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When I heard ponies had opened a car wash, I had to stop in and investigate. Under normal circumstances, nobody washes my Mustang but me. Considering these abnormal circumstances, is it time to make an exception?

Written for Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


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I'd drive to that car wash, no question.

Pop-up headlights are awesome. I always play with them when a car that has them comes into the shop.

Also, thanks for the cameo!:heart:


Ah, Kimono. Tied with Razzaroo for my favorite G3 pony.

And the only one smart enough to live outside Minty's blast radius. :raritywink:

Speaking of Razzaroo, I really need to write something starring her.

This was a very fun read.

I enjoyed the adorable little details given to each pony, you painted a fun SoL picture of this scene wonderfully.

I felt as if I were an onlooker, enjoying this cute sight.

I can't believe no one's pointed out the humor in a bunch of mares washing a mustang.

In which I learn about Mustangs having sequential indicators. Audis do something similar here too with an LED strip.


I've seen those around. When did they start adding those to Audis? And I think I've seen an Audi that does the front turn signals too.

The earliest car I know of to have sequential lights was the 1965 Ford Thunderbird.

It was only a few years back. Not long at all.

I miss hidden headlights. Extending antennas, too.

Reading this felt therapeutic.
Like reading a good Spa Ponies story.
I enjoyed it :ajsmug:

My Supra had one of the extending antennas too. I really did love that car! I'm going to have to get another one someday.

Uh... how did I miss this till now?
And why are the thumbs up disabled?

You do us all a disservice by making it hard to find such a lovely story by hiding the ratings!

I'm looking to save for an Escort XLT (96) in a nice shade of red. The one my grandma has is gorgeous

I pulled in behind a blue Dodge Caravan with Michigan plates. I really hope the owner hadn’t driven all the way here just for a car wash.

No one would blame him if he did.

The pony had a thick accent, with a musical quality to it. The words ‘harmonious horsey’ would be the most apt way to describe it. Melodic, with pronounced neighs and whinnies on words with similar sounds. As silly as it sounds, I would’ve listened to her read the phone book just to hear her keep talking.

Absolutely believable.

The mint green pony and the two fillies were mesmerized by the car’s pop-up headlights, repeatedly asking the car’s owner to turn them on and off.

Awww... :heart:

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But why is the rating disabled? It prevented me from giving you a well-deserved upvote...

Surprise?? Did Pinky have a daughter who inherited her quirks?


Not quite, but there's a good reason their personalities are so similar. Surprise is the G1 pegasus that Pinkie Pie was based on.


Huh, that is interesting. I am amused that AJ basically didn’t change at all though. Also interesting Fluttershy could have looked like Cadence.

It brought back memories of my first car, an old Toyota Supra that also had flip-up lights. One of my co-workers refused to get into the car until the lights were turned on just so she could watch. It’s a design feature sadly lacking in modern cars.

All definitely true...but personally, the times I've seen cars that had those in the years since, I've noticed the consistent pattern of the mechanisms working the flip-up lights being among the first things to give out. And if the headlights don't flip-up, they're pretty much worthless to you, the driver.

They were indeed a cool novelty of their time, but I suspect practicality and reliability was what eventually won out, as is the case with so many other things. The advent of LED lights and overall advances in headlights altogether, as well as changes in automobile regulations appears to have also accelerated the decline, according to some quick research.


My Supra was more than fifteen years old when I got it, and the lights never failed to go up together. I couldn't say the same of Pontiacs of the same vintage, as I saw many Fieros and Firebirds winking. Same with Ford Probes and Mazda Miatas. But yes, your point is valid. We'll probably never see pop-ups on another car - in addition to being wholly unnecessary due to modern LED lighting, hideaway lights are more expensive to produce, and European pedestrian safety laws prohibit protrusions from the surface of the car.

Technology marches on. While I can't argue that they're wholly unnecessary, I still lament the lack of pop-ups on modern cars nonetheless.

“Surprise! Flitter! Bifröst! You’ve got to see this!”

Bifröst is a freakin' awesome name.


Excellent story, and you really gave your age away with all these car and song references!

Well done!

This was cute! I would've given it a thumb up if the ratings weren't disabled, so I'm putting it in my 'Upvoted' shelf anyway. :derpytongue2:


Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

you really gave your age away with all these car and song references!

That I did! Long live the '80s! :raritywink:

Who is Bifröst? She sounds like an OC. Is she an OC?


She's one of the students at the School of Friendship, but I don't think she ever had a single line of dialogue. She's the pink pegasus in the title image.

Her name is fanon, as I doubt anyone at Hasbro or DHX ever decided to give her an official one. Even Gameloft couldn't give her anything better than 'Peppy Friendship Student':


The drive was as pleasant as always. There’s no construction on Saturdays, thankfully. No traffic jams. Just me, my car, and the open road. The way it should be. I coasted to a stop at a T-intersection. Either direction would take me to a town, eventually. But which way did I feel like going? A gurgle from my stomach told me I felt like heading towards the nearest pizzeria.

Now I'm hungry.

I’d seen enough. It was time to get out of line. I just needed enough of a gap between myself and the Caravan in front of me. As soon as the line crept forward I’d make a U-turn. At least so I thought until the silver Celica drove by, absolutely shining. It was spotless. I was on the fence until the Flex drove past. It too looked as clean as when it was delivered to the dealership. The white station wagon and bright red pickup following them sealed the deal. They were all shiny enough to line up at a car show. I would wait my turn after all. Apparently I wasn’t the only car guy to take notice of the quality of their work, as a white C5 Corvette lined up behind me.

The fact that you actually know car model names, and their generation models is enough to get a like from me.

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