Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara switch bodies all thanks to a careless whisper.

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Well then. Applejack's a slave trader now...

Fuck, now I have Careless Whisper by George Michael stuck in my head.

You should make another chapter for there try on friendship.

You've earned a ROFL Waffle.

You can't get any cheaper than FREE, Applejack. :twilightblush:

Well, I was half expecting to see more exploration on DT's perspective on AB's POV, I guess one can only see so much within a day. Discord never got to get mentioned in that friendship report, hint-hint :ajsmug: one might even think a sequel were possible. :ajsmug:

A bit one-sided and didn't really explore too much of showing AB ways DT's life was something she could of felt she wanted and wonder how somepony with all this could be such a brat, but it glossed over it and made Silver Spoon feel like a soulless automaton. The whole "This ain't quite how I imagined it'd be like" and more of "Whelp, this is dull... but the bed was nice." was more how AB left feeling. Sure, it showed how miserably lonely DT must be.

In any case, it wasn't a bad story. It could of been more but far as redemption fics go this was pretty decent. And DT still managed to cause a little chaos as AB to spite Scootaloo's idol, so I'll give ya that. :heart:

Still, would love to see Discord her his OWN wish and get included in a friendship report. :raritywink:
Just felt the story ended rather sudden somewhat. Diamond's POV was the most fun, but it was nice to see AB get one near the end. Surprised AB never tried to ask SS why she likes her so much, as a friend. But the final scenes were cute so props!

Loved it! Have a like and a favorite! :moustache:

AB, DT, and bodyswap? I LOVE. This was an awesome story, short, sweet, and amusing. Excellent work!

One of the coolest ideas for a fanfic I've ever seen. You could make this a series and switch other ponies, though.

I liked the ending!

Somewhere in the expansive universe of good literature there exists a fine line between a story that thrives on cliches without realizing they are cliches and one that thrives on cliches by making fun of them. When you lean too far into the former, you get a trivial, uninteresting story that most people have seen a thousand times. When you lean too far into the latter, you end up with a satirical, self-aware story that can easily fly over its audience's heads. Personally, I think this story comes across as a mitigated form of the latter.

The story entails a simple body switch premise involving Apple Bloom and Diamond. Nothing more, nothing less. However, the story seems to be very aware that it is simple and skips over a lot of the cliched moments that these sorts of stories involve. The scene where they attempt to prove to someone they have actually swapped bodies, the scene where they try to embarrass or harm each other out of spite, the 'mile in their shoes' scene where they are asked to do a task they can't do but the other can do easily, the story hints at these scenes potentially happening but doesn't actually use any of them. Even during the scene where Apple Bloom wakes up to find she's swapped bodies, she already deduces and accepts the fact that she's swapped bodies before even checking her hooves to see if they're pink. And though Diamond's reaction is a little more explosive, she seems much more angry and upset than surprised. I suppose Apple Bloom and Diamond are just too genre savvy for Discord.

Though their genre savviness does speed up the story and make things run much smoother, it makes things run almost too smoothly. Diamond and Apple Bloom switch bodies. There's the entire conflict for this story. And what's the first thing they do? Make a truce with one another. Conflict removed. As for the alternative sources of conflict, those all seem to do nothing but create resolutions. Apple Bloom finished all her homework, so Cheerilee didn't make any; Silver Spoon immediately kowtowed to Apple Bloom's, so that's a no-go; and nobody else even found out about the body swap, leaving a grand total of zero sources of conflict for our main protagonists. Once the body swap happened, everything changed for the better, and it never went back downhill. Even after they swapped back, things looked up for everyone except Rainbow Dash. I think it's safe to say that Discord failed in his efforts to spread chaos. He failed quite thoroughly.

Though their home lives weren't exactly balanced, you did an excellent job at portraying both Diamond and Apple Bloom's characters in a balanced way. Given their unbelievable levels of flexibility and how eloquently and thoroughly they explained everything, they were probably a bit too intelligent, but there was no issue of one being smarter or more talented than the other, at least not overall. Also, I feel it necessary to mention that Apple Bloom did not, in fact, get her wish. Diamond was never bullied, mercilessly or otherwise. In fact, she was disappointed when she switched back to her own body. For that reason, I must reiterate: Discord failed hard.

All in all, this story told exactly what it was trying to tell, and a surprising lack of conflict and the hypercompetence of its main characters were all that really held it back. I'd recommend pulling back a little on all the explanations and adding something to shake things up beyond the vanilla body swap 'they each realize the truth about the other' format. You gave yourself a nice setup with Cheerilee punishing Apple Bloom, but Cheerilee's character didn't even reappear. When Apple Bloom tried to explain the situation to her friends, Scootaloo immediately took her at her words at face value and left, thinking it was a setup, which not only threw away another potential conflict but also made no rational sense.

Spelling and grammar seem fine. No consistent problems in that area that I noticed. I'd call this story a baked potato with no fixings. The potato itself has been well-prepared, but it doesn't really have anything to draw me to it more than, say, a less well-cooked potato that's got a dollop of sour cream on it.

Make the most!

I loved this story!
During the whole time, I expected that Diamond Tiara and Applebloom will get problems with it that somepony may find out that they switched bodies, which would cause them trouble, so that they try to avoid that, but it never happened.
Instead, you focused on the conflicts between them, how they learned more about the other one, when living her life for one day, and how they realized important things about themselves.
Very original, great idea!
And you built up the tension great and you was always able to keep it up, with Diamond Tiara threatening Applebloom to do horrible things the whole time, like injuring her body, so that she will have life long scars, or making her getting her cutie mark while she's in her body, so that she never would have any chance to experience how it is to realize her special talent and get her cutie mark for that.
This scene gave me goosebumps and shudders!
Very great work, one of the best fanfictions I ever read! You should give this a sequel!

, and her best friend was pretty much a parrot, repeating back the things Diamond Tiara wanted to hear.

Perhaps she herself is that desperate for a friend.

CMC blowing up the Barn? Geeze. That seems extreme even for them.

The one thing missing from this, is 'Applebloom' doing her sharing of keep the farm running.

Discord may be disappointed, but I'm not.

I'm never gonna dance again
Cause guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

I should have known better than to cheat a friend... :raritywink:

...And waste the chance that I'd been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you

Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend
To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind
There's no comfort in the truth, pain is all you'll find.

(Repeat Chorus)
(End with this)

(Bows and leaves)

This needs a sequel that takes place a few days after they swap back.

She already was...

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the class comedienne.

"Comedian"?.. Yep. Unless you make it look French.

Welp :ajsmug:! This's been delightful to read :pinkiehappy:! Also AJ at the end :rainbowlaugh:!

But what'd become of DT? I'll like to know that, if there's some extension to this.

Diamond Tiara (and Silver Spoon) extend an olive branch to the CMCs. Apple Bloom is the one who knows (well, really, really hopes) she's sincere about it, and Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo reluctantly follow her lead in accepting their friendship.

I left it ambiguous because at the time I wrote this, their story arc hadn't been resolved in canon yet. Now that it has, consider this to take place shortly before Crusaders Of The Lost Mark and helps set up the events of that episode.

Oh. Well, so there's no continuation to it :applecry:?

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