffles. No, that would be too easy. Instead the accursed feline had thawed even his own frozen heart. He scratched her behind the ear and she purred. “Love you too, Snuffles.”

Golly! This just gets better and better! :P

“Never. Dogs slobber and drink out of toilets and do naughty things to pony legs."

Cozy, you never met my late cat Tenn. He did all of these.


A friend of mine has a cat that does the last one too.

Some cats just have a lotta love to share.

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