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In an all or nothing gamble to remain relevant in the pop music scene, Coloratura combines forces with Applejack, Rarity, and washed up '80s band Mare Supply, then ventures on a nationwide tour. But Svengallop isn't taking his termination well. He's out for vengeance with a new act aimed squarely at stealing Coloratura's demographic from her. Can Coloratura's new musical direction survive in an industry known for its fickleness, or will she end up a has-been like Mare Supply?

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I dod love this story, it’s quite awesome, but I do have a couple things to say.
Love the music idea, I’m a huga fan of music and I noticed the puns, made me kind of cringe laugh, like Journiegh. Although, is Mare Supply a pun, if so, on what? Because I couldn’t find any 80’s bands with a similar name.

Also, halfway through you appear to have hit the italicize button and forgot it was on, leading toward a good fourth of the story being italicized, so fix that for an easier read.

Also, did you literally reference Lady Gaga in a story about Coloratura? You do realize they’re basically the same people, right?

Love the Turn the Page reference in the title, although that could just be my music-oriented mind.

I’d give this a 4/5.

I just have to because of the title.

Once again

It's a play on Air Supply. They have AMAZING music.

Thank you! I fixed the italicized issue. This is what I get for trying to copy something over from DeviantArt. :facehoof: I thought I had caught all the formatting issues and I'm not sure how I missed one that glaring.

As TwiPON3 said, Mare Supply is based on Air Supply. And yes, I did reference Lady Gaga. The idea being that Svengallop is trying to take everything away from Coloratura - even her identity. Since Rara is Coloratura's nickname, and the Coloratura that became popular is, like you said, pretty much Lady Gaga, he was trying to popularize his new act by making a clone of his old act (even with a similar name, to cause confusion). He wants to ruin her just as much as he wants his new act to become popular and make him lots of bits.

Most of these are easy to guess, but here are some '70s & '80s artists I've ponified in various fics I've written:

Mare Supply (Air Supply)
Fleetwood Tack (Fleetwood Mac)
Chord N. Lighthoof (Gordon Lightfoot)
Journeigh (Journey)
Foal & Oats (Hall & Oates)
Clod Stewart (Rod Stewart)
Filly Collins (Phil Collins)
Neighl Diamond (Neil Diamond)
Dolly Hearton (Dolly Parton)
Kenneigh Rogers (Kenny Rogers)
Whitney Hooveston (Whitney Houston)
Haytona (Daytona - an obscure Swiss band)


Always happy to run into another Air Supply fan! :pinkiehappy: I've seen them twice in concert, and hope to catch them again the next time they travel this way.

Well, I'm supposedly "too young" to love them, but I still do.

There's no such thing as 'too young' to appreciate good music! They're before my time too, but so what? Their music is timeless.

Life's too short to let other people dictate what we should or shouldn't like. So I say buck popular opinion and march to the beat of a different drummer, whether it be Karen Carpenter, Neil Peart, or Phil Collins.

Another great mind... I like that!

Wow! This was great. If only the real life music industry was this easy to navigate, not that I would know anything about it. I like how Mare Supply didn't let a dwindling fan base stifle their passion for their music.


Rarity's pretty good at putting the right words in the right ears. :raritywink: And while they themselves couldn't get their hooves in the door anymore, Mare Supply still knew who to talk to. And as soon as word spread that Coloratura was involved? All kinds of doors opened for them.

If you like '80s music, check them out (the real band is Air Supply). And just like this ponified version of them, they never stopped making music even if they're not as popular as they once were. :twilightsmile:

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