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I know this is strange to ask, but how's an adventure sound?



When I heard ponies had opened a car wash, I had to stop in and investigate. Under normal circumstances, nobody washes my Mustang but me. Considering these abnormal circumstances, is it time to make an exception?

Written for Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


Additional tags: Minty, Surprise, Kimono, Bifröst

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I'd drive to that car wash, no question.

Pop-up headlights are awesome. I always play with them when a car that has them comes into the shop.

Also, thanks for the cameo!:heart:


Ah, Kimono. Tied with Razzaroo for my favorite G3 pony.

And the only one smart enough to live outside Minty's blast radius. :raritywink:

Speaking of Razzaroo, I really need to write something starring her.

This was a very fun read.

I enjoyed the adorable little details given to each pony, you painted a fun SoL picture of this scene wonderfully.

I felt as if I were an onlooker, enjoying this cute sight.

I can't believe no one's pointed out the humor in a bunch of mares washing a mustang.

In which I learn about Mustangs having sequential indicators. Audis do something similar here too with an LED strip.


I've seen those around. When did they start adding those to Audis? And I think I've seen an Audi that does the front turn signals too.

The earliest car I know of to have sequential lights was the 1965 Ford Thunderbird.

It was only a few years back. Not long at all.

I miss hidden headlights. Extending antennas, too.

Reading this felt therapeutic.
Like reading a good Spa Ponies story.
I enjoyed it :ajsmug:

My Supra had one of the extending antennas too. I really did love that car! I'm going to have to get another one someday.

Uh... how did I miss this till now?
And why are the thumbs up disabled?

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