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This story is a sequel to Filly Cheesesteaks

In Equestria, it's Nightmare Night. On Earth, it's Halloween. For ponies on Earth, adapting to Halloween wasn't difficult. Costumes, spooky decorations, and candy? They may have a different name for it, but it's celebrated very similarly in both our worlds.

Trunk-or-treating? Okay, that's a new one for the ponies.

Trick-or-treating antics with a trio of rambunctious fillies. And Minty. Expect a corn maze and even cornier jokes. Some of which are actually about corn.

Additional tags: Self-Insert & Trixie

While this is a sequel to Car Wash and Filly Cheesesteaks, it's not necessary to read either of those stories first.

Written for Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


Pre-read/edited by Admiral Biscuit

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Very nice! Loved Petunia here. She really needs more stories

The corn puns were corny.

Please tell me that was intentional. :pinkiehappy:


That she does! You'd think a dinosaur-obsessed filly would get more love from the community. I know I'm not the only dinosaur geek on this site!

Indeed! I did a story with her too, as I found she deservers more


Found it and I'll check out when I have a chance! I'm always down for reading Petunia stories! :yay:

THen I hope you enjoy it when you get to it:twilightsmile:

Eager to see your comments.

I count myself lucky to have found this story at towards the end of Halloween! :pinkiehappy: My mate, I so badly wish these stories had thousands of views; Filly Cheesesteaks in particular, I want to put that story in my Stories That Deserve More Attention folder multiple times. This first-person series of this narrating character and these fillies + some adults have to contain the most fun stories I've ever read on this site. I gave a follow too!

“Very well then. Trixie shall turn you into a toad.”

Given that Trixie is here instead of Europe or Asia, it's absolutely amazing that she hasn't gotten shot yet. Perhaps she's only been in the country for a week.


She's only visiting. It won't be for long, that's for sure. :raritywink: She took a leave of absence from being the School of Friendship's guidance counselor as she saw an opportunity to go 'on the road' and dazzle people who've never seen a unicorn before, believing that we'd be be awed by even run-of-the-mill magic; the only problem is it's Trixie, so you know she's going to find a way to mess up even an 'easy gig' like this. :facehoof:

She'll live through it, but her passport's probably going to be revoked.


Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you're having fun reading them! I have a lot of fun writing this series! What is life if it isn't fun? At the end of the day that's what stories exist for: to entertain. They entertain me to write, and my hope is that they entertain the readers as well. Part of the fun for me is trying to blend the cartoon world of Equestria with our world as seamlessly and realistically as possible.

She's quite fortunate that Petunia disrupted her cast. Turning a human into a toad would probably have gotten people to pull their concealed carry and open fire. Wouldn't that be an interdimensional diplomatic disaster- not sure the School of Friendship counts as any official diplomatic post, but "potentially influential foreign citizen casts baleful polymorph without provocation; gets killed in retaliation" would be awkward all around. It'd be pretty funny in a certain way as well.

The sympathetic Trixies are the ones who successfully combine jerkass and woobie; this one is all jerkass and no woobie.


It's very fortunate. It's a self-insert, and I really wouldn't like being a toad all that much. :raritywink: It would've ended up as quite the inter-dimensional incident, but I don't think Trixie actually knows how to turn a person into a toad (or kumquat). She was making noise, and she seemed as surprised at being able to turn the Toyota's doors into wings as anybody else. She'd been studying Transmogrify in order to transform herself into an alicorn, and that's where the wings came from. So instead of a toad, had she actually hit me with the magical blast more like than not I would've sprouted wings. As for her getting shot, it's possible. There's a lot of overlap between car enthusiasts and gun enthusiasts, so I can't rule it out. It would likely depend on if people considered her a threat to themselves or any of the kids around.

I went for a season 1 portrayal of Trixie for the story. So extra-jerkass, hold the woobie. She got better as the series progressed, but once I got the flying car idea in my head, I knew I needed an antagonistic unicorn to play the part. Trixie seemed like the pony most likely to troll everyone on Halloween by offering tricks instead of treats, so I gave her the nod. But no harm was done, and much like the end of Boastbusters, it's her wagon that's taken the brunt of the damage (in this case, her Volkswagen). Starlight will give her a good chewing out once she gets home, and the towing bill to Ponyville will cost her several thousand dollars.

I never knew that trunk-or-treating was a thing.

As great as it's prequels. :twilightsmile:


This year was my first time attending one. It won't be my last! I had a lot of fun and it seemed like everyone there did too.


I never knew that trunk-or-treating was a thing.

I feel that it’s more popular in rural areas, where going house-to-house isn’t practical for a lot of people (for example, anyone who wanted to trick-or-treat at my house would have to walk on the shoulder of a state highway, which isn’t ideal).

Dammit Trixie, I thought you would have learned by now to calm the balls down.

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