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Thistle Whistle goes to an Iron Will seminar to get help dealing with an issue she's having. Can he help, or will he make things worse?

Looking for a cute episode style story? This is it!

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Rainbow Dash has never actually heard that Rolling Stones song.  She’s saying that with a completely straight face, unironically.  On the other hoof, Iron Will is quite aware of Twisted Sister.  But he has a thing for ‘80s rock

What rolling stones song?



This is one of the closest things I've seen to the actual show, so you weren't exaggerating in your summary. This was great, heartwarming and funny and you write a great Iron Will, still hammy but less overwhelming. Well done.

Thistle Whistle:

"Golly gee Allwaysdressesinstyle -Tweet!- This is a really nifty story about my ancestor -tweet!- I didn't know she was afraid of clouds too -tweet!- That Iron Will seems like a really nice fella -tweet!- Wish we had him here on butterfly island -Tweet!- Loved how he helped her get over her fears -tweet!- and they helped him change his approach in the deminars -tweet!- really nice story -tweet!- you should have Storybelle stock more of your stories in the Storyloft -tweet!- so all my firends could read em. -tweet!- Anyway nice job -tweet!-" :pinkiehappy:


Thank you! *Tweet* Iron Will's a great minotaur! *Tweet* He was just a bit misguided... *Tweet* But he's better now! *Tweet*

I wish people would stop giving Iron Will a bad wrap. Fluttershy is the only who took his lessons too far, not him.

I remember that G1 episode too!

RD playing a boardgame? 0-0

“He did a seminar here last year and he managed to give me some really lousy advice too.

No, you were a lousy student.

Here's a realistic question. How many ponies HAVE Been satisfied with Iron Will's work?

This feels too much like 'Iron Will sucks' than 'Iron Will needs to change his methods.'

To be frank. It was entirely dumb luck that Iron Will advice back fired here.

There was a fanfic where RD gave Thistle Whistle THE EXACT SAME ADVICE and it worked out perfectly!


Nightmare Mirror, "Darlin', Ah know not knowin' 'bout da other realities beyond the world mirror ain't yer fault, but it gets kinda buryin' yer head in the sand after Twili' and her friends took on them nasty versions of themselves through ANOTHER world."

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